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HSSB1151: Sabre overshadows the earth!

The spherical clump of light enveloped the world as it descended upon Yan Di, seeking to surround him.

Yan Di was expressionless and also did nothing at all.

Still, a formless sabre blade seemingly appeared out of nowhere between the heavens and earth, cleaving the dim yellow clump of light before him directly into two!

The yellow radiance dispersed to the sides as the figure of an old man appeared.

It was none other than the Earth Exalt, Wang Zhengcheng.

He sighed, saying, “This old man truly wished to resolve this matter with none the wiser.

I did not wish to harm the harmony between our two lineages like this.”

“If you have anything to say, Earth Exalt, we can discuss it slowly later.

Even if you did not look for this Yan, this Yan would still go to look for you,” Yan Di said coldly, “This Yan has no time to waste with you now.”

Wang Zhengcheng shook his head slowly, “Some people made a mistake, but it was not they alone who had to bear the responsibility as many others will be affected as well.

In order to remedy their mistake, we can only perform some unwanted acts that just have to be done.

Please understand that this old man cannot let you pass today, Chief Yan.”

“You do not have to let me pass,” A cold light was emitted from Yan Dis eyes, “I will sweep you away.”

He formed a sabre with his palm and raised his arm before stepping forward, instantly arriving before Wang Zhengcheng whereupon he hacked out with a sabre!

“This old man does not find it surprising that Chief Yan is unable to understand this.

Since you have already come here today, I can only offend you here,” Wang Zhengcheng said, gliding backwards.

Flowing streams of light suddenly flickered about his surroundings.

Endless phenomena were manifested amidst the radiance, with mountains, rivers, deserts and oceans abound.

Wang Zhengcheng seemed to have retreated into another world.

That world was not as cramped and weak as any ordinary foreign dimension or lower world.

It actually seemed as vast as the World beyond Worlds, surging with the power of dimensions that clashed with space and time there as the heavens and earth of the border areas of the central Jun Heaven Territory and eastern Vast Heaven Territory hence shook intensely.

Yan Di struck down with his sabre, cleaving the heavens and earth before him directly into two.

Still, the shattered space circulated as endless mountains and rivers were born yet once more.

The tall mountains and great rivers seemed to have a life of their own as they just expanded ceaselessly, seeking to surround Yan Di.

“So this is the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram” Yan Di asked coldly.

While he had never seen it before, he had heard of this rumoured Leakless Immortal Artifact that the Earthly Sovereign had used in the past.

“This old man has no wish to do battle with Chief Yan.

I only wish for Chief Yan to stop and remain here for a time,” Wang Zhengchengs voice resounded from amongst the lofty mountain peaks and meandering rivers.

The mountains and rivers surged in reverse, seeking to capture Yan Di into the diagrams bounds.

Seeing this, Yan Di neither evaded nor dodged as he simply advanced, “You cannot stop me, Earth Exalt.”

With every step he took, that tyrannical, domineering aura that surrounded him shot up somewhat.

At the end of it, Yan Di was emitting a splendid light and possessing the momentum of a raging bull as even the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram was unable to withstand him.

It was like an ancient divinity had awoken from its slumber at this moment, slowly opening its eyes and standing up.

With every step he took, an unstoppable, unchangeable, invincible momentum was created which crushed the numerous tall mountains and great rivers before him.

Cracks seemed to form in the vast, limitless world little by little before expanding non-stop.

Yan Dis body was like a complete, independent universe of its own that circulated freely, having broken completely free of the starry universe of the external world as it formed a system of its own.

Seeing this from within the Yin Yang Earth River Mountain Diagram, Wang Zhengchengs heart sunk, “He has actually truly successfully gotten all the acupoints in his body to break through space and see True Divinity!”

All the acupoints of his body, both the major and obscure ones, had seen Divinity.

He was now a Human Immortal and only one step away from the Immortal realm!

The great circle of the Martial Saint realm, a Human Exalt!

Over the past three years, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion had stirred the winds and clouds of the World beyond Worlds, drawing countless gazes.

During this time, Yan Di had focused much less on expanding within the southern Blazing Heaven Territory as he had successfully broken through that bottleneck, attaining the Human Exalt stage!

He had slain the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen back in the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Ever since that day, all those of the World beyond Worlds had looked forward to yet feared it.

They had looked forward to Yan Di attaining the Human Exalt stage, yet feared how mighty he would be by then!

Even so, no one had been able to predict that this day might actually come so early to the point that all were taken unawares!

After learning of Yan Zhaoges situation, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng had been relatively more mentally prepared for such a thing possibly happening with Yan Di.

Yet, when he did truly encounter this, he was still left shocked!

Even that world formed of the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram actually seemed fragile in the face of Yan Di who was exhibiting his true strength at this moment.

The Heavenly Dragon Sabre was unsheathed, falling in Yan Dis hand.

Yan Di did not cease in his footsteps as he slashed horizontally outwards.

The heavens and earth instantly shook simultaneously as it was like a strip of fabric had been neatly snipped apart along its centre, being split into half.

The mountain peaks dissipated into nothingness whereas the flows of the rivers were terminated!

“New generations arise to challenge the old, the old making way for the new.

How wonderful it is that the Exalted Gold Luminary could have such a descendant.”

As Wang Zhengchengs figure reappeared alongside the shattering of the mountains and rivers, he said regretfully, “Sadly, fate likes to fool with people.”

A large amount of soil suddenly appeared within the shattered world of mountains and rivers.

The soil reformed into mountains and rivers, continuing to block Yan Dis path.

“Yin Yang Earth Spirit Soil” Yan Dis expression did not change as he instead asked, “I heard that the essence of the Yin Yang Earth River Diagram lies with a golden lotus of yin yang earth before formed.

Are you able to do that, Earth Exalt”

Amidst his words, he raised his sabre high before chopping down with it once more!

Opening and exterminating the heavens, birthing and extinguishing the world.

The sabre-light was unstoppable like the shifting forces of creation as it majestically and tyrannically broke through the numerous layers of soil before it.

Standing at the centre of the dark yellow soil, Wang Zhengcheng moved his palms slowly yet without end.

Drawing on the might of the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram, he executed a supreme martial art of the Earth Sovereigns direct lineage, the Nine Heavens Breath Palm, in blocking Yan Dis sabre.

As its name suggested, the Nine Heavens Breath Palm was a supreme martial art formed from the analysis of the profundities of the Nine Heavens Breath Soil.

When used for defence, it could diminish the incoming attacks, shifting accordingly with regard to their scale and movements as it was sturdy and nigh unassailable.

When used for attacks, the palm contained the force of thunder as it smashed the enemy mightily into extermination in both body and soul.

Still, Wang Zhengcheng focused fully on defence now, withstanding Yan Dis sabre with the help of the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram.

This Immortal Artifact was proficient in defence and trapping enemies in the first place, allowing an efficient utilisation by Wang Zhengcheng now.

Yan Di completely ignored all of this, however.

Whatever stood in his path, he would hack it down with his sabre, using creation as his sabre as he established a grand, forward-extending dao!

Where the majestic, tyrannical might of the Creation Sabre passed, the numerous layers of thick earth that had seemed sturdy and condensed to the point of being nigh unassailable were also gradually broken apart.

When more soil came to replenish these, it would be hacked apart by an even more fearsome sabre-light!

While the thick earth was endless, the momentum of destined creation was even more unstoppable as it forcibly reduced the thick earth and the vicissitudes of time all into mere has-beens.

You may be powerful, but I will just be even more powerful than you.

If your earth is a foot high, my sabre will rise ten feet!


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