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HSSB1138: Three year anniversary

“The business of this Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion is insane.”

Two youths sat in a concealed blessed land in a foreign dimension amidst extradimensional space.

One of them, a white-clothed youth, raised the jade talisman he held with a complex expression on his face.

“Big brother, could it be that this Yan Zhaoge also cultivates in the Origin Heavenly Scripture How could he have obtained so many long-lost formulas otherwise”

The white-clothed youth was none other than the Earthly Young Master, Chen Kunhua.

Leaning lazily against an old wooden armchair across from him and clothed in purple was naturally Chen Qianhua.

“What has the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion taken out for sale now” Chen Qianhua asked, looking a bit interested.

His gaze flickered a few times before he answered his own question., “Oh, Life Forsaking Pill”

“Thats right, its the Life Forsaking Pill,” Chen Kunhua was long used to his elder brother acting like this.

The Life Forsaking Pill was an efficacious pill of pre-Great Calamity times, a supreme treasure of a major power of the martial dao.

In exchange for a temporary great increase in strength, the consumer would be afflicted with an extremely weak foundation of qi and blood after the effects of the pill wore off.

If their bodys condition was not moderated in time, there would be major lasting side-effects.

Despite these adverse effects, it was still a perfect item in times of desperation for those below the Immortal Bridge stage, allowing them to flee safely or even turn the tables and kill their opponent.

If not for the fact that he had previously lacked the required materials for it, Yan Zhaoge would have already had few made for his own use back when his cultivation base had been low.

And so, this Life Forsaking Pill had become extremely popular as soon as it was introduced.

“Many of the treasures sold by this Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion seem to come in pairs,” Chen Kunhua forced a smile, “Not mentioning the Impending Rain Plate and Formation Breaking Pestle, after selling the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman at the start, they sold the Space Restricting Stone afterwards.

Even I who bought nothing must curse this unethical merchant here.”

The Space Restricting Stone was, as its name implied, a precious treasure from pre-Great Calamity times that allowed the user to seal a segment of space and lock down all interspatial movement inside of it.

Of course, martial practitioners who were sufficiently powerful or possessed a sufficient grasp of the profundities of space and time could attempt to break through the seal, though those who could do so probably had no need for the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman in the first place.

Therefore, it could be said that the Space Restricting Stone happened to nicely counter the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman.

As compared to the Formation Breaking Pestle which restricted all formations beneath the heavens merely hindering the Impending Rain Plates as an add-on, this Space Restricting Stone was surely a direct counter to the Heaven Fleeing Seven Rotation Talisman.

“With the flourishing of the martial dao in pre-Great Calamity times, with the appearance of a supreme martial art or precious treasure, a corresponding method to restrict it would surely appear each time,” Chen Qianhua said unconcernedly, “This is only natural.”

“In three years, this Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion released a total of thirty-four kinds of treasures from pre-Great Calamity times!” Chen Kunhua shook his head repeatedly, “Thirty-four kinds! This is not even counting the special orders that he would have privately accepted.

Otherwise, I suspect it should be over fifty kinds.”

In the three years since the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opened its doors, it had become the most famous treasure pavilion and business in the World beyond Worlds, becoming a legendary existence in the hearts of the common folk.

Even as it profited greatly, it had also gradually built up a massive network of connections.

Although this network could not be considered sturdy due to how young it was, the pavilions influence could still be felt throughout the World beyond Worlds.

For their third anniversary, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion would be doing something new again, organising a large scale auction for the entire World beyond Worlds.

Not only would the be Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion auctioning their own treasures, they would help to put up the treasures of others for auction as well.

Not only that, since it was their first time hosting an auction, they wouldnt even be charging a commission.

As soon as the news spread, winds gusted and clouds surged as the entire World beyond Worlds erupted in excitement.

A seldom seen major event seemed about to arrive.

“It looks like Yan Zhaoge did not create this Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion purely for profit.

He also seeks fame and power from it!” Chen Kunhua had a solemn expression on his face.

His elder brother Chen Qianhua shrugged, “This is in case the Earthly Sovereign comes looking for trouble with him and Broad Creed Mountain after he returns.

It is also a failsafe in case the Concealed Sovereign emerges from seclusion over the matter of the Dim Radiant Wheel and his mother.”

“If the two of them are of the same mind, the pressure on the Sword Sovereign will be great.

At that time, even if he is able to protect they father and son, he might not be able to ensure the safety of Xue Chuqing.”

Chen Kunhua nodded slowly, “Thats what I think too.”

“Well, this is rather interesting,” Chen Qianhua smiled before casually retrieving a jade green talisman and handing it to his younger brother.

Receiving it, Chen Kunhua suddenly thought of something, “Big brother, could this be…”

“Although I have been ignoring what Wang Zhengcheng had previously asked of me, I dont mind handling it now,” An excited glow appeared in Chen Qianhuas eyes, “I wonder how Yan Zhaoge and his father will handle this”

Chen Kunhua inhaled deeply, storing the talisman well, “A pity that you are unable to personally make a move this time, big brother.

You previously suffered the torture of the stabbing blades to simultaneously recover from your wounds and cultivate at the same time.

It would be a waste of your previous effort if you stopped partway through.”

“That is unimportant.

Let it stop if it has to,” Chen Qianhua said casually.

Chen Kunhua instantly forced a smile, “It would be better to complete it in a single go, big brother.”

“Lets just see what happens,” Chen Qianhua waved a hand noncommittally, “I may interfere, but I may also do nothing.”

“If Wang Zhengcheng and I both take action, that would really be one-sided to the point of boredom.

If the Yan father and son exhibit another shocking performance, though, perhaps I will go along and have some fun.”

His gaze flickered slightly as no longer did he look so lackadaisical, instead seeming quite excited.

He was actually treating the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng as a chess piece in his competition with Yan Zhaoge.

The Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua was not surprised by this, though he felt quite helpless.

If he was not like this, really, he would not be his elder brother.

Thinking about that jade green talisman, Chen Kunhua knew full well that the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng was also trying to make use of the two of them.

They were simply taking what they needed from each other.

As for how things would end, that would have to depend on their own methods.

“You rest here, big brother.

I will send this to Qilin Cliff at once.”

“Go on, go on,” Chen Qianhua casually waved his hand.

After taking his leave of his elder brother, Chen Kunhua left that blessed land and traversed space, returning to the World beyond Worlds.

He moved cautiously, lest his movements were exposed and someone managed to make their way to where Chen Qianhua was currently residing in seclusion.

While Chen Qianhua himself did not care about this, Chen Kunhua just had to worry about it.

After returning to the World beyond Worlds, Chen Kunhua hurried to Kunlun Mountain and arrived at Southern High Peaks Qilin Cliff.

As the Earthly Sovereign had still yet to return to the World beyond Worlds, it was still the Earth Exalt, Wang Zhengcheng, who was in charge here.

Seeing Chen Kunhua, Wang Zhengcheng asked calmly, “What have you come here for, Fellow Daoist Chen”

“To deliver something from my elder brother,” Chen Kunhua answered solemnly.

Hearing this, Wang Zhengchengs expression did not change as he slowly nodded, “It is wonderful that the Upper Exalt is willing to help.”


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