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HSSB1137: Income skyrocketing

The Tiger Leaping Peaks Luo Family felt very helpless.

The Impending Rain Plates were of the essence for them to raise their strength.

As for the Formation Breaking Pestle, it just happened to counter the formations which they were proficient in.

With this gain and this loss, the Luo Family had probably ultimately come out from this worse off.

Rather than the Impending Rain Plate, the Formation Breaking Pestle was something they had to prioritise more in doing as much as they could to hinder it from being obtained by other people.

The worst would be if powers that were opposed to them managed to obtain these treasures.

The potential harm to them by their enemies obtaining many Formation Breaking Pestles was more terrifying than if they obtained a large amount of Impending Rain Plates.

The representative of the Luo Family cursed inwardly while dispatching someone to return to Tiger Leaping Peak and notify Luo Baiheng, Luo Bei and the others with the utmost haste.

The appearance of Formation Breaking Pestles had affected the World beyond Worlds in its entirety far more than the Impending Rain Plates had.

Even those who were not enemies with the Luo Family desired it greatly after realising its underlying value.

While it was a one-time-use item, it could be said to be of strategic worth just like the Internal Crystal Furnace.

Therefore, this treasure was undoubtedly the most popular one the fourth time the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opened its doors.

It was just that the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion still tightly restricted their total amount sold.

The rarer something was, the more people yearned for it.

Having failed to buy a Formation Breaking Pestle, some decided to save up their funds and wait for the next time the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opened its doors while others decided to buy some other treasures to comfort themselves.

The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion did something novel each time, bedazzling those of the World beyond Worlds time and time again and getting them increasingly addicted to it.

Every once in a while, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion would put a new treasure on sale.

People could not but look up to it even more, wondering just how many hidden aces they had up their sleeves.

Most noteworthy was how ninety percent of the treasures sold by the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had never been seen in the World beyond Worlds before prior to this.

The Great Calamity had discontinued many martial art legacies, causing many precious treasures to go out of circulation for the long term.

Even if some of these treasures had been preserved, only the completed products and not the forging methods could be found.

These too would be depleted over time, eventually dwindling to zero after many long years.

Yet, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had caused so many treasures of legend to reappear.

With the vast quantity of these that had appeared, one just could not help but wonder.

It was likely that the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had not just happened to come by a batch of already completed products.

Instead, they grasped the forging methods for the Formation Breaking Pestle, Impending Rain Plates, Internal Crystal Furnace and other treasures!

As long as they possessed sufficient materials, they would be able to mass produce these.

Everyone was even more shocked with that.

It seemed likely that what was being revealed of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion that was currently in the limelight was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Beneath that deep sea, what sort of massive entity might exist

Some peak higher echelon experts were not especially desirous of such treasures like the Formation Breaking Pestle and the Impending Rain Plate.

Still, they too had precious treasures that they yearned for which they had only ever seen or heard about before.

It was just that they had been unable to acquire these actual items despite having searched for a long time.

The non-stop surprises by the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion gave them hope and anticipation.

Eventually, some began to approach the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, specially ordering some special treasures!

“You would like the Nine Rotation Origin Protecting Talisman, Mister He” Xiao Ai blinked, “Our pavilion has never sold this treasure before.

Why have you come here to look for this, Sir”

The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was not open that day as Xiao Ai was receiving this customer in the back hall.

Before her was none other than Fu Tings senior apprentice-brother, the Brocade Emperors discipleEmbracing Grand Ultimate He Xixing.

While his cultivation base was much higher than Xiao Ais, He Xixing exhibited no arrogance at all as he instead said very calmly, “Your pavilions products have always been of high quality as some new products are frequently released too, seemingly following without end.

This He has naturally come here to try my luck.”

“You are polite, Mister He.

If it is this Nine Rotation Origin Protecting Talisman…” Xiao Ai smiled, “Our Pavilion really does have that.

It is just that we have no stock right now.

I regret to say that youll have to spend a bit more if you want to pre-order some, Sir.”

“Also, there are those few materials that you yourself will have to provide.”

Having merely being trying his luck before, He Xixings eyes instantly lit up as he heard this, “Since it is a special order, it is only natural that our side pays a higher price.”

In other stores, while He Xixing would pay the amount that was due, it was unlikely that one would ask him to pay more.

It was not that he was an arrogant guy.

Instead, as the number one descendant of Ingenious Flying Peak, he was definitely worth this treatment.

If they could get him to be indebted to them or obtained his friendship, many would be overjoyed.

Still, He Xixing himself knew too that the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was definitely an exception.

He knew who the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion belonged to and what it possessed.

Also, Qiu Jiahai and other disciples of Jade Capital Crag were watching over them.

“Just tell me what materials you need.

So long as I can find them, I will definitely bring them over.”

The materials next reported by Xiao Ai were not all for forging the Nine Rotation Origin Protecting Talisman.

Some of them were intended for Yan Zhaoges personal use.

The materials they had asked He Xixing to find also did not encompass all the materials of the Nine Rotation Origin Protecting Talisman.

With that, Yan Zhaoge would be able to profit more while the forging method for the Nine Rotation Origin Protecting Talisman would also remain secret.

He Xixing was basically aware of this as well.

Still, in requesting this from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, this was only to be expected anyway.

Adding in the cost for the order itself and the base price for purchasing the Nine Rotation Origin Protecting Talisman, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion profited greatly off this spot of business.

This was even with Yan Zhaoge having given a pretty reasonable price due to his close relationship with Ingenious Flying Peak as he was also on relatively amicable terms with He Xixing.

If it were anyone else, he would have profited even more.

Those who pre-ordered treasures were also completely willing parties.

After all, this was the only place in the current World beyond Worlds where they could acquire these items.

Also, the price of a commodity generally depended on how much one wished to purchase it.

If the buyers desire for it was incomparably strong, they would naturally be willing to part with much more money.

Moreover, it was also not an easy thing to be entitled to these special orders from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

One first had to be qualified enough to do so.

This was definitely not something that those with low-grade token plates could enjoy.

There were only a few powers in the World beyond Worlds that could get the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion to forge treasures for them.

Such a qualification itself required considerable spending as well as background.

The more time that passed, the better Xiao Ai came to understand what Yan Zhaoge had instructed her previously.

The young maid who was really counting money till she got cramps in her hands was truly living a happy, fulfilled life here.

On the first of every month, the pavilion would still open with a restricted amount and variety of treasures.

In order to retain the desire of the consumers, various treasures were randomly put out on sale rather than having the same kind of treasures appear together many times consecutively.

It was just like with the Substitution Paper Figures back then.

Thus, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions business flourished throughout.

The demand for the various token plates became even crazier.

While the sales at the pavilion every month when its doors officially opened was relatively stable and did not rise significantly in the long term, the overall income of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was skyrocketing at a truly shocking rate!


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