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HSSB1109: What a Fallen Deity indeed!

Yan Zhaoges eyes were closed as images appeared amidst the darkness of his consciousness.

A white-clothed woman held a small wine gourd, splashing wine about in mid-air even as she casually produced a terrifying sword intent while drawing in the air with her finger.

Yan Zhaoge was proficient in the Immortal Ending, Immortal Trapping and Immortal Slaughtering Swords, all of which were extremely fearsome swords in this world.

Even so, he still felt shaken to his very core as he watched that white-clothed woman unleashing her sword.

The incomparable terror welling up within him was as if the great dao had collapsed, the heavens and earth no longer existing.

Everything that composed this world, including time and space, the material and the spiritual, the various principles governed creation, were all being extinguished.

“Exterminating Immortal sharp, Slaughter Immortal death, Trapping Immortal doth red light arise.

Ending Immortal variations are infinitely subtle, stained in the blood of highest Divinities all round.”

These four lines aptly expressed the miraculous aspects of the Numinous Treasure Four Swords.

The Immortal Exterminating Sword was sharp and indestructible, one sword breaking all arts.

There were countless powerful martial arts in this world that narrated numerous principles, each possessing powerful defensive techniques.

Yet, even with their defensive power being so great that even the other three of the Numinous Treasure Four Swords were sometimes helpless against them, the Immortal Exterminating Sword rendered all this meaningless.

The Immortal Exterminating Sword was able to suppress even the Immortal Trapping, Immortal Ending and Immortal Slaughtering Swords to some extent.

It was definitely worthy of its reputation as the head of the Numinous Treasure Four Swords.

Amongst the supreme martial arts of the Prime Clear lineage, it was second only to the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

In terms of the sharpness of its attacks, it was also assuredly at the zenith.

Such a fearsome supreme martial art displayed incomparable power as it was executed by this white-clothed woman.

Despite displaying such a fearsome martial art containing incomparable power, the white-clothed woman appeared casual and relaxed throughout its execution.

Even with the extreme disparity here, there appeared to be some form of underlying harmony as well, resulting in it being difficult to find any trace of discord within.

“She has really attained a deep understanding of this sword art that others would not be able to match.

It is no wonder that she could hold the title ofSword Emperor,” Yan Zhaoge nodded repeatedly in approval as she saw this.

While he was not a pure sword cultivator, he too used the sword and cultivated in the sword arts of the Prime Clear lineage, even having self-created his own sword art prior to this, Slaying Azure Dragon.

Watching the sword dance of that white-clothed woman that had deeply inspired him, Yan Zhaoge assuredly felt that this trip had not been wasted.

Obviously, this white-clothed woman was none other than Yan Dis mother and Yan Zhaoges own grandmother, the Sword Emperor Di Qinglian.

All sword cultivators of the Roving Jade Heavens had bowed their heads in submission to her, the Master of Pillglow Peak, that year as they had even been willing to remove their swords in respect.

She was one of Daoisms most outstanding geniuses of the sword following the Great Calamity.

Only after Yan Zhaoges grandfather, the Sword God Yan Xingtang, had suppressed the Roving Jade Heavens with his skill in the sword had Di Qinglian finally met a match in her attainments in the dao of the sword.

While she had admitted to losing by a half-move, she was also the sole person who had been comparable to Yan Xingtang in the dao of the sword.

While Yin Shiyang of the Immortal Court had similarly possessed shocking talent, his foundation had been slightly weaker at the end of the day, having gone to waste.

Yan Xingtang had felt this to be a real pity indeed.

If such a figure had not died young, she would also have had a chance of becoming yet another legendary bigwig of Daoism in the dao of the sword along with Yan Xingtang, being comparable to the likes of the Lord of Plentiful Treasure, Cultivated Deity Jade Cauldron, and the Purple Tenuity Emperor.

It was even a possibility that they might have come to surpass their seniors, though who could say for sure

Although he inwardly sighed, Yan Zhaoge did not feel all that deeply about this.

They had never met before, after all.

It was just that Yan Zhaoge felt rather emotional that these two shockingly talented individuals had died at such a young age, never showing the world what they could have been.

He would spend the upcoming days in Di Qinglians old residence atop Pillglow Peak, quietly analysing the remnant sword-intent that remained from when she had still been alive and had cultivated in the sword there.

Such a chance was extremely hard to come by.

This was unlike the situation in the Daoist temple, which had suffered the sudden tribulation of the Great Calamity.

Everyone had been caught by surprise and suffered an instantaneous collapse back then, with many clues hence being left behind.

It was most likely intentional on the part of the Profound Sovereign and the Dragon Spring Emperor that Di Qinglians sword-intent could still remain here at Pillglow Peak.

This was so that it could be gifted to the descendants of Yan Xingtang and Di Qinglian when they finally came.

Yan Zhaoge naturally treasured this chance as he quieted down and comprehended the sword art in earnest.

Long Xueji, Gao Xuebo and the others did not come to interrupt him either.

They were all nodding to themselves in approval of Yan Zhaoges actions.

“While this junior apprentice-nephew of ours is sometimes a bit flamboyant, he is able to compose himself and focus on something quietly when it is necessary,” Gao Xuebo commented to Long Xueji in private.

Long Xueji agreed with his elder brothers opinion but merely said, “Having been able to accomplish what he has today, he would naturally have his extraordinary aspects.”

“Right, news has come from that person at Dynasty Vessel Valley.

They have indeed sent someone over with a letter,” Gao Xuebo suddenly said.

Long Xueji frowned slightly but soon relaxed, “Too many tongues are wagging.”

Gao Xuebo shook his head, “Others are different from us at the end of the day.

Despite the relation between him and little apprentice-aunt, Zhaoge is still of the World beyond Worlds at the end of the day.

Despite the fact that we simply see him as our junior, others would definitely have issues with him being here.”

Long Xueji snorted coldly, “Some people only care about minor things like these.”

Gao Xuebo waved his hand dismissively, “We did not conceal news of Zhaoge arriving in the Roving Jade Heavens previously.

In addition to you having openly escorted him to Pillglow Peak, it is only to be expected that such things might happen.

While it is a bit troublesome, this may end up fortuitous for Zhaoge if he grasps the opportunity.”

“You can make the decisions, elder brother,” Long Xueji finally said, “If we send a reply, it should wait till after Zhaoge has descended from Pillglow Peak.”

“How long might that take” Gao Xuebo asked.

Long Xueji shook his head, “I cannot say.”

Gao Xuebo was somewhat surprised by this.

This younger brother of his was probably already not much inferior to their little apprentice-aunt, Di Qinglian of the past in terms of his attainments as well as talent in the dao of the sword.

He was much more of an authority than Gao Xuebo himself was on this topic.

Yet, never would the latter have expected that his younger brother might give such an ambiguous answer.

“Zhaoges talent in martial arts and comprehension abilities in the dao of the sword are extremely high,” Long Xueji added, “I cannot see through the extent of his abilities in this area, and so cannot judge anything for sure.

I can only say that…”

The eyes of Long Xueji, this youth who was garbed in white and wore a jade crown, shone slightly as he said, “If only Zhaoge were fully devoted to the sword, his accomplishments would definitely be no lower than that of little apprentice-aunt and her husband.”

“I seldom see you praising anyone like this, nor do I see you looking like this either.

As a senior apprentice-uncle, you had better not go challenge him in the sword.” Gao Xuebo understood his younger brother too well.

Long Xueji retracted his gaze and nodded, “I know.

What a pity, though.”

“It is even more of a pity that, from what I can tell, Zhaoge has no intention of fully devoting himself to the sword.”

As the two were conversing, a disciple of their lineage reported, “Senior apprentice-uncle Yan from the World beyond Worlds has descended Pillglow Peak!”

The two brothers exchanged looks, rendered speechless.

Only after a long time did these two great experts of the Roving Jade Heavens raise their palms and exclaim in admiration, “Good! What a Fallen Deity indeed!”


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