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HSSB1104: Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Heart Ruler

The Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua felt surprised as he wondered what could have made his elder brother so vexed.

Chen Qianhua did not provide any explanation as he clapped lightly.

The entire Qianhua Peak instantly shook.

Multi-coloured light surged to the skies, flickering beneath the mountain peak as it thoroughly illuminated the surrounding heavens and earth.

A vast, majestic aura powerfully surged into existence.

Chen Kunhua was even more astonished, “Big brother, you are actually retrieving the Heavenly Heart Ruler”

In the World beyond Worlds, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was the uncontestable number one Martial Saint.

Ever since he had become the Upper Exalt, not relying on external objects, just based on personal strength alone, simply he alone could beat all the other Martial Saints of the World beyond Worlds.

Even True Immortals who had pushed open the door to Immortality were not confident of definitely beating him.

Most of the time, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors would never make things difficult for him.

Thus, all these years, although everyone in the World beyond Worlds knew that the Upper Exalt was very powerful, there was no one who knew exactly how powerful he was.

If the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors did not act against him, there was no one in the World beyond Worlds at all who could get him to reveal the true extent of his abilities one versus one.

Therefore, there was naturally no one who knew that this Upper Exalt, as a Martial Saint, possessed an Immortal Artifact!

A long bronze ruler was enveloped by multi-coloured light as it flew out from beneath Qianhua Peak, arriving before Chen Qianhua.

The Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Heart Ruler!

A treasure that even some Emperors would lack had appeared in the hands of a Martial Saint.

Chen Qianhua flicked his sleeve, casually keeping that bronze ruler, “The Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag posed a bit of an obstacle.

If not for that, I would have been able to personally see how that Yan Zhaoge got the Brocade Emperor to split into two.”

Chen Qianhua seemed pretty much unconcerned about his Immortal Artifact, something that martial practitioners dearly sought and valued as they would their lives.

If his fun had not been spoilt this time, he would probably not even have remembered that he was in possession of such a miraculous weapon.

Presently, it was not to seek revenge and regain his lost honour that he was bringing it around with him.

Instead, he was doing so to prevent similar events from occurring, with him being sent out of the arena prematurely, hence cruelly prevented from viewing the rest of the great entertainment.

Chen Kunhua had a rather enchanted look on his face as he watched the bronze ruler being kept by his elder brother.

He could live in Chen Qianhuas cave manor, could use Chen Qianhuas other treasures, could make use of Chen Qianhuas influence and connections.

Still, he was unable to possess some things at the end of the day.

Personal strength was only one of these things.

That bronze ruler which seemed able to measure the dimensions of the very heavens and earth of the universe was another example of this.

It was not that Chen Qianhua had forbidden him from using it.

Instead, his cultivation base was simply insufficient for him to control the Heavenly Heart Ruler.

That was an actual Immortal Artifact.

How many amongst mortals might be able to wield it

Chen Kunhua sighed inwardly before calming his emotions, feeling surprised as he pondered on what his elder brother had just said, “The Brocade Emperor has split into two”

“Thats right,” Chen Qianhuas eyes shone, “It should be that Yan Zhaoges handiwork which caused the Brocade Emperors soul to split apart completely, next refining the Nine Underworlds devilish qi to individually reconstruct new bodies.

There are two Brocade Emperors now, one feeling and one unfeeling.”

“This is something that falls totally out of my predictions.

That Yan Zhaoge really is an interesting person.

Even the insane Brocade Emperor is incomparable to him.”

Now, this Upper Exalt looked vexed again, “Tsk, a pity that I wasnt able to witness it in person, only being able to project what happened afterwards.

I feel unhappy just thinking about it.”

“That Yan Zhaoge is really rather strange and unorthodox,” The Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua said, “Werent you able to investigate his background in greater detail, elder brother”

Chen Qianhua simply replied, “There was nothing I could find.”

His brother was stunned upon hearing this as it shocked him even more than what had happened with the Brocade Emperor.

Snapping out of it, Chen Kunhuas expression was solemn as it had never been before as he gazed at his elder brother, pausing with each word, “Is it that you arent willing to see through him so quickly, or are you really unable to uncover his actual background”

“I already said that I really could not uncover it!” While Chen Qianhua had a lazy expression on his face, his gaze was bright and full of excitement, “It is because of this that this Yan Zhaoge truly is a wondrous person.

My heart is leaping in joy as has never before!”

Chen Kunhua was shocked upon hearing this.

This purple-clothed youth who was of the same blood as him and looked strange and indolent was an extremely terrifying person.

He, Chen Kunhua, was one of those who knew this the most clearly.

Most of the time, even the wordsone of those could be omitted.

This purple-clothed youth was totally unconcerned about many things.

This was because for those things, he needed but a single glance to basically understand how they would turn out.

Back when Chen Qianhuas cultivation base had still been low, there might still have been a couple of deviations in his predictions of what would come to pass.

Still, events that had occurred in the past had already been clear as day to him even then, with their cause and effect being obvious.

When the targets cultivation base did not surpass his by too much, they could mostly have no secrets at all before him with regard to the issue at hand.

Of course, he had to be aware of the matter and actively seek information in order to do so as this process was not a passive one.

It was naturally not for no reason at all that the Upper Exalt was widely knowledgeable and owned countless treasures and scriptures, even possessing an Immortal Artifact, the Heavenly Heart Ruler.

The reason for this was that he could grasp much information that others did not know about as he sought that which he was interested in.

While there would sometimes be unexpected occurrences herein, these were extremely rare cases.

This was why the Upper Exalt was often away with his movements seeming random and difficult to know.

As Chen Qianhuas cultivation base rose, he was increasingly able to come into contact with things of a higher level.

Yan Zhaoges strength was not doubted at all by the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua who had personally witnessed Broad Creed Mountains opening ceremony.

Still, Yan Zhaoges cultivation base was much lower than Chen Qianhuas at the end of the day.

Now that Chen Qianhua had admitted to being unable to see through Yan Zhaoge, how could Chen Kunhua not feel shocked

Chen Qianhua was able to see through even many matters involving the Brocade Emperor, a lofty True Immortal of a higher realm.

Yet, he could not see through a Immortal Bridge Martial Saint

“That Yan Zhaoge caused me some wariness when I attended Broad Creed Mountains opening ceremony previously, whereas Yan Di possessed the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Thus, I did not choose to target them,” Chen Kunhua composed himself before saying, “I chose Yan Dis Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, and learnt some things through the Hearts Will Seal.”

While he was not as widely versed as his elder brother, the Upper Exalt, the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua was also proficient in numerous supreme martial arts.

It was naturally all thanks to this elder brother that he was proficient in all these martial arts.

Still, there were few who were aware that the supreme martial art that the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua was most proficient in was actually the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture of the Later Heaven Six Scriptures of the Jade Clear lineages Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

As Chen Kunhua saw it, the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture was the most powerful of the Later Heaven Six Scriptures.

Thus, he had cultivated it diligently, putting in much effort in doing so.

Through that Hearts Will Seal, he was able to grasp the fluctuations of the other partys mind.

While he was unable to read their memories, for those whose cultivation bases were at a similar level to or lower than his, when they were wholly unguarded, he virtually had a hundred percent mind-reading success rate.

Chen Kunhua said, “One noteworthy thing is that there seems to be a female disciple in their sect who is very unique.

There are many people who resemble her.

Despite being unrelated by blood, their appearances are exactly the same as their talent as well as strength are all unordinary too…”

Partway through his words, he was interrupted by the disgusted Chen Qianhua, “You should know that I hate repetitions and similar things.”

Chen Kunhua nodded and ceased to speak.

“Whatever you want to do, go do it yourself,” As Chen Qianhua made to leave the cave manor, Chen Kunhua asked, “Where are you going now, big brother”

The purple-clothed youth halted, smiling languidly, “How rare that life has gotten so very interesting.

I will naturally enjoy it as best I can.”


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