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HSSB1141: Two full generations beneath her husband!

Yan Zhaoge had not expected to arrive in Yuanzhou City at the same time as the black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

The all-encompassing purple qi rippled slightly as the other party clearly felt surprised as well.

An incomparably handsome black-clothed man appeared amidst the purple sea of clouds.

This was precisely the black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

He had an indifferent expression on his face with eyes which were calm like water and lacked any fluctuations whatsoever, causing him to appear like a lifeform that lacked acuity.

He did possess intelligence, surpassing everyone in that aspect.

Still, his eyes were not alive at all.

When gazing at others, it was as if he was appraising non-living things.

The black-clothed Brocade Emperor was looking at Yan Zhaoge right now.

This was Yan Zhaoges second time seeing the black-clothed Brocade Emperor who was walking the unfeeling path ever since that time in the Nine Underworlds.

In order to assist the Sword Sovereign in building up his influence, Yan Zhaoge had often diminished his own role in the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Thus, while the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was famed throughout the entire World beyond Worlds, most people were unclear on Yan Zhaoges exact relationship with the Pavilion.

Most people also did not know of the relationship between Xiao Ai and Yan Zhaoge.

Still, the higher echelon experts of the World beyond Worlds all knew that the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion that had caused massive tides to surge in the World beyond Worlds was his handiwork.

The few dozen precious treasures which had reappeared in this world could all be attributed to the Yan Familys Fallen Deity.

While he was usually away from the World beyond Worlds, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor was evidently clear on this too.

He was appraising Yan Zhaoge even more carefully than he had done back in the Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoges expression was as per usual as he exhibited no discomfort at all despite being under the gaze of a True Immortal.

“The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion is enlivened by the black-clothed Brocade Emperors visit,” He cupped his hands in greeting, saying mildly, “If any treasure has caught your eye, you need only dispatch your disciple over.

This Yan is greatly honoured to have you actually come all this way.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoges words, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor ceased in his observation.

His emotions did not change at all, though.

“Does the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion have what I want” The black-clothed Brocade Emperor asked calmly.

The corners of Yan Zhaoges mouth arched slightly upwards, though no amusement was visible within his gaze, “We naturally have what you want.

Still, you are destined to be unable to pay its price.

Therefore, you should forget about it and consider some other options, Brocade Emperor, so that you will not have to return empty-handed.”

The black-clothed Brocade Emperor was not enraged by this as his tone remained indifferent, “You do not have to be so hasty in refusing.

It is still too early to say if I can or cannot obtain what I want.”

“Still, if you wish to test out the goods first today, Im afraid you must be disappointed,” Yan Zhaoge said while observing the black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

The other party said calmly, “It is fine.

Since I have already come, I will naturally not miss out on this momentous event.

I hear that it is a rare, major occasion to look forward to.”

Yan Zhaoge spoke no further on the topic as he slowly nodded, “Those who arrive are guests.

Please come in, Brocade Emperor.”

The two descended into Yuanzhou City together, coming to the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Considering the black-clothed Brocade Emperors identity, whether he was friend or foe, he naturally had to be treated like an esteemed guest when they had yet to fall out completely.

Ingenious Flying Peaks token plate for the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was of a very high tier too.

The Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had long since trained its people over the past three years on the required propriety as the black-clothed Brocade Emperor was led to a private room by an usher to sit down.

Yan Zhaoge naturally went to where they as the hosts were located.

Xiao Ai, Ah Hu and Qiu Jiahai were already long since waiting for him there with even Wang Pu being present as he immediately asked upon seeing him, “What has this black-clothed Brocade Emperor come for”

“I still cannot be sure.

Still, it is definite that he has come to cause trouble,” Yan Zhaoge sipped on tea after getting seated, “Still, from how he is simply staying put and doing nothing now, I feel like he is not the only one who intends to cause trouble.”

The expressions of Wang Pu and the others all turned solemn.

“Should we notify junior apprentice-brother Nie to come over” Qiu Jiahai asked.

Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples, “As we are still uncertain on what the other side wishes to do, it would be best for senior apprentice-brother Nie to remain on standby.

Still, it would be best for him to shift his position, not remaining in the Region of Thousand Lakes.

The southern Blazing Heaven Territory is not of primary importance now.

Please get senior apprentice-brother Nie to temporarily move to between the central Jun Heaven Territory and southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

Wang Pu and Qiu Jiahai both nodded slowly before the former said, “We could not get in touch with the white-clothed Brocade Emperor, and no news has come from Ingenious Flying Peak as well.”

With the black-clothed Brocade Emperor having come, the best candidate to deal with him was naturally his fated enemy, the white-clothed Brocade Emperor.

The Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag was currently in the possession of the white-clothed Brocade Emperor as if he was not assisted by other Immortals, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor would have to avoid him.

Previously, the contest between the two as one pursued the other had mostly occurred amidst extradimensional space.

Now that the black-clothed Brocade Emperor had returned to the World beyond Worlds, Yan Zhaoge and the rest naturally had to think of a way to notify the white-clothed Brocade Emperor to return.

“Family Head said that Miss Fu is also temporarily unable to contact the white-clothed Brocade Emperor,” Ah Hu hurriedly answered now.

Yan Zhaoge put a hand on his forehead, “This does not seem like a coincidence.

Something must have happened to tie the white-clothed Brocade Emperor down.

Is this one of the reasons for the black-clothed Brocade Emperor coming openly and confidently to the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion”

Exchanging looks, everyone felt as if a large, formless net was currently in the midst of enveloping them.

Yan Zhaoge was not flustered, just somewhat hesitant, “What exactly is their goal Is it really the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion”


In a lower world, a team of martial practitioners was in the midst of congregating as they prepared to head to the World beyond Worlds through a wound of the sky.

The hegemon of this lower world was known as the Rinsing Flower Sect.

The Rinsing Flower Sect had originated from this lower world, later having established a foundation in the Fog Tea Mountain of the World beyond Worlds eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

Once every few years, the Rinsing Flower Sect of the World beyond Worlds at Fog Tea Mountain would rotate a batch of disciples to go to that lower world, preserving their influence while also letting them temper themselves.

Now, the next batch of disciples had already descended to this lower world as the previous batch was permitted to return.

The earlier batch of disciples was naturally overjoyed.

Still, there were dissatisfied people too, “I heard from a newly descended senior apprentice-sister that today is none other than the third anniversary of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

A pity that we will not be able to make it in time for this momentous event.”

The others laughed, “Only the Chief and a few Elders of our Rinsing Flower Sect can participate in such a momentous event.

What would this have to do with you even if you had been in the World beyond Worlds prior to this”

“The Chief and Elders would definitely have brought disciples along to serve them.

Would there be no chance to brighten our horizons” That first person rebutted with firm conviction.

Everyone was just pretty much joking around, actually.

There was only a female disciple amongst them who looked a bit out of it despite seeming to be acting the same as everyone.

“Really, to think that my husband and Zhaoge would actually have established such a big business,” She thought, then sighed, “A pity that I still cannot go to see you.”

While it looked like the time for their reunion was ripe, that there were people in the World beyond Worlds who could protect her and give her safe haven, having lived as a fugitive for many years, this woman would not easily let down her guard.

She would not be willing to bring trouble to Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di who had only just established stable footing with such difficulty.

She would rather she herself suffered a bit more.


“And to think that my husband was actually the son of the Exalted Gold Luminary,” The womans brows scrunched up as what she was concerned about was actually something else, “The Exalted Gold Luminary is of the same seniority as my Grand Master.

Am I not two full generations beneath my husband then”

“What kind of bad joke is this!”


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