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HSSB1128: The spectacular Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion

Even as Yan Zhaoge felt grateful to Nie Jingshen, he also persuaded him to choose a better cultivation environment to reside in.

“Its fine.

My aspirations do not lie in this area in the first place,” Nie Jingshen ended up consoling Yan Zhaoge instead.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge accepted in and reminded as he suddenly remembered something, “Right, senior apprentice-brother Nie, while Chen Qianhua is currently hiding away to recuperate from his wounds, you must be careful.

It is also possible that he could target you and find trouble for you.”

“Let him come if he wants,” Nie Jingshen said mildly, “To be honest, while the chances of beating him are only fifty-fifty for me, such an opponent would be beneficial for me tempering my sword.”

“No, senior apprentice-brother Nie.

You misunderstand.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled wryly, “I am not saying that Chen Qianhua might come seeking vengeance on you.

Rather than that, he may find trouble for you to fulfil his ludicrous notions of fun.”

Chen Qianhua had relatively deep attainments in the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

As a result, he could understand the past and futures of most people in this world with but a single glance.

Of course, it was impossible for him to be passively omniscient.

He had to confirm his target before projecting the relevant information.

Still, so long as he was willing to, those whose cultivation bases were not superior to his could seldom hold on to their secrets.

Under such circumstances, the few exceptions would naturally draw Chen Qianhuas attention.

Besides Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di could also not be analysed as he bore the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

And now, another person had appeared.

Nie Jingshen with his Earlier Heaven Nascent Form.

With Nie Jingshen having wrecked Chen Qianhuas plan to assume the seat of Southern Exalt, Chen Qianhua would feel unhappy about it.

Still, this did not mean that his mind would be full of thoughts on taking revenge on Nie Jingshen as a result.

Instead, it would be the fact that he could not see through Nie Jingshen who bore the Earlier Heaven Nascent Form which was more likely to garner Chen Qianhuas interest.

If this was someone irrelevant to himself, Yan Zhaoge would certainly be happy to shift the aggro off himself.

Still, as Nie Jingshen was his close ally and friend, it was necessary for him to remind him of this.

“That is to say that he will act elsewhere rather than seeking vengeance through pure battle” Nie Jingshen understood.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Chen Qianhua loves to compete with others as he derives infinite joy from it.

Of course, this is referring to those he is interested in.”

“Still, even as he loves to compete with others, he does not love to battle.

Despite his outstanding martial abilities, clashing with others is only a means for him to derive his pleasure.

As for combat itself, he does not have a preference for it.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoges words, Nie Jingshen looked thoughtful, “No wonder I felt like he is different from typical martial practitioners.”

They continued to chat, with Yan Zhaoge soon mentioning the Grand Longevity Banner to which Nie Jingshen shook his head, “I have no idea who Upper Chen obtained this treasure from.”

He suddenly thought of something as he hurriedly said, “Right, the Venus Sword still exists.”

The Venus Sword had belonged to the Exalted Gold Luminary Yan Xingtang that year, being his weapon for the Nine Luminaries theme.

It was uncontestably the number one Sacred Artifact sword of the World beyond Worlds, having once been acclaimed alongside treasures like the Extreme Yang Seal that corresponded to the sun, the Extreme Yin Crown that corresponded to the moon and the Grand Longevity Banner that corresponded to Jupiter.

Yan Xingtang had passed this sword on to his disciple afterwards, this being the current Sword Sovereign Yue Zhenbei.

Yue Zhenbei had already long since ceased to use Sacred Artifacts due to his cultivation base.

In remembrance of his late Master, though, he carried this sword along with him wherever he went.

“The Venus Sword is definitely meant to be passed down to senior apprentice-uncle Yan.

Still, since senior apprentice-uncle Yan does not use swords, it will probably be passed down to you,” Nie Jingshen said, “Still, this will have to wait until Master returns from extradimensional space.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Since grandfather passed it down to senior apprentice-uncle Yue, it would still be better for it to remain with the lineage of Jade Capital Crag.

In fact, it seems most suited for you, senior apprentice-brother Nie.”

“If its me, theres no need,” Nie Jingshen shook his head, “Ever since I started cultivating in the sword, I have been forging my own swords.

While the Venus Sword is good, I still prefer forging swords personally for myself.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “This actually corresponds with the preference of another expert in the sword I know.”

Nie Jingshen gazed over questioningly as he heard this.

“The third son of the Profound Sovereign and the Dragon Spring Emperor of the Roving Jade Heavens, Long Xueji,” Yan Zhaoge said, “You may be more familiar with another name of his.

Formerly the Little Sword God, Qian Xueji.”

Nie Jingshen nodded, “I hope that I too will have a chance to take a look at the Roving Jade Heavens in the future.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows.

That would really require a rare, appropriate opportunity.

In the era when the apprentice-brothers Yan Xingtang and Long Xingquan had suppressed the Roving Jade Heavens with their swords, the relationship between the World beyond Worlds had still been pretty good and not as strained as it was now.

Thus, this had been more of exchanging pointers.

With how things were between the two sides now as both were antagonistic towards each other, if Nie Jingshen were to emulate the actions of his Grand Master Yan Xingtang, it would be no different from a proclamation of war.

Just a single spark might ignite the two massive barrels of gunpowder.

There were only the Yan father and son who could freely visit the Roving Jade Heavens considering their unique identities.

After conversing with Nie Jingshen, Yan Zhaoge left the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, arriving in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

He did not immediately return to Kunlun Mountain as he instead first headed east, arriving in the Cloud Consecutive Mountain Range in the eastern region of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

That was where Wind Thunder Manor was located.

On Yan Zhaoges arrival, the Lord of Wind Thunder Manor, Heng Xianda, personally came out to greet him.

After leading Yan Zhaoge inside, Heng Xianda said, “The news has already been broadcast like you wished, Mister Yan.

Most within the central Jun Heaven Territory already know the name of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

As for the other eight Territories, they have gotten wind of it too.”

The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was the name that Yan Zhaoge had decided on.

He had already informed Wind Thunder Manor of it previously, requesting them to create hype through all those relevant channels that they had.

The site for the pavilion had already long since been decided as well, even having previously begun construction as it was already nearing completion now.

Of course, the location was not in the Consecutive Cloud Mountain Range.

If they were put alongside Wind Thunder Manor, that would really be too crowded.

“Thank you for your efforts, old Manor Lord Heng,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I was busy with many things before this as things were thus delayed for a time.

Still, the first batch of treasures will be produced very soon.”

He knew that Heng Xianda and the other Wind Thunder Manor martial practitioners were surely hungriest for that Vajra Thunder.

The reason for them being so enthusiastic and diligent was that they wished to acquire a large amount of Vajra Thunder from Yan Zhaoge.

To those of Wind Thunder Manor who were proficient in artifact forging and did not lack any external goods, the greatest problem they faced were bottlenecks in their cultivation as this, therefore, was what they yearned for most desperately.

“If there is anything you are busy with, you can work on it as is necessary, Mister Yan.

This old man will definitely make sure that nothing goes wrong with all the extraneous tasks in the initial stage,” Heng Xianda smiled widely, “It is just- I wonder if Mister Yan has a specific date in mind for your official opening”

Yan Zhaoge mentally did some calculations before answering, “Half a year at least, a full year at most.”

“Oh, Mister Yan, isnt this a little too…” Heng Xianda ventured hesitantly, “If too much time passes, people may not continue paying as much attention to it as they are now.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Thats fine.

According to what you have said, the focus of the world on this has still yet to reach the peak right now.

It can still go higher.”

“Of course, your worries are not baseless, old Manor Lord.

This Yan naturally has plans for this.

Creating a bit of a stir once in a while will surely be necessary such that the attention does not dissipate.”

Heng Xianda nodded, “Since you already have your own ideas regarding this, this old man will speak no further on it.

I believe that this pavilion will be spectacular in the future.”

“Spectacular, huh” Yan Zhaoge laughed.

It would indeed be spectacular in a way that the current Heng Xianda and co would never be able to imagine.


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