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HSSB1136: No lack of customers

An uproar immediately arose at the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion not opening its doors.

Heng Xianda, the old Wind Thunder Manor Lord who had helped promote the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, immediately rushed over after hearing this news.

When he arrived at Yuanzhou City and could not see Qiu Jiahai, his heart immediately fell.

Besides Yan Zhaoges own reputation and the allure of the Vajra Thunder, a significant factor for his trust of Yan Zhaoge was that someone of the Sword Sovereigns lineage was acting as the young mans guarantor.

Fortunately, he managed to spot a disciple of Qiu Jiahai who had remained at the pavilion.

After greeting Heng Xianda, Xiao Ai next alleviated his doubts, “Mister Qiu from Jade Capital Crag has gone to look for my Young Master.”

Heng Xianda thought,Yes, thats definitely what he should be doing!

“It is already the start of the month.

Why has your pavilion not opened” Heng Xianda just had to ask.

He had already been able to see no shortage of people in the crowd outside who were purposely inflaming the crowd.

Without even having to think, he knew that they were from the stores whose business might have been stolen by the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

With how rare the treasures sold by the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion were, these businesses could only tolerate the loss in customers.

After its quality and reputation had been ascertained, the pavilion was just too powerful of a competitor.

Now, however, there was finally a chance for them to vent.

Since the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had done something dumb on their own, they naturally would grasp this chance.

Heng Xianda forced a smile, “Business is established on trust!”

Trust was especially important in the world of martial practitioners.

“Relax, Senior Heng,” Xiao Ai seemed wholly unconcerned, “Young Master said earlier that everything is within his grasp.”

Going outside and facing the stirred up crowds, this young ladys expression did not change even in the face of those people who looked like they wanted to gobble her up, “Our pavilion really should not have changed our opening day last minute this time.

We apologise to Fellow Daoists here.

Still, there is an underlying reason for this.

Please calm down, everyone.”

“What underlying reason Dont try looking for excuses!” One of the troublemakers yelled in dissatisfaction.

Xiao Ai did not give them any chance to speak as she raised her voice, replying, “Firstly, the various treasures prepared by our pavilion for this month are actually already ready.

The reason for why we have temporarily delayed our opening day is that there is a matter we have still yet to completely settle.”

“Last month, many Fellow Daoists wanted to purchase Substitution Paper Figures, but could only return home with regrets.

Thus, our pavilion specially planned for a batch of these Substitution Paper Figures this time.”

“It is just that with how difficult this treasure is to come by, a delay has occurred.

We hope that everyone can understand this,” Xiao Ai smiled, “Our pavilion will be opening as soon as the Substitution Paper Figures are ready, not lacking any of the treasures that we have sold previously either.”

Before anyone could say anything, Xiao Ai continued, “Besides that, our pavilion will be adding on yet another treasure that was previously not on sale!”

An uproar resounded again.

This time, however, instead of a questioning droll, an excited and enthusiastic atmosphere penetrated the crowd.

The reason many people looked forward to the opening of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion this time around was that they had been greatly disappointed by the lack of Substitution Paper Figures last month.

Although it wasnt even a certainty that the pavilion would be carrying the same items this month, the worked up crowd would still have come to try their luck.

Yet, from what Xiao Ai had said, there would definitely be some available this time.

Most people gradually lost their dissatisfaction as they instead looked forward to the opening of the pavilions doors this time even more.

It was just a delay and not a cancellation.

One had to say that the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had accrued a considerably high reputation from its previous openings as even though people had been left dissatisfied, their horizons had been broadened greatly as well.

At the very least, not only could a single no-show not tarnish this golden signboard, it instead made people look forward to it even more.

This was especially so due to Xiao Ai having previously mentioned that besides those original treasures like the Substitution Paper Figures, Internal Crystal Furnaces and Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talismans, their Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion would actually be adding on yet another new treasure this time.

How could people not be thoroughly hooked by this

While most of them could only buy three items per lineage each time, they had full freedom in their selection of these treasures.

Everyone was naturally curious as to what this new treasure might be.

Seeing that the disciples of Jade Capital Crag were already paying close attention to them, those who wanted to cause trouble could only give up lest they stand out too much in the current environment.

“The new treasure that our pavilion will be selling this time is known as the Formation Breaking Pestle,” Xiao Ai continued.

Everyone was slightly taken aback as they heard this.

Then, some people unconsciously gazed at the representative from the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family, the latters facial expression quickly deteriorating.

After three consecutive successful transactions, the representative of the Luo Family this time was already no longer Luo Hai.

Still, as the Luo Family had already collectively received the entry-grade token plate of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, a representative of theirs had to come over while bearing it.

“If I may ask, what are the effects of this Formation Breaking Pestle” The representative of the Luo Family attempted to grasp that final bit of hope.

Xiao Ai said nonchalantly, “This treasure was created by a power of pre-Great Calamity times, Purple Banner Mountain.

It is proficient in restricting and dispelling all formations beneath the heavens.”

“As a one-time-use consumable, while it cannot break all formations, it can cause the great majority to collapse in a single go.”

The Luo Familys representatives expression completely collapsed.

He even felt a hostile gaze directed at him from a distant representative of one of the Luo Familys enemies.

Whenever their descendants met, they would always start fighting at once without even having to say anything.

There was only peace between them both right now because they wanted to buy treasures from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Over this period of time, besides a single Internal Crystal Furnace, all the treasures that the Luo Family had purchased from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had been Impending Rain Plates.

While these were merely some external objects, their ability to intimidate and suppress their enemies had skyrocketed, putting them greatly at an advantage.

Now that this Formation Breaking Pestle had suddenly appeared, however, it was virtually their Luo Familys bane!

The Impending Rain Plates still required one to prepare and store formations beforehand.

Formation Breaking Pestles, however, were treasures that could be used at once without any preparation.

Although this treasure was universally useful, it would undoubtedly affect the Luo Family the most.

“This treasure of your pavilions…” The Luo Familys representative stopped midway through his words.

Xiao Ai very innocently looked at him, “Is anything the matter, Senior”

“This treasure of your pavilions…” The Luo Familys representative took a deep breath before exclaiming helplessly, “…My Luo Family wants to pre-order them!”

There was naturally no need to worry about a lack of customers for a treasure like the Formation Breaking Pestle.

Even if no one else at all bought it, the Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family would pour out every last bit of their fortune to purchase all of them!

Still, how would other people possibly not be interested

Besides using it to deal with the Luo Family, they could also use it against their own foes.

When attacking their enemys headquarters, a simple strike at their guardian grand formation would dispel the other partys geographical advantage.

Xiao Ai smilingly replied, “Everyone, you can stay in Yuanzhou City for now.

While our pavilions opening for this month has been slightly delayed, it will definitely not leave you all disappointed.

Please patiently await it.”


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