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HSSB1139: The tribulation beckoneth

Chen Kunhua took out the jade green talisman and handed it to Wang Zhengcheng before saying, “As my elder brother has yet to recover from his previous injuries, he may be unable to personally act this time.”

“That is fine.

With this item, it is already sufficient,” Wang Zhengcheng said, “The torture of the stabbing blades deteriorates ones qi and blood and is not easy to recover from.

The Upper Exalt should rest well.”

Chen Kunhua said, “Kunhua thanks Elder Wang for your concern on my elder brothers behalf.”

He did not ask what Wang Zhengcheng intended to do next, simply saying, “Since I have already delivered the item, this junior will be taking his leave now, Elder Wang.”

“Be on your way then, Little Friend Chen,” Wang Zhengcheng nodded and got someone to escort Chen Kunhua as he left.

After seeing Chen Kunhua off, Li Junxin returned to the cave manor and asked, “Master, could this be that thing from back then…”

“Thats right.

This is already a matter of more than twenty years ago.

I asked Upper Chen to help at the time, but he simply ignored it,” Wang Zhengcheng shook his head, “It is probably because of his bad relationship with the Yan father and son that he is willing to help now.”

“Still, it is not too late.”

The old man handed that jade green talisman to Li Junxin and taught him the method for using it.

Li Junxin had been subtly harmed by the Brocade Emperor back at the Star Reflecting Lake.

Still, he had already come to terms with it and going about with life as per usual.

Nie Jingshens instantaneous ascent to the Human Exalt stage and shocking battle thereafter had not damaged Li Junxins confidence too as he had simply continued stably cultivating like he did usually.

Presently, he too might be able to surpass that final bottleneck at any moment, becoming an Exalt.

“Deliver this to that person,” Wang Zhengcheng said, “Wait till the opportunity arises.

When it does, change will come, and it will come fast.”

Li Junxin nodded dependably, “Yes, Master.”

He started walking away before stopping as he asked, “Master, the profits earned by that Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion are still of secondary importance.

More important is how its influence has been rising steadily as it seems able to draw and unite the hearts of many.”

“As not much time has passed, there is still not much it could do.

Still, going by this rate of growth, this could spell real trouble in the long-term.”

Li Junxin frowned, “However much Yan Zhaoge builds his influence, it would still be impossible for him to stand on a level equal to Grand Master.

Still, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion is clearly tied together with Northern High Peak now, causing the power of the Sword Sovereign to grow higher.”

“While his motive might appear to be earning money, Yan Zhaoge is clearly targeting our Qilin Cliff in secret, targeting you and Grand Master!”

Wang Zhengcheng smiled, “This is only to be expected.

Observing the former incidents regarding the Yan Familys Fallen Deity, he has never been someone to just wait passively.

If he is able to seize the initiative, he will definitely not let go of this chance.”

“If we made peace with him, he would probably not go to such lengths.”

“It is just that many things in this world do not go the way we want them to.

Fallen Deity Yan and his mother, Xue Chuqing, are a latent threat to our World beyond Worlds.

We naturally cannot sit back and do nothing about it.

Even if we do admire his talent, we still cannot easily let these matters go.”

A regretful look appeared in the eyes of this old man, “Also, like you, Junxin, Fallen Deity Yan has already heard of the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord before becoming an Exalt.

That bright future which lies before him seems to have become clouded now.”

“News from the Brocade Emperor is that Yan Zhaoge claims not to be like Fu Ting, with a seed of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord having been planted within them.

Still, that is an impossible thing.”

“This also allows us to be much less conflicted, though.”

Hearing this, Li Junxin pondered for a moment before asking, “Master, about the Immortal Court and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord…”

“For the sake of the continuation of our orthodox tradition of Daoism, it is often that we will need to make compromises, especially when things will likely take a turn for the better in future.

Taking risks before that is instead burying our hopes in making pointless sacrifices,” Wang Zhengcheng looked at his disciple in a benevolent manner, his gaze filled with sorrow, “The Dim Radiant Emperor, Bright Connection Emperor and some others may have been thinking for Daoism as a whole, but their rashness will only bring endless trouble for us all.”

“It is just a pity that you, Junxin, ended up pointlessly suffering a tribulation due to an accident caused by the Brocade Emperor.”

Li Junxin said, “No need to worry for this disciple, Master.

It is like you have said.

It is not like things will definitely not take a turn for the better.

If this disciple does not live to see that day, it would just be fate.”

“As for Yan Zhaoge, this disciple too admits that he is truly an extraordinary talent.

Still, since he has stepped onto the wrong path, we can only give up on him.”

“This persons capabilities really cannot be measured by the standard of ordinary martial practitioners.

Not only is he shockingly talented in the martial dao, in establishing a Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, he actually managed to create such an influential entity in three short years.”

Wang Zhengcheng smiled, “Only with them having caused such a major upheaval might the Snow Crane let down her guard.”

“This disciple understands a little now,” Li Junxin pondered, “Making it seem as if the influence of the Sword Sovereign surpasses that of Grand Master, making it seem like they Yan father and son are in a position of incomparable power.

Only then would the Snow Crane feel safe, thinking that she no longer has to hide as her family can stop the World beyond Worlds from trying to capture her.”

Li Junxin looked at his Master, “After all, if they can reunite and enjoy bliss together as a family, that Snow Crane would definitely be unwilling to be separated from her husband and her own flesh and blood.”

“Thats right.

Making use of relationships may be a little low, but is the most effective method at present,” Wang Zhengcheng shook his head slowly, “Still, since Upper Chen is finally willing to help now, this plan is actually no longer necessary.”

Li Junxin asked, “Is there a need to suppress the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion then”

“Of course not.

Three years have already passed.

Haste makes waste!” Wang Zhengcheng smiled, “Moreover, Fallen Deity Yan has let so many precious treasures reappear in this world, assisting Daoisms resurgence.

This is definitely a good thing at the end of the day.”

“This disciple will deliver the item now then,” Li Junxin bowed and said.

He recalled something, “When the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opens next month, they will be organising an auction for the first time.

With the importance of this event, Yan Zhaoges lot will definitely devote much attention to it too.”

“With that, much of their attention will definitely be held up.

It would be much easier for us to succeed during this time.”

Wang Zhengcheng gazed into space, “Let us hope so.

If this old mans predictions are right, this should be occurring soon.

As for whether this coincides with the date of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions auction, it is up to fate to decide.”


Various plans were undergoing atop Qilin Cliff.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge was making the final preparations for the upcoming auction next month in Dragon Butterfly Valley.

The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions base of influence had already been completely established as those past three years of hard work had not gone to waste.

If this times auction went smoothly, their hegemony in the industry would be near unshakeable.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had just received a troubling piece of information.

“The Brocade Emperor has sent word that he will be attending this times auction” Yan Zhaoge looked quizzically at Ah Hu before him, “Do you know which Brocade Emperor it is”


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