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HSSB1106: Jade Clear direct lineage and Prime Clear direct lineage

The World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens were currently not on good terms.

The rule set down by the Earthly Sovereign that the descendants of the Prime Clear lineage were not allowed to enter the World Beyond Worlds at the cost of death was at least tacitly allowed by the Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors, and Ten Exalts.

While it may not be so immutable in practice, a decree by the Earthly Sovereign would naturally carry some weight.

When descendants of the Prime Clear lineage were discovered in the World beyond Worlds, being able to keep their lives while fleeing this world was already the best that they could hope for.

Under these circumstances, only Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di were able to openly walk the World Beyond Worlds while practicing the supreme martial arts of the Prime Clear direct lineage.

Their circumstances, however, were very unique.

Yan Zhaoges great-grandmother, Di Qinglian, had been the most powerful expert of the Prime Clear direct lineage in the past.

She had been a supreme figure whose talent in the dao of the sword was comparable to that of her husband, Yan Xingtang.

As the Exalted Gold Luminary, Yan Xingtang had been one of the new Kunlun Nine Luminaries who had established the newly created World Beyond Worlds in the past.

Yan Xingtangs disciple, Yue Zhenbei, was even the Sword Sovereign of the World Beyond Worlds Three Sovereigns alongside the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign.

As a result, Yan Zhaoge and his father would still be considered descendants of the World beyond Worlds.

Additionally, as the descendants of Di Qinglian, it was not unbelievable for them to possess the supreme martial arts of the Prime Clear lineage.

Therefore, unless the two of them clearly leaned towards the Roving Jade Heavens, it would be impossible for the World beyond Worlds to actively force away thisFallen Deity father and son pair who possessed shocking strength and potential.

Even though the Earthly Sovereign was currently amidst extradimensional space, having yet to return to the World Beyond Worlds, the likes of the Heaven Emperor would not look for trouble with them just on the basis of their connections to legacies of the Prime Clear lineage.

While the Dragon Spring Emperor was descended from the Jade Clear direct lineage, with so many years having passed, he was generally viewed by those of the World beyond Worlds as a bigwig of the Roving Jade Heavens.

Therefore, while his descendants would not be in peril if their identities as descendants of the Prime Clear lineage were exposed, they would not be able to continue lingering in the World beyond Worlds too.

Upon hearing now that the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was versed in the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture, yet could move about actively and openly in the World Beyond Worlds, Long Hanhua naturally felt bemused.

Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji exchanged thoughtful looks as they seemed to have thought of something.

“So long as Chen Qianhua is not familiar with the Immortal Exterminating Formation Diagram or Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, he can most likely still move unimpeded in the World beyond Worlds despite his usage of other supreme martial arts of the Prime Clear lineage,” Yan Zhaoge added.

Hearing this, the puzzled look on Long Hanhuas face gradually faded as he too looked thoughtful.

The founder of the Prime Clear lineage, the Lord of Numinous Treasure, signified going from being to unbeing.

The ten ultimate martial arts of the Prime Clear direct lineage were also known as the Prime Clear Ten Scriptures, with the New Era Five Scriptures signifyingbeing while the Numinous Treasure Four Swords signified the process of going frombeing tounbeing.

Finally, the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture signified the state ofunbeing.

This art was extremely special as it was integrated with the Immortal Exterminating Formation Diagram, which could be considered a manifestation of its power.

When this Daoist art was projected and unleashed to the epitome via the formation, that was when the Chaotic Extinguishing Origin Scripture was truly manifested.

The most powerful of the Jade Clear direct lineages Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures was unquestionably the first and foremost Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Meanwhile, it just happened to be the opposite for the Prime Clear direct lineage, with the most powerful art being the final one, the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

It was a mighty martial art through which one could cultivate the extinguishing of chaos.

When this art was executed, all of creation would return to nothingness, with chaos extinguished as the very heavens and earth changed.

Like peerless infinity of primordial beginning, this was a one of a kind technique.

When the Lord of Numinous Treasure had been around, no one else had been able to cultivate it.

Besides the Lord of Numinous Treasure, the sole person who had been able to grasp the Immortal Exterminating Formation Diagram had been a bigwig of the Prime Clear lineage, the Lord of Plentiful Treasure.

Though he had been capable of establishing the Immortal Exterminating Formation, he had lacked the ability to push it to the epitome.

Only after the Lord of Numinous Treasure had Transcended had his descendants truly been able to cultivate in the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

Still, as the Lord of Plentiful Treasure had vanished without a trace, and the legacy of the Immortal Exterminating Formation had been discontinued, this most powerful supreme martial art of the Prime Clear lineage had also long since been lost since way back before the Great Calamity.

“So long as he is not versed in the Immortal Exterminating Formation Diagram, or cultivates in the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, he will be unimpeded” Long Xueji sought confirmation from Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “If I do not guess wrongly, that should be the case.”

“Is his foundation the Peerless Heavenly Scripture or the Origin Heavenly Scripture of the Jade Clear lineage” Long Xueji asked outright.

Gao Xuebo too looked enquiringly towards Yan Zhaoge.

Whether it was the Peerless Heavenly Scripture that was the head of the Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures or the Origin Heavenly Scripture that was the first scripture after the heavens had been opened, both of them held an extremely unique significance.

Those who used them as their foundation could cultivate in other martial arts, only supplementing and not damaging the foundation that their daos ultimately still depended on in seeking Immortality.

Therefore, those who cultivated in these two heavenly scriptures were unshakeable members of the Jade Clear direct lineage.

However much they cultivated in supreme martial arts of the Prime Clear lineage, it would be impossible to change their foundation unless it was that final scripture, the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

Otherwise, the same could also prove true if, like Yan Zhaoge, they simultaneously cultivated in the Three Purities.

Chen Qianhua however, was evidently not walking such a path.

“I watched Chen Qianhua battling with the Brocade Emperor of the World beyond Worlds,” Yan Zhaoge said, “During this process, as he faced a True Immortal, Chen Qianhua was able to preemptively counter his opponent the majority of the time, as if knowing what the Brocade Emperor was going to do next.”

“While it looked like he could only see through what would be happening in the next few moments, and not with hundred percent accuracy either, he was a Martial Saint battling against an Emperor at the end of the day.”

Yan Zhaoge recalled those images, “Even the earlier heaven Oracle Divination of the River Diagram might not be able to achieve this, even though cultivating fully in it would be able to dispel part of Chen Qianhuas technique.”

Gao Xuebo raised his white brows, “Origin Heavenly Scripture”

The first of the Earlier Heaven Three Scriptures of the Jade Clear lineages Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

Signifying the world going from unbeing to being at its very commencement, that originalunity that was the cause of everything, the start of everything.

Through it, all things had been born as it was possible to trace and project all things, various types of karma.

If one could cultivate in this to the peak, at major completion, one would virtually be omniscient and able to bear everything.

They would know all that had happened in the past and most of the myriad possibilities existing in the future.

That said, there would still be discrepancies in predicting the future even if one cultivated in the Origin Heavenly Scripture, as any slight changes would cause events to unfold in entirely different directions.

Even so, it was virtually equivalent to foreknowledge for many things.

Also, in looking at the past, there were virtually no secrets to be had except for an extreme few people and matters.

Of course, this was also closely related to the persons cultivation base and attainments in this art-the higher their cultivation base and the greater their attainments, the more accurately they were able to see things.

In battling others, the Origin Heavenly Scripture did not amount to direct battle prowess in terms of offence and defence.

In that aspect, it was inferior to the Heaven Opening Scripture that was the second of the Earlier Heaven Three Scriptures of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

Still, it had profundities of its own.

Meanwhile, in terms of combat, the Origin Heavenly Scripture possessed multiple miraculous uses.

“While he refined a Buddhist clone, Chen Qianhuas foundation is definitely our Three Clear lineages of orthodox Daoism,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “If I am not wrong, it can be none other than the Origin Heavenly Scripture.”


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