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HSSB1146: A truly unforgettable scene

Facing Yan Zhaoges Cyclic Heavenly Seal, the miraculous aspects of the black-clothed Brocade Emperors Grand Commencement Divine Finger actually showed signs of being dispelled.

Yan Zhaoges words did not cause the Brocade Emperor to be vexed and enraged.

He simply raised his left palm, bringing it horizontally before his chest.

Yin and yang combined at the centre of his palm, Taiji rotating.

The power of the Taiji Yin Yang Palm was condensed and not released.

Meanwhile, streams of plain cloud qi wreathed the body of the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, being none other than the qi of Grand Plainness.

The power of Taiji, Grand Ultimate, rotated, unceasingly being supplied to the qi of Grand Plainness before that in turn transformed into the intangible bright emptiness of Grand Beginning.

Amidst the shift between real and illusory, the power of the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form shifted towards the tip of the black-clothed Brocade Emperors right index finger.

From Grand Ultimate to Grand Plainness, then to Grand Beginning, and finally back to Grand Commencement.

The transformation of forcibly reverting to earlier heaven caused the light of dawn to reappear in the black-clothed Brocade Emperors Grand Commencement Divine Finger.

Beneath this finger, four of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations combined, returning to simplicity as it was boundlessly abstruse and incomparably mighty!

Even though the black-clothed Brocade Emperor was incomparable to the complete Brocade Emperor of the past, he was still a True Immortal expert who presided over the mortal realm.

He unleashed his full strength now, demonstrating the flair of the number one expert of the World beyond Worlds Grand Clear lineage.

His index finger was still pointing towards Yan Zhaoges forehead.

Yan Zhaoge was neither panicked nor flustered his he continued resisting the Brocade Emperors Grand Commencement Divine Finger with his left hands Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

He clenched his right hand into a fist, counterattacking.

The Taiji Yin Yang Palm remained condensed in the black-clothed Brocade Emperors left palm that remained before his chest, simply transforming into a Taiji diagram as it blocked Yan Zhaoges right fist.

Still, Yan Zhaoges right fist seemed to be divided into two by a formless boundary.

Half contained brilliant radiance that glowed with life while the other half was merged into the dim darkness and was difficult to make out.

A dim layer of radiance covered the surface of his fist that neither bright nor dazzling, simply blurry.

Seemingly recalling something, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor immediately tried to change his technique.

Still, Yan Zhaoges right fist had already landed on the Taiji diagram formed of his palm force.

Chaos was retracted atop his fist as the power of light as well as darkness were born.

Boundless darkness completely transformed into immeasurable brightness.

Amidst the brightness, twelve heavenly wheels rotated in mid-air, resembling twelve divinities of light that illuminated endless dimensional space.

The next moment, the twelve divinities of light shattered all at once!

This was none other than the Grand Shattering Brightness Palm!

Beneath this fist, not only did radiance shatter, it was like the daos of the twin extremities of light and darkness had shattered together.

The terrifying force of the collapse of two extremities also forcibly slammed apart the Taiji diagram where yin and yang intermingled!

Previously, only the fist-intent had appeared when Yan Zhaoge had ripped the purple qi apart, aiding in Wang Pus departure.

As the actual Grand Shattering Brightness Palm was executed now, both the heavens and the earth changed ominously as a result.

Having witnessed the fist-intent of the Grand Shattering Brightness Palm earlier, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor knew that this technique of Yan Zhaoges happened to counter the Taiji Yin Yang Palm to a certain extent.

While he sought to change his stance, it was already too late.

As the Taiji Yin Yang Palm was mightily broken through by Yan Zhaoges Grand Shattering Brightness Palm, the combined attack of four of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations was affected as a result.

Yan Zhaoge rampantly exerted greater force with his left hands Cyclic Heavenly Seal, immediately switching from defence to offence as he dispelled the Brocade Emperors Grand Commencement Divine Finger once more.

The attack with the black-clothed Brocade Emperors combined four Manifestations was broken apart from the head and the tail by Yan Zhaoge and forcibly wrecked.

Yan Zhaoge simultaneously attacked ferociously from both sides, his counterattack arriving like a frenzied tide.

“Your reputation is well deserved,” The expression of the black-clothed Brocade Emperor did not change as he suddenly changed his stance.

Facing Yan Zhaoges ferocious attacks, his left hand ceased using the Taiji Yin Yang Palm, suddenly clenching into a fist too before punching towards Yan Zhaoge.

Beneath the effects of the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form, space and coordinates seemed to have changed between the two.

In a mere instant, the black-clothed Brocade Emperors fist had already arrived before Yan Zhaoges head.

This punch of his looked rather strange, being more like trying to hit someone with a sceptre than punching them with a fist.

It was shockingly the sceptre arts that were one of the Later Heaven Five Supremes of the Grand Clear lineage!

That sceptre seemed destined to hit its target without fail.

This supreme martial art was even more powerful when executed by the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, a True Immortal.

Popping up unexpectedly, it was especially difficult to guard against.

“The deal concerns not just the Earth Exalt but also Upper Chen” Yan Zhaoges gaze flickered as he casually switched his technique with his right hand, substituting sword with finger as he stabbed out towards the sceptre of the black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

The sword was like an untamed azure dragon which caused endless baleful qi to surge into the skies as it soared.

A severe glow shot out from the body of the azure dragon, causing all-encompassing bloodied light to surge which transformed into incomparably brutal sword-light that surged with killing intent.

Yan Zhaoge clashed with the black-clothed Brocade Emperors sceptre with the Slaying Azure Dragon.

Still, this sword secretly contained more of the sword-intent of the Prime Clear lineage.

It was not just the Immortal Slaughtering Sword that slew lifeforms as even the sword-intent of the Immortal Exterminating Sword that extinguished the dao was present!

Its sharpness concealed, the sword-light temporarily blocked the sceptre of the black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge continued exerting pressure with his left hands Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

Beneath his palm, the river of time seemed to be overturned.

On one side was the commencement of earlier heaven, and the other the end of later heaven.

The rotation of life and death and all creation used the Jade Clear lineages Cyclic Heavenly Seal as the link in connecting the fist of the Grand Clear lineage that signified the beginning and the sword of the Prime Clear lineage that signified the end.

This ultimately resulted in one of the utmost transformations of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Reversing Creation!

After studying the Immortal Exterminating Sword, Yan Zhaoge could now execute an even more fearsome Reversing Creation than when he had battled Chen Qianhua in the Eight Extremities World!

That violent power sent the black-clothed Brocade Emperor mightily stumbling backwards in retreat with even the sceptre techniques not being a match for it.

True Immortals could not be easily wounded by mortals.

While the black-clothed Brocade Emperor was in a rather harried state, he was still fine overall.

Still, as the spectators witnessed this sight, they were all rendered dumbfounded by it nevertheless.

Even if Yan Zhaoge was willing to be considerate of those of Yuanzhou City, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor would definitely act without reservation.

Therefore, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions auction had drawn to a close as soon as the battle had erupted.

The martial practitioners who had come to attend it and the others of Yuanzhou City had long since fled in all directions.

No one was resentful and indignant at having to part with their home soil.

In battles between Immortal-level experts, they had no need to justify themselves to mortals at all.

Everyone was more concerned about how this battle would end.

Then, they witnessed a truly unforgettable scene that would surely remain with them forever.

The Brocade Emperor who had already opened the door to Immortality was beaten back by Yan Zhaoge, a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint!

“If you wish to fight with me to analyse my Taiyi Fist, Brocade Emperor, you should really give up on the thought,” Yan Zhaoge waved a hand dismissively, “It is not like this Yan definitely has to use it.”

While the black-clothed Brocade Emperor had been sent into retreat, after stabilising his footing, he said calmly, “It is fine.

I have sufficient time and can surely find a chance.”

“Does the Heaven Emperor who has gone to the Royal Reed Sea bear a similar attitude to yours”

Yan Zhaoges gaze flickered as he suddenly asked, “If we just ignore him, he would be happy to retrieve the Later Earth Text, but if we do not, he would then drag things out slowly”

The black-clothed Brocade Emperor said mildly, “I am unclear on the affairs of that Heaven Emperor.”

“Hahah…” While Yan Zhaoge was smiling outwardly, he was also promptly sending a sound transmission in secret.

“Ah Hu, contact my father at once! The other sides target is not me and the Dim Radiant Wheel or the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion but my mother.

They have definitely found a way to zero in on my mothers position!”


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