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HSSB1149: Inextinguishable in earlier heaven, presiding loftily in universe

“It is not only the circulation rate of your true essence that is fast.

Your profundities in attacking are also perfect and seamless…” Looking at Nie Jingshen, the Heaven Emperor pondered as he asked, “Eternal in earlier heaven, bolstered by your true essence, your opponent is actually unable to diminish and dispel your attacks”

Therefore, it was like an irreversible process as a great mountain was overturned.

Facing this sword-intent, it was like one could do nothing but get crushed by the mountain.

The majestic, sharp Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword was exhibited in Nie Jingshens style which was incomparably domineering.

Inextinguishable in earlier heaven, presiding loftily in universe.

Nie Jingshen said calmly, “This Nie is naturally not invincible.”

Those who exceeded a limit as their strength surpassed his would still be able to defeat him in a head-on clash.

Still, the Heaven Emperor was clearly not amongst them.

Many people were not, even if their cultivation bases were indeed higher than Nie Jingshens.

The Heaven Emperor gazed at Nie Jingshen, “Your comprehension of the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword also far surpasses that of your fellow disciples.

Besides understanding the deep intricacies within, you even have a unique interpretation of your own which is not limited to the Sword Sovereigns legacy.

Adding in your inborn Earlier Heaven Nascent Form, you are walking a path that belongs to you and you alone.”

“It is not just a matter of your inborn talent.

Even your comprehension abilities are extraordinary in this world such that this is developed and brought out to the point of perfection.”

“No wonder, no wonder…the meaning of Northwestern Lians words that year was indeed that you had already surpassed Southwestern Bai then!”

Back when Nie Jingshen had been at the mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint realm, he had once sparred with the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin as both sides had battled to a draw then.

If it had been a battle of life and death, the result would still have been unknown.

Still, after that battle, the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin had famously remarked: Of the Sword Sovereigns lineage, Shocking Sword reigns at the top.

Many people had interpreted these words differently.

Some believed that it referred to Nie Jingshens potential and future accomplishments being the greatest.

However, with the Heaven Emperors cultivation base and discernment abilities, after battling Nie Jingshen today, he could be certain of it.

Lian Zulin had actually been admitting her inferiority!

If the Nie Jingshen of that time had engaged in an all-out battle of life and death, he would already have presided over she and the Southwestern Exalt Bai Tao even then!

“It is not just the Sword Sovereigns lineage, or the Sword Gods lineage…” Looking at Nie Jingshen, the Heaven Emperors gaze was quite complex, “Forgive this humble Daoist for saying something that is somewhat disrespectful to the Sword God, but your future accomplishments will probably surpass even his, Southern Nie.”

“Having created a distinct path of your own, your future accomplishments will surely be higher than those of the Exalted Gold Luminarys.

If you do not die young, as your cultivation base rises and your sword dao becomes more and more refined and profound, your future…”

“You overpraise me, Heaven Emperor.

This Nie dares not accept these words,” Nie Jingshen stood in mid-air, holding his sword horizontally before his chest as he looked calmly at the Heaven Emperor.

The Heaven Emperor shook his head, “This humble Daoist believes that the Sword Sovereign should have a similar judgment regarding this.”

With his discernment abilities, he could naturally tell that while Nie Jingshen had gone all-out against him, he had not truly reached the critical stage where he had to battle for his very life.

This was a youth who battled more valiantly and powerfully the mightier his opponent.

Of course, as a Martial Saint, he was unable to truly threaten a True Immortal.

Immortals stood basically on undefeated ground having descended to the mortal realm.

While the Heaven Emperor was naturally able to easily establish formations with a wave of his hand too, after a few exchanges with Nie Jingshen, he gave up on potentially attempting to trap him with some formation.

He had come here to try to obtain the Later Earth Text.

While he might be able to trap Nie Jingshen for quite some time if he focused fully on maintaining the formation, he would not have the spare energy to obtain the Later Earth Text in the meantime.

If he did not focus on maintaining that formation, just like when he had previously clashed with the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong, Nie Jingshen would be able to quickly break free from the formation and similarly stymie his attempt to retrieve the Text.

While Nie Jingshen would not actually be able to injure him, he would be daydreaming if he believed that he could retrieve the Later Earth Text while facing Nie Jingshens interference.

The two sides fell into a stalemate with that.

“Kunluns God Shocking Dragon…your reputation is well deserved indeed,” The Heaven Emperor sighed regretfully, his gaze calming entirely as he stayed there in no hurry to attack whatsoever.

Seeing this, Nie Jingshen raised his brows slightly.

“While I have made an agreement to tie down those of Broad Creed Mountain or their helpers whether it is Yan Di or you, this humble Daoist would definitely not bar you from leaving now, Southern Nie,” The Heaven Emperor said mildly.

Nie Jingshen raised his brows, “What are you trying to say, Heaven Emperor”

“You would surely have heard the news that that black-clothed Brocade Fu has gone to the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion,” The Heaven Emperor smiled, “Still, you might not know that the Earth Exalt has personally left Qilin Cliff with the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram.”

“He was originally intending to intercept you.

Still, this humble Daoist understands his intentions in having allowed you to come here too.

He simply wishes to have greater certainty of success there.”

The white-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Female Emperor were both unable to act.

Even if the Heaven Emperor was unable to battle one against two, as long as Nie Jingshen did not have the Origin Opening Sword with him, he would not be in any real danger.

The Heaven Emperor said slowly, “While it so happens that Yan Di is not at Broad Creed Mountain for some reason, the Earth Exalt will still be able to intercept him.

At the end of the day, it will only be that the four of us have switched opponents.”

“As we see it, that Snow Crane will ultimately still be hard pressed to escape this tribulation.

After all, her cultivation base and strength are still relatively lower.”

Nie Jingshen gazed coldly at the Heaven Emperor, “So you are targeting senior apprentice-uncle Yans wife”

“The Earth Exalt is the one targeting her.

My aim lies elsewhere,” The Heaven Emperor replied calmly.

He was naturally aiming for the Later Earth Text.

Just as Wang Zhengcheng had allowed Nie Jingshen to reinforce the southeast, the Heaven Emperor would not mind Nie Jingshen leaving to rescue Xue Chuqing.

The black-clothed Brocade Emperor was hounding Yan Zhaoge incessantly because he wished to make use of this chance to analyse his Taiyi Fist containing the principles of Grand Simplicity.

The Heaven Emperor had no issue with Nie Jingshen.

He would even be happy if the latter left to rescue Xue Chuqing now as he would be granted sufficient time to retrieve the Later Earth Text.

“Therefore, this humble Daoist will definitely not bar your way if you wish to leave, Southern Nie,” The Heaven Emperor stood amidst space, “While it is true that the Yan father and son possess outstanding strength, allow this humble Daoist to give a further reminder.”

“Upper Chen is observing this and may even choose to act.”

With that, the Heaven Emperor spoke no further as he just stood there calmly.

While he could do nothing to Nie Jingshen, Nie Jingshen could do nothing to him too.

Hearing the Heaven Emperors words, Nie Jingshen remained unmoved as he slowly said, “While Qilin Cliff has the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram, my Jade Capital Crag also has the Origin Opening Sword.”

“The Royal Reed Sea is ultimately much further from Jade Capital Crag than it is from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion in Yuanzhou City,” The Heaven Emperor was momentarily silent before he said, “I believe that those of your lineage will still act unreservedly here.

After all, the Yan father and son can also be considered partial members of your lineage.”

Nie Jingshen suddenly laughed, “I believe that you are misunderstanding something, Heaven Emperor.

When coming to the southeast, I transmitted a message back for senior apprentice-brother not to deliver the sword to me.”

The Heaven Emperors gaze narrowed slightly.

“If I do not use the Origin Opening Sword, there will be no need to worry about junior apprentice-brother Yan and senior apprentice-uncle Yans side.

They will be able to easily conduct the rescue, whereas I will not be stuck needing to choose whether to do so or to stay and guard this treasure,” Nie Jingshen pointed his sword at the Heaven Emperor, “The Origin Opening Sword is unneeded.

I alone am sufficient here.”

The Heaven Emperor knit his brows, “I see you have much confidence in the Yan father and son…”

“It is very hard not to,” Nie Jingshen replied mildly.


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