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HSSB1133: Limited stock, high demand

Whether it was the Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew, Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman, Internal Crystal Furnace, or Impending Rain Plate, all of them were extremely mighty and precious treasures.

While they might not be of use to Yan Zhaoge, they would surely be helpful to those with lower cultivation bases from Broad Creed Mountain, as well as the powers he was on better terms with like Jade Capital Crag and Golden Court Mountain.

While Yan Zhaoge had set some items aside for this very purpose, selling them would still partially diminish their advantage at the end of the day.

A large amount of other treasures could be obtained through his own items.

With that, the pros ultimately outweighed the cons.

More importantly, he aimed to spread an influence through his actions that would tie people to his Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

He hoped to spread this influence to the extent that the pavilion would be essential to its patrons.

“As for how those who pay more will be able to obtain an advantage, that is another story altogether.” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “The important thing is that while this privilege cannot be too overwhelming, it must still tempt those who are able to obtain it.”

While it might not sound nice, those who were able to spend more would correspondingly obtain more advantages.

Out of necessity, Yan Zhaoges intended targets were specifically those higher echelon experts who possessed those rare and scarce resources that simply were not obtainable with money.

For these types of treasures, it was not just a matter of their face value anymore.

Instead, it would have to depend on the needs of the parties involved in the trade.

Many of the things that Broad Creed Mountain might consider treasures were now essentially useless to Yan Zhaoge, with the only things that could enter his eyes being incomparably precious in this world.

When following a first come first serve policy, nobody would know the exact contents of what each person bought.

If the Xia Family of Listening Thunder Peak had not accidentally let the news leak in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory that year, no one would have even known to rob them.

In order to stay in business, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had considered ways to collect various valuable resources efficiently within a short period of time.

Much of the time, it was status or privilege that would draw people in.

It was with this in mind that Yan Zhaoge had gone with this capitalistic setup.

Still, there was much leeway for the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion to work around.

With Yan Zhaoges vast knowledge from the records of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, it would be difficult indeed for any power to shake the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions status.

If one were to speak of some massive power from the external world attempting to destroy the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, the possibility of that was very low as well.

Qiu Jiahai and the other disciples of Jade Capital Crag were not just there for show, after all.

“Still, in opening our doors for business, peace breeds wealth, harmony breeds wealth, isnt it” Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

Qiu Jiahai had a strange expression on his face.

It seemed as though this junior apprentice-brother Yan of his had been one of the least peaceful people in the World beyond Worlds in recent years.

“Its time, Young Master,” Xiao Ai said after taking a look at the time.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Ill leave it to you then.

I await your good news.”

“You can count on me, Young Master,” Xiao Ai walked towards the front hall as Qiu Jiahai said, “I will go and keep an eye on things too.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Thank you, senior apprentice-brother Qiu.”

Martial practitioners from all around the World beyond Worlds had flocked over for this long-awaited grand opening of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Even the disciples of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were here to observe and broaden their horizons.

Although there were many who had come just to enjoy the show, the presence of Qiu Jiahai and the other were a powerful deterrent for any troublemakers.

Besides the Internal Crystal Furnace, Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew, and other treasures that everyone was already familiar with, there were also many other precious treasures to be found.

Still, they were limited in quantity.

“We can only buy three things at most” Everyone looked on in puzzlement at Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai nodded solemnly.

“Thats right, just three.

Also, it is three per lineage, not three per person.”

Thinking of how the quality of the goods would limit the quantity available, everyone was still able to accept this.

Yan Zhaoge had been relatively generous in deciding these prices.

Still, with how rare and valuable the treasures were, they could surely not be sold at dirt cheap prices.

Knowing this, todays customers would certainly have come prepared.

Luo Hai of the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family said, “In that case, give this old man three of the Impending Rain Plates and Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talismans.

Then, an Internal Crystal Furnace, and two bottles of Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew…”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Xiao Ai, “You misunderstand, Senior Luo.

What this junior meant was that you can only purchase and take away three things from this pavilion in total today.”

“Huh” Not just Luo Hai but everyone present stared in astonishment at Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai smiled gracefully, “You can either choose three Impending Rain Plates, or one of that, one Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman and one Internal Crystal Furnace, or two bottles of Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew and one Impending Rain Plate.

You can decide on how to fill up the quota yourself.”

“Still, whatever you select, you can only purchase and take away three things from our pavilion today in total.

It is the same for everyone else here as well.”

Dissatisfied, Luo Hai asked, “This old man has been here in Yuanzhou City for several days and was the first to arrive.

Your side once said that it is first come first serve.

Do those words not count”

“Of course they do,” Xiao Ai smiled, revealing her white teeth, “The treasures to be sold by our pavilion today are indeed limited.

Our supply is only sufficient to meet the demand of three per lineage for those who arrived earlier.

Past that, we can only request that Fellow Daoists arrive earlier next time.”

“There is also no need for Fellow Daoists to worry.

Our Pavilion will open for sales on the first of every month and will begin accepting orders afterwards.”

Everyone was rendered dumbfounded and speechless as they could only exchange looks.

No matter your wealth or background, three treasures was the hard limit.

It was not that preferential treatment would not exist, it was just that it would have to wait until next time…and only for those who were able to pay for it as well!

Despite being greatly dissatisfied with this, there was nothing anyone could do about it.

The items on sale at the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion were truly valuable to the point where simply having money wouldnt be enough to buy them.

In addition, Yan Zhaoge had set very decent prices for opening day and had no need to worry about the number of customers, hence raising the influence they acquired to the greatest extent.

“In that case, this old man will have three Impending Rain Plates this time!” Staring at Xiao Ai for a long time and glancing at Qiu Jiahai who was minding his own business and drinking tea by the side, Luo Hai could do nothing but helplessly give in.

The old man surnamed Zhong who had previously gone to Wind Thunder Manor to ask about things from Heng Xianda thought for a moment before speaking, “This old man will have three bottles of Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew.”

Everyone began thinking about what they most needed before finally requesting for them.

Yan Zhaoge had previously specially asked Xiao Ai to give out number plates, strictly following the rule of first come first serve on their opening day.

Those lined up in front could acquire three treasures.

Some of those later ones could only acquire one or two.

In the end, half of those who had arrived left empty-handed.

Mournful faces filled the streets.

As compared to auctions where the highest bidder would get the treasures and the losers could only curse all those wealthy people, many people were now regretful that they had hesitated the least bit and had fallen behind as a result.


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