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HSSB111: Qilin Spring Baptism


The baptism ceremonies that Yan Zhaoge knew of were many, quite a number of those being the leading ones of previous generations.

However, there were very few of those whose external conditions could be satisfied, while Broad Creed Mountain’s own Qilin Spring Baptism, in Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, also looked somewhat promising.

On Broad Creed Mountain was the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring.

When bathed and baptised in this spring, martial practitioners would benefit greatly.

This baptism was known as Heavenly Spring Baptism.

As Yan Zhaoge saw it, the Heavenly Spring Baptism could only count as average leaning towards superior.

But if a Qilin Stone was added in, transforming it into a Qilin Spring Baptism, it would then be an extremely high-grade baptism ceremony.

It was just that the Qilin Stones was extremely limited in number, and every one used meant every one lost.

At this moment in time, Broad Creed Mountain only had three Qilin Stones left.

Thus, the allocation and use of every single one of those was treated with the utmost seriousness.

As per what Yan Zhaoge knew, after the investigation into Feng Yunsheng had concluded, if she could really regain her Extreme Yin Physique, the clan’s internal division had already decided to prepare her a Qilin Spring Baptism.

Therefore, Broad Creed Mountain’s current store of Qilin stones actually numbered only two.

Put it another way, there were only two more chances for Qilin Spring Baptisms.

Being able to receive the reward of the Qilin Spring Baptism was on one hand due to his great contributions this time in the Eastern Tang, and on the other due to his consecutive victories over Chao Yuanlong and Xiao Shen, where he had displayed greater potential and strength than before.

The latter was possibly the more primary reason.

“I will abstain from arrogance and impatience, working doubly hard in my cultivation,” Yan Zhaoge smiled as he answered.

Shi Tie nodded, “Shortly after this, you follow me to receive your Qilin Stone.

Your Qilin Spring Baptism will be presided over by junior apprentice-brother Yan.”

As Yan Zhaoge followed Shi Tie and left, the Elder a seat below Yuan Zhengfeng now opened his mouth for the first time, saying slowly, “Able to perform merits, but also able to cause trouble-too impetuous.”

Yuan Zhengfeng waved his hands, “He’s different from other youngsters.

Yan Zhaoge generally has the means to himself take care of the trouble he’s caused, not needing others to clean up for him.”

“Even having caused such a huge incident this time in the Eastern Tang, he was also able to take advantage of the situation instead, turning misfortune into fortune.

That’s very good indeed.”

That old woman shook her head, “He can’t depend on luck every single time.”

Yuan Zhengfeng laughed, “Being lucky every single time, itself already proves that he did not just purely depend on luck.”

“Youngsters should be a little more headstrong; otherwise, having reached our age, wouldn’t they be even more conservative than we are now That would really be stretching our necks out breathing heavily and waiting to enter the soil.”

The two Grand Elders fell silent, while Fang Zhun smiled from the side.

Yan Di rose, bowing silently towards Yuan Zhengfeng, “Master, two senior apprentice-uncles, I will go and make preparations for the Qilin Spring Baptism.”

The next time Yan Zhaoge saw his father again was already by the side of the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring.

From its exterior, the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring resembled a mirror of white jade, no waves or ripples appearing whatsoever on its surface, the spring water a clear and warm white.

The spiritual qi within was contained and not exposed, not being visible from the outside at all.

But just standing by the side of the spirit spring, Yan Zhaoge already had the feeling of being relaxed and happy.

The Qilin Stone was a spirit stone that was fiery red in colour, being translucent with a flickering silhouette vaguely visibly within, while looking like the mythical Qilin, also resembling raging, leaping flames.

Yan Zhaoge handed the Qilin stone over to Yan Di.

With a flick of Yan Di’s finger, that spirit stone flew into the air above the spring water, whereupon it was frozen in place by his fist intent.

Yan Di gazed towards the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring whose surface did not even contain a single ripple.

The next moment, the surface of the spring which had originally seemed like a solid body began bubbling frenetically as though it was boiling.

From being extremely passive, to being extremely active in but an instant.

Streams of water shot up into the air, converging around the Qilin Stone in the shape of an umbrella.

Yan Zhaoge immediately strode into the air above the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring, hovering seated in the meditative position above it before his entire person slowly sunk downwards and into the spring water below.

Gazing over from afar, it would be seen that as his figure descended, the Qilin Stone surrounded by the streams of water in mid-air also descended with him.

When Yan Zhaoge was completely submersed in the water, the streams of water in the form of an umbrella above him, supporting the Qilin Stone right at their peak, submerged along with him.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw the Qilin Stone rapidly dissolve, transforming into numerous streaks of red light which combined with the clear white spring water that surrounded and revolved around him.

Being within the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring gave off a completely different feeling from soaking in water.

It did not feel any different from earlier in the air of the outside world.

However, his entire person actually seemed trapped within a solid body and completely unable to move, like a small insect caught within amber.

Now, those red streaks of light, roiling about in the clear white spring water, actually gradually took form!

The head of a dragon, the body of an elk, the tail of a cow, the hooves of a horse.

Grand and stately, bright and dignified.

It was, shockingly, a Qilin!

The red silhouette of a Qilin surrounded Yan Zhaoge’s entire body, enveloping him within.

As time passed, this Qilin silhouette actually shrunk as it seemed to be fusing within Yan Zhaoge’s body.

While the clear white spring water, guided by a large amount of spiritual energy, also fused within Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Yan Zhaoge silently shut his eyes, circulating his profound art and absorbing the spiritual energy bit by bit as he observed the changes happening within his body.

“My qi ocean has expanded a step further, the total amount of aura-qi it can hold increasing…”

“My tendons have strengthened a step further, being able to withstand a greater eruption of force than before…”

“My marrows have also strengthened, its blood creation as well as recuperative abilities improving…”

“Even my mind seems to work better and faster than before…”

“It is not just something temporary, but rather something long-term that will be of use in my future cultivation.”

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth revealed a hint of a smile at his satisfaction with this result.

After the entire baptism ceremony had finally concluded, Yan Zhaoge emerged from the Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring, standing silently by the side of the water whilst not moving an inch.

Yan Di also did not hurry him as he stood by the side and waited.

Yan Zhaoge could only feel that all the aura-qi within his body was surging ceaselessly.

Unable to comfortably contain it, he suddenly released a long roar, the roar resembling a dragon roaring to the nine heavens, not dissipating in a long time!

This roar resounded throughout the entire area, shaking one’s very soul.

It was a long time before Yan Zhaoge’s roar finally came to an end.

Slightly moving his body about, he felt that his body’s foundation was much stabler than before, with the feeling of having accumulated a strong foundation in preparation for his future breakthroughs also much clearer.

Swivelling his head, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The Qilin Spring Baptism’s legendary reputation is well-deserved indeed.”

“Cultivate diligently,” Yan Di smiled, “Having returned this time, I will not test your cultivation anymore.

That bunch of little fellas of the Sacred Sun Clan are already sufficient in proving your progress these past days.”

“Having just finished with the baptism, you should return to your dwelling and nourish your aura-qi a little.

The things that I’ve brought for you back from the Fire Domain this time are already there.”

Some warmth surfaced within Yan Di’s eyes, “You will be going to the Mountain Domain soon; return to your dwelling and properly make all the preparations that you need.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “You can rest easy; I won’t be complacent.”

Returning to his dwelling, Yan Zhaoge indeed saw that a large amount of treasures had been placed there.

Ah Hu guarded the mountain of treasures, breaking out in a smile so wide that only his teeth and not his eyes could be seen.

Going through them, Yan Zhaoge found that a good number of things that he needed somewhat more urgently were present.

“Let me see: Flowing Cloud Mirror…Underground Fire Pith…Fire Patterned Jade…Heaven Ascending Vine…” Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “A great harvest ah!”

All of these things of the Fire Domain, even in the Sacred Sun Clan, were extremely hard to come by, being rare and valuable beyond compare.

To the Sacred Sun Clan, these treasures all had countless wonderful uses, being things whose demand could never be met.

Usually, the Sacred Sun Clan strictly kept these treasures from flowing to the outside world.

Even if one wanted to exchange it with treasures of the Heaven Domain, it would also be extremely difficult.

Even if a deal was successfully struck, only some inferior quality products could be obtained.

And this time, Yan Zhaoge had obtained a considerable portion of what he had wanted, with all of them being superior grade products too.

Yan Zhaoge first lifted up a Flowing Cloud Mirror as he began to chuckle, “The Flowing Cloud Mirror with the Blood Refining Orb; this time, the Blood Devil Plate is within sight.”


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