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HSSB1123: Long since having an owner, Southern Heavens Sheer Sword

“It was already difficult enough to find such an interesting person like Yan Zhaoge.

I even feel a little like I am not in a rush to clash with him, leaving the best for the end,” Chen Qianhua stretched lazily, “Still, since Red Lotus Fu is hiding over at Yan Dis, I might as well just go straight for this main dish.”

“That Yan Di has the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud as he is also someone I cannot see through.

Hopefully, he will be as interesting as Yan Zhaoge is.”

He exclaimed from the very bottom of his heart, “This feeling of being unable to predict things is great!”

Chen Kunhua felt helpless indeed against this elder brother of his who would just do whatever he wanted based on his mood.

Still, as his thoughts circulated, Chen Kunhua suddenly realised something else.

The disturbances caused by Chen Qianhua recently were much greater in scale than what he was usually up to.

Most importantly, as Chen Kunhua saw it, he had made too many enemies!

The white-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor had basically been offended thoroughly by him.

While the Female Emperor usually stayed holier-than-thou and cared about nothing, her relationship with Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di of Broad Creed Mountain was pretty good due to her Master.

If Chen Qianhua insisted on finding trouble for the Yan father and son no matter what, it was hard to say if the Female Emperor might then intervene.

Of course, offending the white-clothed Brocade Emperor was actually equivalent to getting on the black-clothed Brocade Emperors good side.

While the Female Emperor was on pretty good terms with the Yan Family, the Heaven Emperor actually had deep enmity with Yan Zhaoge.

Yet, there were more than just the Five Emperors in the World beyond Worlds.

Above the Five Emperors, there were still the Three Sovereigns.

Having attacked the Brocade Emperors base and caused a mess in the World beyond Worlds, wrecking its stability, who would be the person who was most dissatisfied with Chen Qianhua

The Earthly Sovereign!

That was why Chen Kunhua felt panicked.

Due to the Yan father and son, there was already a possibility of earning the wrath of the Sword Sovereign.

In creating such a volatile situation over the Brocade Emperors matter, he would offend even the Earthly Sovereign.

Also considering the Concealed Sovereign who supported the Earthly Sovereign in most things, having offended all Three Sovereigns at once, no one could continue living stably in the World beyond Worlds.

Still, there were two sides to every coin.

Chen Kunhua suddenly remembered that due to the Dim Radiant Wheel and Xue Chuqing, the Earthly Sovereign probably also did not welcome the Yan father and son all that much.

While Chen Kunhua did not know of the existence of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court, with all the things that had occurred in the World beyond Worlds, he too could project and get a general idea of some things.

While his elder brother had caused a mess, taking the initiative to request a demotion to Southern Exalt would be seen as an admission of his mistake in the eyes of outsiders.

Him going to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory to suppress the development of Broad Creed Mountain and the Yan father and son was probably just what Qilin Cliff wanted.

Right now, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was undoubtedly the best candidate outside of True Immortals to suppress Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

With that, there would be much room to work around this.

If handled properly, the Earthly Sovereign might even support Chen Qianhua, his vanguard!

Of course, Chen Qianhua might also be someone who gave the Earthly Sovereign a headache.

While he was indeed so very talented, he often stirred up trouble.

Even as he went to restrict the Yan father and son, would the two of them also not be restricting him

Considering balance and control, this might actually be the best option at hand.

With Chen Qianhua as his vanguard, the Earthly Sovereign would not openly have a falling out with the Sword Sovereign as the World beyond Worlds relatively stable situation could be maintained.

Meanwhile, with the Earthly Sovereigns support, the pressure from the Sword Sovereign on Chen Qianhua too would be greatly reduced.

“Big brother…” Countless thoughts flashed through Chen Kunhuas mind in that instant as he gazed at his elder brother, shocked.

Was it a coincidence

Just wilfully doing whatever he wanted, yet very possibly creating the most beneficial situation for himself

Of course, the precondition was that Chen Qianhua was dead set on making things difficult for Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, not having any such goals in mind in truth.

“Does he really no have any other aims in doing so” Chen Kunhua just could not help but wonder.

His elder brothers thoughts were just so imaginative and hard to grasp that no one could claim to grasp him for sure.

He, Chen Kunhua, believed that he could be considered one of the people who understood Chen Qianhua best.

Now, however, he really felt like he could not be certain.

“What is it” Just as he usually did, Chen Qianhua looked down at his younger brother through the corner of his eye.

Chen Kunhua sighed.

Was his elder brother just doing this to get his fun or had he predicted the various possibilities that would result

After all, Chen Kunhuas thoughts were rather more idealised towards the most beneficial situation for them.

Still, with Chen Qianhuas personality as he just did whatever he liked, what more messes might he create

Could such an idealised, beneficial situation really result

Chen Kunhua did not feel all that confident about this.

“Though you have such thoughts, big brother, there is no rush to leave for the south now.

I will first go to the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and the other Exalts to inform everyone about this,” Chen Kunhua took a deep breath and said.

Of course, it would definitely be inconvenient to go to Ingenious Flying Peak right now.

He did not want to be surrounded and attacked by a bunch of angry people.

Chen Qianhua waved his hand dismissively, “Just do whatever.

I, though, have not the time to wait for you.

I will be heading over to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory first.”

“Big brother…” Chen Kunhua forced a smile, having been afraid of precisely such a situation.

Before he could persuade his elder brother further, guests arrived at their residence.

One was an old man, the other a youth.

Chen Kunhua recognised both of these people.

The old man was another of the Ten Exalts alongside his elder brother.

He was the Earth Exalt whose seniority exceeded his by far, Wang Zhengcheng.

Meanwhile, he was also publicly acclaimed as the World beyond Worlds second strongest Martial Saint after Chen Qianhua.

The other person was a black-clothed youth who had a cold, indifferent expression on his face.

This person was not a Human Exalt, instead being a ninth level Martial Saint.

Even so, he might be the most special ninth level Martial Saint of the current World beyond Worlds.

Some gossipers recommended that he be acclaimed as the third strongest person in the World beyond Worlds below the Immortal realm despite him having yet to become a Human Exalt.

Theclosed door, final disciple of the Sword Sovereigns lineage at Northern High Peaks Jade Capital Crag,Shocking God Sword Nie Jingshen.

The two of them had evidently come over the matter of Chen Qianhua attacking Ingenious Flying Peak previously.

The Concealed Sovereign was in secluded cultivation and had no disciples.

The Sword Sovereign and Earthly Sovereign were currently away from the World beyond Worlds.

Still, as their disciples, Nie Jingshen and Wang Zhengcheng naturally had to look into this matter.

Still, before they could speak, Chen Qianhua looked at his younger brother, “Perfect.

There is no need for you to make the trip.

Just tell it to them directly here.

Im off!”

Nie Jingshen remained expressionless while Wang Zhengcheng frowned slightly, “With the matter of Ingenious Flying Peak yet to be made clear, please stay for now, Upper Chen.

What is it that you want your younger brother to tell us Could it be something related to Ingenious Flying Peak”

“Its like this, Elder Wang, Fellow Daoist Nie,” Chen Kunhua explained, “My elder brother mistakenly entered the Nine Underworlds previously and got into a conflict with the Brocade Emperor there.

After returning to the World beyond Worlds afterwards, he attacked Ingenious Flying Peak out of a moments recklessness.”

“My elder brother calmed down afterwards and regretted it.

Therefore, he is willing to become the Southern Exalt to pay for his actions.”

Wang Zhengcheng was slightly taken aback as many thoughts instantly flashed through his mind as well, “Fellow Daoist Chen wishes to be the Exalt of the south I see…”

“The position of Southern Exalt is not filled anyway,” Chen Qianhua said unconcernedly, “Even if it was occupied, I would still be willing to exchange for it with my title of Upper Exalt.”

Wang Zhengcheng said ponderingly, “In that case…”

Nie Jingshen suddenly interrupted, “Youll have to keep the title of Upper Exalt for yourself, Fellow Daoist Chen.”

“Oh” Chen Qianhua, Wang Zhengcheng and Chen Kunhua all gazed over towards him.

“If you really regret your earlier actions, there are ways aplenty to make up for them,” Nie Jingshen said, “As for the position of Southern Exalt, it is not unoccupied.

It has long since had an owner.”

Chen Qianhua laughed, “What do you mean, you”

“Thats right, me,” Nie Jingsheng replied mildly.

Before his words had fallen, splendid light flickered about his body as endless sword qi surged straight into the heavens.

Amidst his words, Nie Jingshen entered the Human Exalt stage in a single go.


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