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HSSB1131: Mass anticipation

A years time flew by as Yan Zhaoge resided in Dragon Butterfly Valley, forging artifacts and items.

This was a relatively calm year for the World beyond Worlds as compared to the previous one.

The most major matter had been the black and white-clothed Brocade Emperors successively returning to the World beyond Worlds.

It was worth mentioning that in this contest, the white-clothed Brocade Emperor had successfully retrieved the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag, gaining the upper hand.

Yan Zhaoge had been rather taken aback back when Ah Hu had relayed the news to him.

According to his predictions, if no external forces intervened, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor should have had a higher chance of obtaining it.

“Did someone intervene” Yan Zhaoge wondered.

The black-clothed Brocade Emperor had returned to the World beyond Worlds for a brief period before departing it and heading to extradimensional space.

The white-clothed Brocade Emperor had not been far behind, also having lingered briefly before leaving to pursue him.

Still, when the white-clothed Brocade Emperor had returned to the World beyond Worlds, he had met with Fu Ting and Meng Wan.

Fu Ting had successfully transmitted the Taiyi Fist of Grand Simplicity that she had traded with Yan Zhaoge for to the white-clothed Brocade Emperor.

With that, the lineage of Ingenious Flying Peak had finally gathered all five of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations of earlier heaven times.

Only the Brocade Emperor could say how much this meant to him.

He did not express any objections regarding Fu Ting having traded for a single Taiyi Fist with the Grand Commencement Divine Finger, the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form and the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body.

What decided the price of a commodity was generally not just its value.

It was also dependent on how much the other party wished to buy it.

The stronger this desire was, the higher its price would naturally be.

Therefore, while Yan Zhaoge had profited in a one-for-three trade this time, Ingenious Flying Peak had not suffered a loss either.

This was especially so considering that the strength of the white-clothed Brocade Emperor, having gained the Taiyi Fist of Grand Simplicity, would thereby rise.

Adding on his Immortal Artifact, the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag, he already possessed a definite advantage over the black-clothed Brocade Emperor in a one versus one fight.

Thus, one fleeing and one pursuing, the two Brocade Emperors had headed off into extradimensional space once more as Yan Zhaoge and the others in the World beyond Worlds could only wait to see what happened.

For Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain, another rather important and fortunate event had occurred as well.

Yan Di had successfully achieved a breakthrough and attained the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Immortal Bridge stage.

Having already been progressing by leaps and bounds before with no obstacle able to stand in his path, Yan Di had sped up again with the help of the Seven Paths Centred Mechanism, his rate of cultivation shocking even the higher echelon experts of the World beyond Worlds who were able to learn of this.

That Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who had personally offed a Human Exalt was currently getting steadily closer to the Human Exalt stage himself.

How things would be when he himself became a Human Immortal really just left one wondering.

As for Yan Zhaoge, besides spending time on forging, he did not forget his usual cultivation either.

As he bore the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, his profound arts were always circulating automatically no matter what he might be doing, silently accumulating gradually.

It was as if he spent his every waking moment cultivating, just that the efficiency differed depending on what he was actually doing.

Forging some treasures and analysing the principles within was in and of itself beneficial to his cultivation.

As time passed, the span of a year that he had previously agreed upon with Manor Lord Heng seemed set to arrive.

During this time, besides supplying some Vajra Thunder to Wind Thunder Manor in small amounts, the fruits of Yan Zhaoges labour were not released into the outside world.

Preparations had already been completed for the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, just that it was still empty right now.

Through the promotions of Wind Thunder Manor and the support of those of the Sword Sovereigns lineage, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was already widely known as the hottest topic in the World beyond Worlds besides the contest between the black and white Brocade Emperors.

Yet, while news of it was widely known, it had still yet to open its doors after such a long time.

Peoples doubts would also inevitably rise to the surface as they became impatient.

Those powers who were well acquainted with Wind Thunder Manor and Northern High Peaks Jade Capital Crag began unceasingly sending people over to ask about this.

“Old Bro Heng, give me some assurance,” A brocade-clothed old man sat on a guest seat within Wind Thunder Manor, asking Heng Xianda, “Is this Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion befitting of its reputation or is it merely a sham”

With Wind Thunder Manor helping to promote the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, if it ultimately failed to live up to what had been promised, the former would also become a joke.

“Relax, Old Bro Zhong, and wait patiently.

It is naturally legitimate,” Heng Xianda said neither hurriedly nor slowly as he was full of composure.

While the Vajra Thunder they had obtained from Yan Zhaoge had been limited, it had reassured all of Wind Thunder Manor.

Maybe Yan Zhaoge did not have a method of forging Vajra Thunder, merely having obtained a limited amount by coincidence.

Maybe Yan Zhaoge did grasp such a method, but had only supplied a small amount of it thus far, keeping it a secret and preventing Wind Thunder Manor from deciphering it themselves right now.

Whichever the case, this was already sufficient to calm the anxiety of Heng Xianda and the others for the time being.

“We are old friends, Old Bro Zhong, and go way back,” Heng Xianda said mysteriously, “Do not say that this old man did not remind you beforehand.

If you want something good, you had best make preparations early.

From this old mans knowledge, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion may be selling Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew.”

Hearing this, the brocade-clothed old man surnamed Zhong sat upright, focusing intently, “Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew That rumoured, wondrous brew that the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace served at their banquets in pre-Great Calamity times”

“Yes, that Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew,” Heng Xianda said, “While the Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew is relatively low-grade amongst the many wondrous brews of the Heavenly Court, it is still a rare and wondrous treasure for us of the human realm.”

The old man surnamed Zhong looked like he deeply agreed with this.

Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew greatly boosted ones qi and strength, being useful all the way to the Leakless True Immortal level.

Its effects were even more pronounced for mortals.

With the lineage of this old man Zhong happening to focus on qi and strength as well as emphasising vigorous, momentous power, the Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew could be considered a great treasure that far surpassed others for them.

“Old Bro Heng, you are really pulling out all the stops in helping to promote the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion this time!” The old man surnamed Zhong pointed at Heng Xianda, exclaiming helplessly.

Heng Xianda chuckled, “You can choose not to believe this old man, but when others beat you to it then, do not blame this old man for never having reminded you.

I heard that that Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew will only be available in limited amounts.”

“Well in that case, I really have to go back and make some preparations,” The expression of this old man Zhong turned solemn, “If the news is true and we ultimately benefit, I will definitely prepare a gift for Old Bro afterwards in thanks.”

Heng Xianda smiled and nodded, “You are too polite, Old Bro Zhong.

If you can benefit, this old man will naturally be happy for you.”

This very same episode had played out more than once.

Whether it was Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew or various other wondrous treasures of legend, news regarding the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion attracted the attention of all.

More and more people were looking forward to the day the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opened officially for business.


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