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HSSB1121: The newly appointed Southern Exalt

While the fate of having ones identity exposed was usually ugly, whether it was the World beyond Worlds or the Roving Jade Heavens, both would dispatch personnel to infiltrate into the territory of the other to gather information.

Although getting any sort of classified information was extremely difficult, a matter like the Upper Exalt attacking the Brocade Emperors dao arena would become known no matter what.

While someone had taken care of it as soon as possible, trying to prevent the news from spreading, this incident was undoubtedly a major one that shocked the heavens and shook the earth.

One was the head of the Ten Exalts, the undisputed number one Martial Saint of the World beyond Worlds and their most outstanding figure in the past two or three centuries.

The other was a True Immortal of the Five Emperors, a peak figure of the World beyond Worlds.

The collision between two major entities like these would naturally evoke quite a big disturbance.

Still, the Brocade Emperor had not been in his cave manor then.

In the end, Chen Qianhua had stomped on Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff, breaking through its defences and taking it down!

As Red Lotus Cliff was where the dao tradition of the Brocade Emperor flourished, its defensive power was naturally incomparable to that of the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

Yet, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was an expert who could battle the Brocade Emperor himself head-on.

Without the Brocade Emperor, Chen Qianhua would undoubtedly be able to take down Red Lotus Cliff given enough time.

Hearing the news, while Yan Zhaoge did feel rather surprised, he was not especially shocked by it.

He possessed a general understanding of the Upper Exalts temperament by now.

While he had fallen prey to Yan Zhaoges backstab in the Nine Underworlds and been wounded by the Brocade Emperor with his Immortal Artifact, the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag, it was not that Chen Qianhua would have been unable to forgive the Brocade Emperor, wishing deeply to take revenge for that blow.

Instead, there should only have been one goal on his mind when he had gone to stomp on Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff.

Fu Ting.

To be precise, his goal would have been to kill Fu Ting.

Whether or not a victor was decided between the black and white Brocade Emperors, killing Fu Ting and Meng Wan would be able to cause the strength of the black-clothed Brocade Emperor who walked the unfeeling path to rise greatly.

This was not something Yan Zhaoge would be happy to see.

Chen Qianhua was using the Brocade Emperor as a pawn to compete with Yan Zhaoge.

“I wonder if there were casualties at Red Lotus Peak” Yan Zhaoge asked, “How did it turn out in the end”

Long Hanhua answered, “The specifics are unclear, but casualties did appear.”

“With the Brocade Emperor absent, didnt anyone else move to obstruct Chen Qianhua” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples lightly.

Long Hanhua was silent for a time before he said, “The Encompassing Emperor intervened, but did not succeed as Red Lotus Cliffs defences were ultimately broken through by the Upper Exalt.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge was really rather astonished at this.

Generally speaking, when two sides were battling over a target, the attacking party would hold the initiative with the defender only able to passively react.

The third party in this case, however, Red Lotus Cliff, was not all that weak as they focused completely on defence.

Secondly, the two sides that were battling were not equally matched in the first place!

Granted, in terms of martial prowess, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was truly worthy of his title as the World beyond Worlds strongest Martial Saint with his ability to battle True Immortals head-on.

The problem was that just like the Brocade Emperor, the Encompassing Emperor possessed an Immortal Artifact.

Even though it would sound embarrassing for a True Immortal if they actually had to employ an Immortal Artifact against a Human Exalt, the Encompassing Emperor could be considered justified in going all out to protect Red Lotus Cliff.

If the Encompassing Emperor had used an Immortal Artifact but Chen Qianhua had still managed to take down Red Lotus Cliff, it would really sound quite shocking.

“Did the Encompassing Emperor not bring along his Immortal Artifact” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Since he had effectively battled Chen Qianhua before, Yan Zhaoge understood him to be very powerful.

Still, if someone were to say that Chen Qianhua could withstand the attacks of a True Immortal with his bare fists even as he attacked and felled Red Lotus Peak, Yan Zhaoge would not believe it.

“The Encompassing Emperor was eventually forced to use his Immortal Artifact,” Long Hanhua said solemnly.

Yan Zhaoge frowned as a thought flashed through his mind, “Wait, could it be that…”

“Thats right,” Long Hanhua knew what he was thinking as he affirmed, “Upper Chen also possesses an Immortal Artifact!”

“This really is…” Yan Zhaoge put a hand on his forehead.

Gao Xuebo and Long Hanhua exchanged glances as they both shook their heads as well.

Immortal Artifacts were incredibly rare.

With how difficult it was to forge one as well as the scarcity in materials, even Emperors who had opened the door to Immortality would not necessarily possess one.

This had already been so in pre-Great Calamity times, let alone this comparatively deteriorated era.

Even True Immortals lacked Immortal Artifacts, let alone Human Exalts!

It was true, however, that there would always be exceptions.

For instance, Gao Xuebo already possessed an Immortal Artifact of the Leakless level while at the Martial Saint realm.

Still, strictly speaking, this Immortal Artifact could not totally be considered Gao Xuebos property.

This sword belonged to his mother, the Profound Sovereign, from when she had been a Leakless True Immortal in the past.

Afterwards, she had passed it down to her eldest son, Gao Xuebo, to grasp it in her stead.

If not for this, it would be difficult for Gao Xuebo to be in possession of an Immortal Artifact.

This difficulty could be clearly seen when considering that his younger brother, Long Xueji, lacked an Immortal Artifact even after opening the door to Immortality.

Of course, this was related to Long Xueji preferring to forge and refine his own swords.

Still, whatever the case, it could be seen how rare it was for Martial Saints to be in possession of Immortal Artifacts.

Chen Qianhua did not have an elder who could have passed down an Immortal Artifact to him…

“His own fortuitous gains” Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “The Origin Heavenly Scripture is really awesome in this regard.”

The information reports that could be received in the Roving Jade Heavens were still too simple, unable to give a clear picture of what was going on in the World beyond Worlds right now.

It was impossible, however, that things would end so simply given the scale of the disturbance caused by Chen Qianhua this time around.

Yan Zhaoge was somewhat unable to be certain on Fu Tings current situation, though.

Logically speaking, Red Lotus Cliff and Fu Ting should already have had measures in place in case the Brocade Emperor came and made things difficult for them.

In the end, rather than the Brocade Emperor, Chen Qianhua had been the one to come instead.

Had it been anyone else, if Fu Ting had been away from Red Lotus Cliff and out adventuring, concealing her identity in the process, she would probably have been able to avoid danger.

Yet, Chen Qianhua who bore the Origin Heavenly Scripture would find it even easier than the Brocade Emperor to locate Fu Ting.

If Fu Ting had been at Red Lotus Cliff at the time but had not been slain by Chen Qianhua on the spot, instead having been taken away under the protection of the Encompassing Emperor, she could be considered relatively safe.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Gao, I intend to return to the World beyond Worlds,” Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before taking his leave of Gao Xuebo and the others.

Whether this was out of concern for the contest between the black and white Brocade Emperors or due to his personal friendship with Fu Ting, it was still necessary for him to rush back to the World beyond Worlds.

While he did not understand Yan Zhaoges thoughts, Gao Xuebo did not question him on it as he nodded in agreement, “Ask after your father on this old mans behalf.

The Roving Jade Heavens welcome the two of you to come visit together.”

“Thank you, senior apprentice-uncle Gao,” Yan Zhaoge bid Gao Xuebo, Long Hanhua and the others farewell as he immediately brought Meng Wan along in returning to the World beyond Worlds.

To return to the World beyond Worlds from the Roving Jade Heavens, one had to pass through numerous layers of space that obstructed them.

When Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan finally made it back to the World beyond Worlds after a long journey, they immediately learnt a new piece of information.

A newly ascended Southern Exalt had arisen!


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