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The unethical merchant Yan Zhaoge

Following an entire year of accumulation, Yan Zhaoge actually had quite a bit of stock left.

Still, he did not intend to release all of it at once.

After the batch of treasures allocated for that day had been sold, Xiao Ai immediately announced the closing of the pavilion.

Although the customers who wished to stay behind to drink some tea were all duly hosted by them, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion would not be selling any more treasures that day.

In an attempt to make up for the dissatisfaction in their hearts, many people were already trying to place pre-orders for the pavilions opening a month later.

In fact, even those who had been successful this time were doing the same; after all, only 3 items could be bought each time.

“We are not accepting reservations at present,” Xiao Ai smiled and answered, “It will begin ten days before our pavilion opens each time.

Please return earlier next time, everyone.”

Hearing this, everyone felt dissatisfied yet again.

Xiao Ai was not flustered however, as she said graciously, “Please forgive us if our courtesy has failed to meet your expectations in any way.”

They all resentfully left, unhappy at having money but nowhere to spend it.

Yuanzhou City was a renowned major city of the central Jun Heaven Territory, with most major powers having businesses there.

Yan Zhaoge would certainly not stand idle and allow these potential earnings to be spent on the goods of others.

At his instructions, Xiao Ai had long since arranged for people to spread a certain piece of news in secret after their customers had left.

While the pavilion would not allow for blatant rule breaking or favoritism in order to retain fairness, it was rumored that the pavilion owner loved to befriend Fellow Daoists beneath the heavens.

Naturally, these friends were able to enjoy certain benefits in secret.

As proof of status and identity, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had special token plates…

Just this was enough for most to understand Yan Zhaoges intention.

It was just that in order to avoid people maliciously obtaining the token plates by means of tomfoolery, many checks and restrictions would naturally be necessary.

For example, these privileged customers would have to publicly attend the sales on the first day of every month.

At the same time that everyone was thinking of the pavilions second opening, they also began to look into how they would be able to obtain these special token plates.

After closing the pavilion, Xiao Ai reported the situation to Yan Zhaoge in the back hall.

“Just as you predicted, Young Master, besides a few exceptions like the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family, most of them used up two of their quota to buy other things while leaving the final one to purchase an Internal Crystal Furnace.”

While treasures like the Impending Rain Plate and the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman were great and all, they were generally all consumables or treasures with restricted usage.

The Internal Crystal Furnace, however, was different.

For many small and mid scale powers- and even some larger ones like Wind Thunder Manor, this was a treasure that could be passed down as the legacy of their lineage.

It had long been known that the Internal Crystal Furnace would have been the most popular item.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “It is within predictions.

It may not be that the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family does not desire an Internal Crystal Furnace.

It is just that they want to restrict Impending Rain Plates from flowing outside as much as possible, thus spending their entire quota on them today.”

“The one from the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family is indeed intelligent, Young Master.” Xiao Ai smiled as she handed over a jade talisman, “He directly handed over a complete set of their formation diagram, wishing to exchange it for a token plate.”

Qiu Jiahai asked, “What formation is that”

“It seems to be called the Immortal Separating Harmonious Light Formation,” Xiao Ai answered.

“Oh While it is one of the lower ranked ones amongst the Tiger Leaping Peaks Twelve Formations, it can already be considered top-tier since it is counted amongst them,” Qiu Jiahai evaluated, “While you have the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, junior apprentice-brother Yan, the requirements for setting it up are really too stringent.

This Immortal Separating Harmonious Light Formation should be quite a good addition to your arsenal.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “I must say, senior apprentice-brother Qiu, that the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation is not the only formation in my possession.”

“I should await with bated breath then.” Qiu Jiahai smiled.

“Still, this Immortal Separating Harmonious Light Formation can be considered pretty good.

It can be used to trade for something else,” Yan Zhaoge received the jade talisman from Xiao Ai, “Since the Luo Family is willing to hand it out, they should be mentally prepared for this.”

“We can let his Family have a token plate…just that lowest-grade one.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled in a very mercenary manner indeed.

Qiu Jiahai sighed, commenting, “Other businesses have numerous methods too.

Yet, they are unable to be as successful and unconcerned as you, junior apprentice-brother Yan.”

“Those numerous methods are all excessive and unnecessary.” Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “At the end of the day, our confidence lies with the quality of our products.

With that, a couple of little tricks can help magnify our gains.”

“We set our prices very kind-heartedly this time, Young Master.

While we earned quite a sum, it was still far from satisfactory.” Xiao Ai said rather regretfully.

Yan Zhaoge tapped her forehead lightly, “Look long-term, you little money-lover.

The time will come when you get cramps from counting too much money.”

He waved the jade talisman in his hand, “Isnt this something already And this is merely the beginning.”

The token plates which they had just begun handing out were the lowest-grade ones.

It was fine if it was low-grade.

One could slowly rise up the ranks, couldnt they

And how might they do so

Everyone knew it without it having to be said…

The Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family yearned for a token plate, even if it was the lowest-grade one.

A very important reason for this was that those with the token plates would no longer be restricted to three items each time they purchased treasures from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Although it was impossible for the limit to be removed entirely, it would certainly be higher than three.

Not only was the Impending Rain Plate beneficial in raising the strength of their own martial practitioners, the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family also had to consider that if other powers had a great amount of Impending Rain Plates, it would diminish their advantage in formations to a mighty extent.

The Luo Family had quite a few enemies too.

“Xiao Ai, you will be in charge of this place from now on.

You should grasp things properly yourself.

Its fine if you make a few mistakes as long as you keep the main principle firmly in mind.” Yan Zhaoge instructed Xiao Ai, “Look long-term.

What is most pressing right now is grasping the hearts of others.”

“Let everyone constantly have our pavilions opening every month on their minds.

When they finally begin to see us as their sole source of these items, we will have gained long-term hegemony.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled in a mercenary manner, “While our items are the best, it hasnt reached the point where everyone must buy them.

That said, after we have left our imprint on peoples hearts, they will always remember our pavilion.

The products will be secondary, with only the fact that the producer is our pavilion fueling their wish to buy whatever we offer.

Only having done so will they be able to sleep soundly at night, rather than be hounded by thoughts of the opening of our pavilion the following month.”

The open-door sales of the pavilion were generally normally priced.

Yan Zhaoges true profits would actually come from the token plates that would circulate in secret.

In order to facilitate the interest in these token plates, a greater number of customers was naturally best.

Only with that would the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion have influence.

The privileges from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion would become a status symbol that people aspired towards.

Soon, a month had passed.

The much-awaited second opening of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion finally arrived.

This time, something happened which left the customers dissatisfied.

The quantity of one of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions most popular items, the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talismans, was half of what it had been the last time.

This issue, however, was soon completely pushed out of peoples mind by another matter.

The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was selling a new treasure this time, one which had not been there on their opening day.


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