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HSSB1100: Yin and yang of Taiji, black and white Brocade Emperors

The Brocade Emperor was left in a dishevelled, harried state by that bolt of thunder.

Seeing this, Chen Qianhua stared wide-eyed from amidst the spatial vortex that was devouring him.

Even Meng Wan whom Yan Zhaoge had been protecting earlier was left dumbfounded.

While he had fought the Brocade Emperor earlier, he could be considered his helper as he opposed Chen Qianhua, his opponent, now.

Worried that the Brocade Emperor and Chen Qianhua might suddenly change their minds, Yan Zhaoge had previously been a mere spectator by the sidelines, silently observing their battle.

It had been perfectly logical for him to do so, and perfectly logical for him to attack Chen Qianhua too.

Chen Qianhua posed a more direct threat to him than the Brocade Emperor who was clearly in a problematic state due to cultivation deviation.

Still, Meng Wan was inevitably rather taken aback by how he immediately attacked the Brocade Emperor after attacking Chen Qianhua.

While it was not rare to see people who were friends one moment and then ones enemy the next, although Chen Qianhua seemed about to be devoured by the spatial vortex, it was not like he had no way at all of getting out of it.

Who knew if this mysterious Upper Exalt had other trump cards

After helping the Brocade Emperor to break through Chen Qianhuas defences, Yan Zhaoge had then wholly unceremoniously sent the Brocade Emperor a bolt of Hearts Will Thunder while he was using the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag to attack Chen Qianhua.

He had grasped this opportunity with the utmost precision as it could not have been any more perfect.

One could only say that he changed his face quicker than flipping the pages of a book.

No one would find it surprising at all if such a thing had been done by Chen Qianhua as the currently mentally unstable Brocade Emperor acting this way would also not be so unexpected.

Having previously seemed to have a decent bottom line despite perhaps not being all that morally upright, Yan Zhaoge ended up playing this even more naturally than that Emperor and Exalt now.

He seemed to have been targeting both the Brocade Emperor and Chen Qianhua right from the start.

This was even more arrogant than Chen Qianhua who had clashed frontally with the Brocade Emperor.

On seeing this, Chen Qianhuas eyes glowed, his spirits high as they had never been before.

He desperately wished to see what Yan Zhaoge would do next.

Yet, the spatial vortexes formed from the explosion of the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder had already enveloped him.

The chaotic torrents induced by the complete explosion of such a massive cloud of Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder would be difficult to subvert even by a True Immortal.

He could only helplessly watch on as Yan Zhaoge and the Brocade Emperor vanished from his vision.

“Hey!” Despite having been heavily injured by Yan Zhaoge in the Eight Extremities World previously, also having been wounded by the Brocade Emperor with the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag just earlier, Chen Qianhua had never appeared dissatisfied or defeated in the least as he had instead seemed greatly entertained.

At this moment, however, he appeared exceptionally dissatisfied.

Yet, regardless of his wishes, Chen Qianhua could only be devoured by the chaotic flows of space, vanishing in an instant.

Now that this uncertain variable was confirmed to be no more, Yan Zhaoge no longer paid any attention to it as he focused all his attention on the Brocade Emperor before him.

Guarded by the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag as he had been, the efficiency of the Hearts Will Thunder would be diminished greatly as Yan Zhaoge would be hard pressed to threaten him.

In suddenly attacking as the Brocade Emperor was attacking Chen Qianhua with the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag, Yan Zhaoge possessed a definite chance of succeeding with this manoeuvre.

Adding on his first thunderbolt from earlier, this was the third strike.

Yan Zhaoge and Chen Qianhua had both targeted the Brocade Emperors current mental vulnerability as if successively acting to compromise it.

Chen Qianhuas attack had also become a part of Yan Zhaoges plan.

As for the ethical issue of backstabbing an ally of sorts, Yan Zhaoge naturally ignored this.

He was currently unleashing Hearts Will Thunder with all his might.

The Brocade Emperor emitted a muffled groan as Taiji diagrams appeared within his pupils that rotated swiftly.

Yet, the representative black and white fishes of yin and yang that embraced each other shattered amidst their high-speed rotation!

As the final boundary was broken, the Brocade Emperor roared towards the heavens before losing his mortal form, transforming into a massive Taiji diagram that encompassed the heavens and earth.

Meng Wan gazed upwards at that Taiji diagram, shocked.

“Pushing open the door to Immortality, no longer being mortal,” Yan Zhaoge too gazed at that Taiji diagram, “Many laws of the human realm can still be applicable for True Immortals, yet many may not be.

What decides everything is still the True Immortal themselves rather than laws any longer.”

“Therefore, Immortals can also possess bodies of flesh and blood, having children and such, yet could also lose their mortal bodies along with the characteristics of the myriad lifeforms.”

“Whichever the case, it all depends on they themselves.

Thus, transformations are actually not that surprising.”

Yan Zhaoge casually said, “It is not simply that failing the Immortal Mortality Tribulation sees one perish with their dao dissipated, yet with them entering new heavens and earth if they succeed.”

He could already basically know what transformations were going to happen with the Brocade Emperor with this.

Right now, that massive Taiji diagram of yin and yang was rotating rapidly.

Then, the black and white Taiji diagram similarly began being pulled to the sides by a tearing force, gradually losing its original form as a result.

Finally, the black and white fishes of yin and yang separated for good, one black and one white going their separate ways as they split apart to become independent!

The rampant devilish qi of the Nine Underworlds that was in the vicinity began frenziedly converging towards the black and white fishes of yin and yang, forming two massive masses of qi between the heavens and earth.

The rate at which the devilish qi was being drawn over was even fiercer and more rapid than when Yan Zhaoge and Chen Qianhua had executed devilish martial arts and manifested avatars earlier.

Meng Wan appeared to have thought of something as she abruptly spun, looking at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoges gaze was fixated on the two masses of qi, one white and one black, as it did not waver in the slightest.

Still, sensing the shock and uncertainty that Meng Wan was feeling, he nodded slightly in confirming her guess.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge nod, Meng Wan had a disbelieving expression on her face as she looked at those two massive masses of qi once more.

Those two masses of black and white qi began revolving about a certain fixed point amidst space.

Streaks of light surged from them as the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag similarly trembled up above.

As the light grew more and more brilliant, the shaking of the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag grew increasingly evident.

When the light had attained its maximum radiance, both the masses of qi gradually expanded.

Vast purple qi surged in all directions from both of them, instantly suffusing a vast area.

The two purple oceans of cloud qi extended unceasingly into the distance, a vacuum forming between them as they were clearly and distinctly in opposition to each other.

The shaking of the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag was even more evident and intense up above.

Gazing over, Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan saw a figure appear at the centre of each of the two seas of cloud qi.

One of them was garbed in white, while the other was garbed in black.

Both their appearances were exactly the same as they differed in no way whatsoever.

They were both extraordinarily handsome and elegant, being none other than the Brocade Emperor.

Two Brocade Emperors, a white-clothed one and a black-clothed one, appeared before Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan.

The two Brocade Emperors were both stationary with their eyes closed, neither speaking nor moving.

Gazing at such an incredible scene, Meng Wan was left completely at a loss for words.

She looked at Yan Zhaoge who shook his head, “Wait.

Dont approach them first.”

The earlier great battle had stirred up the Nine Underworlds greatly, drawing many evil Devils of the Nine Underworlds over.

Some of them with violent temperaments and irrational consciousnesses were already lunging over.

Within the purple seas of clouds, though the two Brocade Emperors still had their eyes closed, they simultaneously made a move.

The exact same action, the exact same time.

Both their right palms waved outwards with a flourish.

Instantly, formless blades seemed to slice through the world, chopping all the incoming devils of the Nine Underworlds in two!

Lacking in great devils that were comparable to human experts of the Immortal realm, the remaining devils beat a hasty retreat as they saw this.

And now, the two Brocade Emperors opened their eyes in unison.


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