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HSSB1119: The World beyond Worlds number one Emperor

“Right, if its convenient for you, help me to courier a letter back to Kunlun Mountains Restful Immortal Valley in the World beyond Worlds,” Chu Lili said as she dried off that Feifei she held.

The demonic beast that resembled a little white fox ungraciously shook the water droplets off its body, “Let me tell you, Lili! Youd better not think of sleeping in and lazing about for the next few days! Ill definitely wake you up early in the morning!”

“You dare!” Chu Lili flicked that Feifeis forehead as the little beast which could slay an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with a single palm was instantly flicked onto its belly.

The little beast held its head with its claws, “Hmph, just you wait!”

Although laughing at an Emperor was a very dangerous thing, Yan Zhaoge still could not help but smile as he looked at the two of them.

Chu Lili did not mind as a jade slip appeared in her hands.

This jade slip probably contained the message that she wished to deliver.

It was just that the destination caused Yan Zhaoges heart to leap.

The message was meant neither for the Female Emperor at Jade Sky Peaks Cold Wave Locale nor for the Sword Sovereign at Northern High Peaks Jade Capital Crag.

It was actually meant for the Concealed Sovereign at Restful Immortal Valley!

If she knew the Sword Sovereign to be currently away from the World beyond Worlds, not delivering it to Jade Capital Crag was natural.

It was, however, rather strange how the intended recipient was not the Female Emperor who shared the same Master as Chu Lili.

The Concealed Sovereign was currently in the World beyond Worlds though he was just in secluded cultivation most of the time.

Did Chu Lili want to send the letter to the Concealed Sovereign, or get him to pass it on to another

Was the Astro Sovereign still in the World beyond Worlds or not

Numerous questions flashed through Yan Zhaoges mind in that instant.

“It is naturally convenient,” Yan Zhaoge first agreed to the errand at hand.

Since Gao Xuebo and co of the Roving Jade Heavens did not mind him delivering the letter for Chu Lili, this meant that they were absolutely certain that Chu Lili was not a spy for the World beyond Worlds.

“Still, before leaving the World beyond Worlds, I heard that the Concealed Sovereign had entered secluded cultivation again, not paying attention to external matters for a relatively long period of time,” Yan Zhaoge said, “This Yan must say that I really cannot guarantee that the letter can reach the hands of the Concealed Sovereign in time.

It might only arrive a little later.”

With the Concealed Sovereign not having made an appearance even with the mess caused by the Brocade Emperor, it was almost like the former had entered death seclusion.

“Is that so…” A disappointed look appeared on Chu Lilis face.

She pondered for a moment before saying, “In that case, Ill trouble you to help me deliver this to Jade Capital Crag.

Just hand it over to Big Boss Yue when he returns to the World beyond Worlds.”

“If the Concealed Sovereign leaves seclusion before Big Boss Yue returns, send it to Restful Immortal Valley then.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and received the jade slip, noting that Chu Lili seemed to not even consider the Earthly Sovereign at Qilin Cliff as an option.

“Please, Senior Chu, if I may ask,” Yan Zhaoge ventured hesitantly, “Is your Master…”

“Master is…” Partway through her words, Chu Lili stopped, her mood visibly dropping, “I nearly went and ran my mouth again.”

She lethargically waved a hand dismissively at Yan Zhaoge, “When you go back and you see Big Boss Yue, you can ask him about it.

If he can tell you about it, he will.”

“…Alright,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged.

From Chu Lilis tone and way of speech, Yan Zhaoge could deduce some things.

Firstly, the Astro Sovereign should still be alive.

While Chu Lili had looked a bit sad when mentioning the Astro Sovereign, she had not looked sorrowful.

Whether or not her information was outdated was a separate issue altogether.

Secondly, the reason that Chu Lili was hiding here in the Roving Jade Heavens was definitely known by Yue Zhenbei.

As for if it was related to the Astro Sovereign, that remained to be seen.

Considering Chu Lilis personality, however, it was clear that she would not voluntarily live in seclusion like this.

If one were to think about why she would be willing to subject herself to such treatment, there were several possible reasons.

She could have committed some sort of mistake that she was willing to be punished for; perhaps she was even preventing an escalation of the situation by hiding over here.

In the meantime, the apparent lack of involvement from the Female Emperor in this matter was in fact the greatest indication that said persons interests were deeply rooted in it.

After all, the Female Emperor was not only the Astro Sovereigns disciple, she could even be considered Chu Lilis senior-apprentice sister…

Unfortunately, Yan Zhaoge could not just straight out ask Chu Lili about this.

Any inquiries would have to wait until he could return to the World beyond Worlds and ask the Sword or Concealed Sovereign.

Yan Zhaoge could only hope now that the reason Chu Lili was not mentioning the Female Emperor was that she knew the latter was unclear on the Astro Sovereigns situation.

Otherwise, the risk level of this errand that Yan Zhaoge had accepted would have risen exponentially.

Yan Zhaoge had heard a rumour from Wang Pu before.

The current strongest Emperor in the World beyond Worlds was Jie Mingkong with her eyes open!

Having personally witnessed the Female Emperor in battle before, Yan Zhaoge deeply agreed with this.

He even knew the underlying secrets concerning her strength.

The reason for the Female Emperor usually saying and doing nothing as she sealed herself in ice was actually that her cultivation technique, named Profound Meditative Gate, was similar to Buddhism with its restrictions and vices.

In other words, while she was able to go outside, even attending Broad Creed Mountains opening ceremony, the Female Emperor had actually been in a state of secluded cultivation back then too.

She could not be considered as having emerged even when she had fought the Heaven Emperor.

Only when she opened her eyes could she be considered as truly having emerged from seclusion.

It could be said that in all her previous fights, she had simply invested some focus on the battle while still cultivating.

Even though the atmosphere had been pretty good at their opening ceremony, the heavens knew what unexpected situations might occur if the Female Emperor learnt about him delivering this letter.

“Granny, are there any perks if my little apprentice-uncle helps you send your letter” Gao Qing was all smiles as she hugged Chu Lilis arm.

Yan Zhaoge inwardly gave her a thumbs up.

Well done! Atta girl!

Senior apprentice-uncle Gao was really right to send you over!

Even if Chu Lili had provided no reward or incentive, Yan Zhaoge still intended to accept her request.

After things had been appropriately handled, there would naturally be underlying benefits for him.

Of course, if he was able to receive any material rewards now, Yan Zhaoge would happily accept.

“Oh, you,” Chu Lili touched the tip of Gao Qings nose, “Am I the sort of person who orders people around for nothing”

She waved a hand lightly as a fully transparent crystalline bottle appeared before Yan Zhaoge, “Still, I really am a poor person too! There isnt much I can take out.

How does this look to you, Little Friend Yan”

Yan Zhaoge received that crystalline bottle whereupon he uncapped it and took a light whiff of its contents.

“Oh, it is actually Devil Sealing Godly Water” Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback by this.

This was a great item that could be used against Evil Devils of the Nine Underworlds.

When devils of the Nine Underworlds had grown powerful enough, treasures like the Devil Shattering Arrow would no longer serve any use against them.

While Devil Sealing Godly Water could not exterminate peak devils, it could still suppress many powerful, mighty devils, reversing the situation when used at crucial intervals.


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