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HSSB1152: Yan Di battles Upper and Lower!

Yan Dis sabre descended unceasingly, breaking through the dark yellow soil formed of the combined might of Wang Zhengchengs palm force and the Ying Yang Earth Spirit Soil.

The rate of replenishment of the soil could not keep up with the rate at which Yan Dis sabre descended as it was forcibly hacked through.

Wang Zhengcheng had a solemn expression on his face as he inhaled deeply.

While Yan Di was unable to damage the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram itself, after breaking through its spiritual qi, he would be able to maim him, its wielder.

As the sabre arrived directly above Wang Zhengcheng, he abruptly brought his palms together, furling up his fingers and clenching them into fists before forming a fist stance with them both.

Streams of dark yellow qi circulated about Wang Zhengchengs body before congregating and forming a protective layer of qi.

The most powerful defensive martial art of Qilin Cliffs lineage, the Heaven Earth Origin Returning Mother Fist!

As Wang Zhengcheng parried with his fists, his defensive power was even greater than when he had focused fully on defence with the Nine Heavens Breath Palm.

The numerous layers of Yin Yang Earth Spirit Soil manifested of the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram were bolstered and solidified unceasingly with Wang Zhengcheng at their centre.

While Wang Zhengcheng was unable to birth golden lotuses, his Heaven Earth Origin Returning Mother Fist that was bolstered by the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram instantly made for a shocking defensive power.

Wang Zhengcheng seemed to have transformed into the great earth itself at this moment, tranquil and heavy and seemingly able to bear all pressure and weight.

The world seemed to have returned to the initial formation of the great earth after the heavens and earth had just been split apart.

The source of all things, the soil of the beginning, enveloped in yellow and black, pure and untainted.

As Yan Di chopped out with his sabre, the black and yellow qi overflowed as the earth was shattered unceasingly.

Still, Wang Zhengcheng ultimately managed to withstand this sabre.

It was just that this was with him having completely given up on attacking, devoting all his efforts to defending.

Seeing this, Yan Di raised his brows, “It looks like you really are unable to birth golden lotuses using the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram, Earth Exalt.

Indeed, is it because you have not opened the door to Immortality”

“It is sadly so,” The yellow and black qi circulated, transforming into a sphere that hovered amidst space from which Wang Zhengchengs voice resounded.

The sphere was not big as it even shrunk further in response to Yan Dis attacks, becoming increasingly sturdy and condensed.

“Yet, how would you be able to obstruct my path this way” Yan Di asked mildly, “Without this transformation, what does it matter even if you have with you the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram”

With that, he simply ignored Wang Zhengcheng as he continued on his way, heading northwards.

As Yan Di passed by that sphere, he was replied only by silence.

The current Yan Di could leave anytime he wished.

Focused fully on defence, Wang Zhengcheng could do nothing to stop him.

It was not that Wang Zhengcheng within the sphere did not wish to obstruct Yan Dis path.

Still, this most senior Martial Saint of the World beyond Worlds could clearly sense a tinge of coldness hovering just above his head!

It was like an actual blade was hanging over his neck as even his skin was stiffening from its chill.

He did not doubt in the slightest that just one false move now with his defences weakening as he sought to purse Yan Di would result in the latter immediately turning and attacking with his sabre!

“The kin hurt, the enemy rejoice.

Fate is unkind to have such an internal conflict arise in our World beyond Worlds.

This old man will really have to put his life on the line today.”

Wang Zhengcheng sighed inwardly, ultimately giving up on defending.

He retracted the Heaven Earth Origin Returning Mother Fist, executing the Nine Heavens Breath Palm once more.

The multiple layers of Yin Yang Earth Spirit Soil manifested as a world of mountains and rivers once more, extending towards Yan Di and seeking to trap him and prevent him from leaving.

“Do you think that this Yan would not dare to kill you, Earth Exalt” Yan Di did not hesitate in the slightest as he turned and hacked towards Wang Zhengcheng with a sabre.

Wang Zhengcheng brought his palms together, forcibly catching the blade of Yan Dis sabre in between them.

“Sometimes, sacrifices are necessary,” Wang Zhengcheng said slowly, “If others can sacrifice themselves, this old man naturally can too.

If that is what fate dictates, I can do nothing about it.”

Where Yan Dis sabre passed, his domineering, vigorous sabre-intent rampaged.

The Yin Yang Earth Spirit Soil that surrounded the sabre-light fell apart unceasingly.

The cold light was inching closer and closer to the top of Wang Zhengchengs head.

“This Yan respects your moral virtue,” Yan Di said coldly, “It is a pity, though.

I disagree with your authority to decide who is to be sacrificed.”

Wang Zhengcheng shook his head, “It is not this old man who decides it.

Neither is it my Master or any single person.

Instead, it is decided by the overarching trend of the times.

All of us are under its sway without exception.”

“At the end of the day, you just believe that you lot are able to clearly see the overarching trend of the times whereas others cannot,” Yan Di had an indifferent expression on his face as his sabre pressured unceasingly downwards, “Well, even if what you say is right, I will simply say that…”

Yan Dis sabre mightily jolted Wang Zhengchengs palms apart!

“…Sometimes, regarding some matters, even if I must go against and reverse the currents, this Yan would not mind it!”

As his sabre descended, the numerous layers of Yin Yang Earth Spirit Soil were fully broken through!

The facial features of the Earth Exalt, Wang Zhengcheng, was revealed beneath the shattered earth.

Only a distance of a mere few inches separated them!

Yan Di did not hesitate in the slightest as he brandished his sabre once more.

Wang Zhengcheng executed the Heaven Earth Origin Returning Mother Fist but was unable to raise a perfect defence in his haste.

As Yan Dis sabre descended, blood was spilled!

Beneath the protection of the Yin Yang Earth River Diagram, Wang Zhengcheng could only stumble backwards in retreat, seeking to stabilise his footing.

Spiritual qi suddenly surged in the distance like the tides of the sea.

Then, a purple-clothed youth seemingly ignored the concept of distance as he appeared between the two all of a sudden.

Yan Di paid no attention to this as he simply unleashed his sabre once more.

That purple-clothed youths figure was ethereal and indistinct as it was like an illusory, intangible form.

Still, where Yan Dis sabre-light passed, the tyrannical sabre-intent forcibly jolted his opponent out of that illusory state, breaking through his Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form as his figure became real once more.

“Ha! What a tyrannical sabre art.

Indeed, one has to experience it in person!” A strange light was emitted from the gaze of the purple-clothed youth as he just extended an arm directly forward.

He unfurled his fingers, yin and yang circulating atop his thumb, space shifting about his index finger, time resembling water on his middle finger, myriad phenomena intersecting on his ring finger and all life surging on his little finger.

The centre of his palm throbbed slightly, resembling a little drum whilst also a heart as it ceaselessly beat rhythmically.

On hearing this noise, everyones very souls seemed to quake alongside it.

This was none other than the Later Heaven Six Scriptures of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures as they were executed all at once.

The person who had come was obviously the Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua!

“Having clashed with Yan Zhaoge and Nie Jingshen before, I wish to experience battling you too,” He smiled.

Chen Qianhua bore no weapons as he bolstered his palm with his foundation of the world, forcibly receiving Yan Dis Creation Sabre!

Yan Di said coldly, “Scram!”

The foundation of the world that was formed of the combined Later Heaven Six Scriptures of the Jade Clear lineage bore the variations of earlier heaven as it was best used against earlier heaven martial arts.

Yet, Yan Dis Creation Sabre caused earlier heaven to transform to later heaven before transitioning to death and extermination.

Pressured by that inevitable momentum, the world was sent directly into destruction as even Chen Qianhuas foundation of the world was unable to stand against it!

Beneath that sabre-light of destruction, yin and yang, space, time, all things, life and spirit were all shattered!


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