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HSSB1135: The bastards a no-show!

The last time the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had opened, around half of the customers had left empty-handed.

Those who had managed to buy stuff had felt dissatisfied and unhappy too.

They had all not been satisfied with the result.

Still, it might not be the case that they yearned for those treasures just so very much.

This was because the worth of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions treasures had still yet to be confirmed at the time.

While the spiritual qi overflowing from the treasures had allowed them to confirm their authenticity on the spot, people could not be that certain if they were truly as effective as in the legends.

After all, these treasures had previously ceased to circulate for a long time as no one had witnessed them in action before this.

Most of these items were consumables and expensive too as nobody was rich enough to needlessly go for a test run.

Over the past month, many people had actually been waiting for news to see if the treasures of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion were really as powerful as was said in the legends.

Coincidentally, someone truly did personally experience the treasures effects before spreading the news.

Of course, in truth, that someone had actually been arranged for by Yan Zhaoge long beforehand…

Whatever the case, some guy was the first to use the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman.

In doing so, he successfully warped away beneath the encirclement of multiple enemies and escaped.

As for treasures like the Internal Crystal Furnace and the Spirit Divinity Heavenly Brew, they were all convenient to try out.

Thus, the truth was really clear as day.

The products of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion were all high in quality.

Everyone who had bought some were satisfied while everyone who had not were jealous.

Therefore, they were this dissatisfied upon hearing that not only would the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion not be selling a greater quantity of treasures this time, it would instead be reduced.

This was within Yan Zhaoges predictions.

Still, he was not worried about it.

While he did not lack these treasures, he would definitely not release them all in a single go.

He would simply reveal something new from time to time.

Only then could he preserve the interest of his customers in the long-term.

While exhibiting everything from the get-go might make for a greater impact, there was actually no need to do so.

As the items of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion were mostly reproductions and quite a few good ones had been exhibited during their official opening, the intended impact was already achieved.

Any more and it would be excessive, and that would be effectively a waste.

If he unceasingly reproduced those items of legend, even as their influence persisted, it would also continually raise the anticipation of his customers, causing the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion to hold greater sway in their minds.

Therefore, after their initial dissatisfaction at how the number of Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talismans available had halved during the pavilions second opening, the customers had instead become even more excited.

A new treasure was being sold by the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Substitution Paper Figure.

When its owner would take damage from an attack, it could help to bear the force of the blow for them.

If they had prepared this substitution treasure beforehand, when they were attacked, the treasure would automatically react and help them to block a strike even if they were unaware of it.

Substitution Paper Figures were not omnipotent as they could be dispelled by others.

Still, generally speaking, enemies who could dispel them would be able to kill the treasures owner easily anyway.

Thus, this treasure was primarily meant for martial practitioners beneath the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint stage to use against opponents of the same cultivation level.

Meanwhile, it would indeed be very useful when facing opponents of the same level.

It was exceptionally great when used to guard against sneak attacks and ambushes as the treasure would automatically react even if its master was oblivious to the enemys presence.

This might be a life-saving treasure in some crucial scenarios and could even help to turn the tables in a fight.

If their enemy did not know about their Substitution Paper Figure, they might even fall into a trap.

While its usage might be restricted as compared to the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman, guarding against sneak attacks was its selling point.

The Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman was a treasure that its owner had to consciously control and utilise at the end of the day.

“Its intentional, right” Everyone gradually realised, “It is no wonder that only half the amount of Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talismans is being sold this time.

It should be to make space for this Substitution Paper Figure, right”

While their respective uses were different, both could be considered precious protective treasures.

“How could it be” Xiao Ai smiled, replying, “Our Pavilion is indeed lacking in Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talismans this time.

It is precisely because of this that we have specially introduced these Substitution Paper Figures for Fellow Daoists to select from and purchase.”

Someone asked doubtfully, “While this Substitution Paper Figure is good and all, it will be depleted after suffering an attack.

Wouldnt it be totally wasted if one strikes it with a normal-strength blow beforehand In that case, this treasure might just be on the impractical side.”

“That is not the case,” Xiao Ai imitated Yan Zhaoge in raising a finger and wagging it lightly, “Only when its owner is oblivious to an incoming attack and cannot react in time will this Substitution Paper Figure automatically react and be utilised.”

If the enemy really used a extra blow to waste and deplete the Substitution Paper Figure before launching their true offensive, that would also be equivalent to alerting the treasures owner of their presence as the sneak attack would have become meaningless then.

Meanwhile, when facing enemies normally, the treasures owner could decide themselves whether to make use of the Substitution Paper Figure.

If they were still fooled by a feint in that situation, it would naturally be their own fault then.

At the end of the day, it was people controlling treasures and not the other way round.

“Oh, in that case, this treasure really is remarkable…” Hearing Xiao Ais explanation, that person nodded slightly.

Still, before he could continue, a voice had already resounded beside him, “This Substitution Paper Figure-I want three of them!”

Regaining his wits, that person could not help but curse inwardly as he hurriedly said as well, “I want three Substitution Paper Figures too! Eh…no, I want two Substitution Paper Figures and one Internal Crystal Furnace!”

The customers grew lively again as the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions business continued to flourish.

It was just that due to the limited number of treasures available, some were still left disappointed in the end.

On the first of the following month, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opened its doors for the third time…

“There arent any Substitution Paper Figures anymore” Everyone stared quizzically at Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai said, “Our pavilion has no Substitution Paper Figures left at present and is in the midst of preparing more.

Perhaps there will be some next time.

We hope that everyone can understand this.”

Everyones minds drifted somewhat at this.

The minority who had previously bought Substitution Paper Figures rejoiced greatly inwardly.

The majority who had not purchased any felt exceptionally disconsolate for some reason.

It was like the various other treasures before them were no longer so enticing, all being incomparable to the Substitution Paper Figures that they had just barely missed out on.

While they were currently right in the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, the minds of some were already on the next opening of the pavilion.

Would there be Substitution Paper Figures then

“Are there really no more, junior apprentice-brother Yan” Qiu Jiahai asked Yan Zhaoge in private.

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “Of course there are.”

Qiu Jiahai was rendered speechless as he just pointed at him, finally exclaiming after a long time, “This unethical merchant!”

“Remember, Xiao Ai.

In situations like that with the Substitution Paper Figures, do not supply them to those with theyellow token plates.

Maintain the stance that we have no stock at present,” Yan Zhaoge accepted Qiu Jiahais disparaging remark without a thought before continuing to teach Xiao Ai, “The special provision of treasures is something that only those with higher-ranked token plates are entitled to.”

“Even the entitlements themselves must be split according to rank.

Only then will the higher ranks be more valuable, understand”

“Understood!” Xiao Ai exclaimed as it was like there were two massive dollar signs flashing in her eyes.

During the pavilions third opening, quite a few people finally managed to obtain treasures from them in varying amounts.

Still, the fourth opening of the pavilion was instead even more looked forward to.

So everyone waited and waited for this once-a-month special occasion.

And on the first day of the new month, everyone happily came only to find that this Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was actually not open!

The bastards a no-show!


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