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HSSB1125: I have strong morals

In combination with his knowledge of Chen Qianhuas personality, Yan Zhaoge was able to infer something just from looking at Liu Zhenggus expression.

The Upper Exalts attack on Red Lotus Cliff was a major matter that would have to be presided on by the Brocade Emperor himself.

It was just that the Brocade Emperor was currently absent…right, both of them were absent.

Still, as the matter concerned the Five Emperors, the Three Sovereigns definitely needed to intervene.

The Concealed Sovereign was in secluded cultivation right now with the Earthly and Sword Sovereigns also being absent.

Given this, it was difficult for anyone to restrict and suppress Chen Qianhua at this time.

Chen Qianhuas talent in the martial dao had always shocked the entire World beyond Worlds.

It was no exaggeration at all to say that if he could open the door to Immortality, the World beyond Worlds number one Emperor might no longer be the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong.

Correspondingly, if he caused further trouble, the disturbances would be even greater.

Thus, the higher echelon experts of the World beyond Worlds were all rather conflicted regarding this ultra-troublesome person.

Out of consideration for the overall situation, they had to either get rid of him for good before he went and did something truly wild or think of a way to put this untamed beast on a leash.

It was just that they had never been able to find a suitable leash before this.

Actually, quite a few people had felt that Nie Jingshen was a candidate to look forward to for this.

Kunlun Shocking God Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects.

The two were acclaimed alongside each other, both with subtleties of their own.

Still, some people were thinking now that an even better choice had now appeared.

What the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua had thought of, Yan Zhaoge had naturally thought of as well.

The peak experts of the World beyond Worlds also saw the Yan father and son as supremely troublesome figures.

For them and Chen Qianhua to mutually restrict one another was the ideal situation.

Of course, the opposite was also true as any conflict they got into would correspondingly be potentially catastrophic.

Preventing this would have to depend on the leadership abilities and adaptability of these higher echelons.

Whatever Chen Qianhua himself had been thinking, in having sought to assume the position of the Southern Exalt to suppress Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and Broad Creed Mountain, it would be seen by the lineage of the Earthly Sovereign from Southern High Peaks Qilin Cliff as being equivalent to pledging his allegiance.

One might also call it an expression of his desire to cooperate.

Now that a way to control the terribly unpredictable Chen Qianhua had appeared, it was actually a cause for rejoice for them.

Of course, whatever the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng wanted, the matter of Red Lotus Cliff would first have to be settled.

“This Upper Chen truly is unpredictable,” Liu Zhenggu sighed.

Yan Zhaoge did not speak as he waited for him to continue.

“After his battle with Nie Jingshen, Upper Chen made another trip to Red Lotus Cliff,” Liu Zhenggu said with a strange expression on his face, “He submissively paid a visit bearing gifts in expressing apologies for his deeds.”

Yan Zhaoge put a hand on his head, opening his mouth but not saying anything as he was simply rendered speechless.

“And I always thought that I was already shameless enough.

But now, it seems like I actually still have strong morals!” He did not know whether to laugh or to cry at this.

Liu Zhenggu continued, “His younger brother, the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua, went over with him, and openly visited the mountain.

There, before the Encompassing Emperor, Heaven Emperor, Female Emperor and Fellow Daoist Wang of Qilin Cliff, he gave abundant presents, expressing his deep apologies in person along with his willingness to suffer the torture of the stabbing blades.”

This torture of the stabbing blades was used for those who wished to pay for their sins.

They would not circulate any arts in resisting these blades, suffering them like an ordinary mortal.

The blades would not avoid their vitals, leaving their fates to be decided by the will of the heavens.

Chen Qianhua had been stabbed by as many blades for the number of casualties at Red Lotus Cliff earlier in the day.

In the end, he had been left at the brink of death as it was his younger brother, Chen Kunhua, who had carried him off the mountain.

After he had cultivated and combined the later six scriptures of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, forming the foundation of the world, he possessed shocking defensive and recuperative powers.

Still, he had been like an ordinary mortal when suffering those wounds, causing his qi and blood to deteriorate.

It would be extremely hard for him to recover from this.

This was actually not the main thing.

What was truly inconceivable to those who knew about this event was that Chen Qianhua had obediently given up without a fight.

Given his personality, cultivators like Chen Qianhua would instinctively resist until the end.

While it could be said that they were unrepentant, it could also be said that they believed from the very core of their being that there was nothing wrong with their actions whatsoever.

If reason did not stand on their side, they would find reasons that did.

Otherwise, they would see whose fists were harder.

Ignoring the actual logic of such a viewpoint, this method of might being right was adopted by the majority of martial practitioners.

Therefore, Chen Qianhuas actions seemed extremely deviant.

This was especially so when he did not fear the Brocade Emperor in terms of their martial prowess.

The Brocade Emperor was currently not in the World beyond Worlds, but even if he were, they could simply go for another round.

The way things had concluded, however, left everybody speechless.

As most people saw it, Chen Qianhua had really started out strongly but ultimately gotten owned in the wrap up.

His great battle with the Encompassing Emperor had proven that he had the prowess of an Emperor despite not being one, causing his reputation to surge, unrivalled.

Yet, he had next been forced into a draw by Nie Jingshen who had newly ascended the Human Exalt stage, causing him to have inadvertently bolstered Nie Jingshens fame instead.

Now, he had obediently and submissively gone to apologise personally at Red Lotus Cliff, even having suffered the torture of the stabbing blades.

His face had been lost completely with that.

It was just like he had gone over to slap someone before immediately returning and kneeling to them, slapping himself in the face.

Liu Zhenggu shook his head as he found it greatly inconceivable, “Chen Kunhua said that Upper Chen previously attacked Red Lotus Cliff because he entered a conflict with the Brocade Emperor in the Nine Underworlds previously and was overcome by rage, thus trying to seek revenge on his descendants.

He realised afterwards that he should never have vented his anger on them, hence sincerely going over to express his apologies.”

“Still, from this old mans knowledge, Upper Chen does not seem like such a righteous, honest person,” He looked inquiringly towards Yan Zhaoge, “You entered the Nine Underworlds alongside the Brocade Emperor previously.

Do you know what sort of conflict occurred between them then”

As it was really too inconceivable, some people suspected that they might really have misjudged Chen Qianhua.

Perhaps he was actually a humble, upright person

“It was Upper Chen himself who provoked matters in the Nine Underworlds.

It was also not to vent that he went to Red Lotus Cliff,” Yan Zhaoge simply answered.

His face twitched as he felt rather pained, “This was definitely an idea that Second Young Master Chen proposed in private.

It is just that…”

It was just that Eldest Young Master Chen did not mind it.

Right, Chen Qianhua most likely cared nothing about going back to apologise at all.

Yan Zhaoge had already recovered from the surprise.

Having already met Eldest Young Master Chen a couple of times, he had gradually gained an understanding of his personality.

If his opponent was Yan Zhaoge, Chen Qianhua would definitely never lower his head like this.

If it was Red Lotus Cliff or the Brocade Emperor, though, he would not mind at all.

Since his interest was currently not with either of them, this event which might have been an irrevocable stain on their honour for others was viewed by Chen Qianhua with the same levity as having rice or noodles for dinner.

Instead, what truly caused him to feel regretful and defeated might be his failure to be demoted to the position of Southern Exalt.

Right, failing to be successfully demoted.

It might be what Chen Qianhua was most dissatisfied with.

While this sounded very ludicrous, when it was this Eldest Young Master Chen, it felt perfectly normal.

“Elder Liu, do you know where the Chen brothers are now Are they back at Qianhua Peak” After his mixed emotions, Yan Zhaoges attention shifted elsewhere as a fierce, unconcealed light could be seen within his eyes.

He really would not mind kicking them when they were down at all.


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