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HSSB1116: Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands

Who was the letter for While this seemed like a very innocuous question, it was of considerable significance here.

If the letter was for the Astro Sovereign, that would be unravelling a mystery in everyones hearts.

The former Exalted Water Luminary and Astro Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns was currently still in the World beyond Worlds!

It was just that for some reason, he had been keeping himself hidden throughout, keeping even more of a low profile than the Concealed Sovereign.

If the letter was for someone else, the mystery would probably remain a mystery, and might even become even more mysterious.

“They did not say.

You will probably only know after you go there and have agreed to it,” Gao Xuebo answered.

Yan Zhaoge looked thoughtful.

Since this disciple of the Astro Sovereign who resided in seclusion in the Roving Jade Heavens never cared about worldly affairs, who could have conveyed to her the news of his visit to the Roving Jade Heavens

Those of the Roving Jade Heavens would probably also be very concerned with the Astro Sovereigns whereabouts and current status.

After all, that was a Sovereign who had once been acclaimed alongside the Earthly Sovereign, the Concealed Sovereign and the Roving Jade Heavens own Profound Sovereign.

Gao Xuebo and the others probably also felt curious, just that they had still left it to Yan Zhaoge to make his own decision.

Just like Gao Xuebo had said, while this might be beneficial to Yan Zhaoge, it might spell trouble too.

The problem was that they had too little information on hand as it was difficult for them to make an informed decision.

“I wonder where this Majesty is now” After pondering for a bit, Yan Zhaoge ultimately still decided to take on this errand.

Gao Xuebo answered, “The place where she is residing is called Dynasty Vessel Valley.

This old man will ask Qinger to lead you there in a bit.

Qinger is on pretty good terms with her.”

Soon afterwards, a girl appeared.

It was none other than Gao Qing whom Yan Zhaoge had met once before.

It had been a long time since their last meeting.

She was truly befitting of a shocking genius on the level of Fu Ting as over the course of these past years that he had not seen her, she had already attained the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Seeing Divinity stage.

Also, Yan Zhaoge saw that she was only a half-step away from the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm as she might achieve her breakthrough at any time now.

“Senior…apprentice uncle Yan” Gao Qings face was filled with curiosity as she looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and nodded, “You have improved tremendously in the ten over years since I last saw you.”

“Arent you just praising yourself, senior apprentice-uncle Yan” Gao Qing laughed, “Our cultivation bases were virtually the same back then, and you have already ascended the Immortal Bridge now.

Thats much faster than me!”

Yan Zhaoge said without batting an eyelid, “Truly, it applies to us both.”

“Qinger,” As Gao Xuebo gazed at Gao Qing, the latter shrunk back her neck, instantly quietening.

Her grandfather had always been proper and stern, going about things by the book.

On seeing how he seemed to be much more easygoing with Yan Zhaoge around, she had been somewhat more casual too today.

In the end, she had immediately been suppressed by him.

Seeing how she looked, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile.

The two of them bade farewell to Gao Xuebo and the others and immediately set off.

As he walked alongside Gao Qing, Yan Zhaoge realised after some time, “This Dynasty Vessel Valley seems not to be at Green Duckweed Mountain”

“Thats right! Dynasty Vessel Valley where Granny Li resides is at the You Regions Heavenly Contours Mountain,” Gao Qing answered matter-of-factly.

The You Region here was completely different from the You Region that Yan Zhaoge knew of from the Eight Extremities World in the past.

Having been in the Roving Jade Heavens for some time now, Yan Zhaoge had already long since learnt that the land here was split into nine different parts just like in the World beyond Worlds.

Still, unlike the World beyond Worlds that was named according to directions, the Roving Jade Heavens utilised the names of the Nine Regions of ancient times.

The Nine Regions were not like other places where regions were only limited to small domains.

Any single one of the Roving Jade Heavens Nine Regions was extremely vast, being virtually comparable to Territories of the World beyond Worlds like the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Each of these regions was further divided into numerous different domains, any one of which might even be bigger than an entire lower world.

At the centre of the Nine Regions was the Yu Region where Green Duckweed Mountain was located.

Like the central Jun Heaven Territory of the World beyond Worlds, the Yu Region was also the coremost part of the Roving Jade Heavens where the spiritual qi and resources were the most abundant.

Green Duckweed Mountain was the most important location in all of the Roving Jade Heavens.

The direct lineage descendants and peak experts of the Prime Clear lineage all resided there, its status being equivalent to that of Kunlun Mountain in the World beyond Worlds.

That disciple of the Astro Sovereign was really keeping a low profile in residing in seclusion here.

Not only was she not residing at Green Duckweed Mountain, her cave manor was even in the You Region and not the Yu Region.

“Granny…Li” Hearing Gao Qings reply, the corners of Yan Zhaoges lips twitched slightly, “…So this is a female expert”

As Gao Xuebo and the others had not specified the experts gender and the pronunciation of he and she could not be differentiated from their words, Yan Zhaoge could not have been aware of this.

Now that he heard Gao Qing addressing that person like this, only then did Yan Zhaoge know that like Jie Mingkong, this Emperor was also a female.

Yet, the problem was that the Astro Sovereign was male.

While it was not that male Masters could definitely not take in female disciples, this was rather rare most of the time if they were not related by blood.

With all their accomplishments, the Astro Sovereign and the Female Emperor were a rather famous different gender master-disciple pair in post-Great Calamity times.

Now, not only did it turn out that the Astro Sovereign had another disciple, this disciple was also a female for some reason.

While it was not unacceptable per se, Yan Zhaoge intuitively found it strange as it just felt like his passion for gossip was being stirred up by something, directing his thoughts in a certain direction.

“Am I just too bored” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin.

Amidst his thoughts, Gao Qing suddenly asked, “Little apprentice-uncle, I heard from my fellow disciples that not only did you defeat Subtle Offensive Peaks Purple Light Caves Northern Wind Wen, you even wrote a row of words on the backs of those from Ashen Spirit Valley without them realising it at all”

Sword Sweeping Northern Wind was We Daihongs title, being analogous to how he was sharp like strong, gusting wind that was fearsome to the extreme.

Still, there were also gossipers who privately used this mockingly to refer to Wen Daihongs rather stubborn personality of not looking back after deciding on something till he literally ran into a wall, along with his inability to understand how society generally worked.

Of course, due to Wen Daihongs strength and the Lord of Subtle Offensive Peaks Purple Light Cave, the Liberal Emperor who stood behind him, few would dare to openly mention this point in public.

“What I could do, Fellow Daoist Wen couldnt.

Therefore, he admitted his loss,” Yan Zhaoge said casually, “Still, this Fellow Daoist Wen is remarkable indeed.

While rash, he is an upright person.”

“I wonder what outstanding figures besides him the Roving Jade Heavens have produced over the past couple of centuries Right, there is no need to mention senior apprentice-uncle Long and senior apprentice-brother Long.

I already know all about that.”

Hearing this, Gao Qing replied without hesitation, “We do have some! There are Little Aunt and Nine Heavens He who is acclaimed alongside her.”

“Dont they say in the World beyond WorldsKunlun God Shocking Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects In our Roving Jade Heavens, we also have, “Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands.”

Gao Qing sounded rather regretful as she said, “Still, you may not be able to see either of them this time, little apprentice-uncle.

I heard that Nine Heavens He is in secluded cultivation, whereas Little Aunt departed the Roving Jade Heavens a year ago for adventuring in the outside world.”

“If you call her Little Aunt, she must be…” Yan Zhaoge felt rather curious.

Gao Qings cheerful mood fell somewhat, “Shes second grandaunts daughter! Of course I would address her as Little Aunt.

Sadly, second grandaunt has already passed away…”


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