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HSSB1153: Yours is but a sham!

Yan Di mightily brandished his sabre with a fierce, unstoppable momentum.

His sabre-light broke through all in its path as he consecutively battled the Upper and Lower Exalts who were the most powerful Martial Saints of the World beyond Worlds.

“Just like Nie Jingshens sword, your sabre is so domineering too!” Chen Qianhua said admiringly, “I really wonder how a spar between the two of you would look like.”

Even though his foundation of the world was unceasingly broken through by Yan Di, Chen Qianhua was not panicked.

He struck out towards Yan Di with the palm of his other hand.

The palm resembled the collapse of the skies as the heavens and earth reversed.

It was none other than the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Yan Di cultivated in the Cyclic Heavenly Seal too.

Still, it was mostly to accumulate his true essence and temper his fleshly body as he also integrated part of the principles within into his sabre arts.

As Chen Qianhua executed the Cyclic Heavenly Seal now, Yan Di was able to see through it too.

Yet, this Cyclic Heavenly Seal was not directed towards Yan Di as it instead resonated with his other palm.

Beneath the profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal that could reverse the heavens and earth, his foundation of the world that had originally been on the verge of collapse as it headed towards its end actually ceased to deteriorate.

Not only did it cease to deteriorate, its spiritual qi flow instead circulated in reverse.

Having originally been nearing the end of later heaven due to Yan Dis sabre, the foundation of the world vaguely returned to the primordial times of earlier heaven at this moment.

This was similar to Yan Zhaoge evoking a return to earlier heaven with the Cyclic Heavenly Seal as it was the variation of reversing later heaven.

While it was not as domineering and majestic as returning to earlier heaven, it could still be used to solidify the foundation of the world, bolstering his defences.

Seeing this, Yan Di raised his brows.

In response, he struck out with another sabre, continuing to strengthen his attacks!

Beneath that tyrannical, unparalleled Creation Sabre, Chen Qianhuas foundation of the world was instantly left on the verge of collapse once more.

Where the sabre-light passed, the tides of creation flowed naturally and virtually irreversibly.

Even Chen Qianhua was hard pressed to go against the current as he could only watch the majestic sabre-light sweep through all in its path as it mightily descended.

While the Cyclic Heavenly Seal combined with the foundation of the world slowed this process, the great current could not be obstructed at the end of the day.

However slow it was, it would never be stopped!

Chen Qianhua inhaled deeply.

One red and one white, two streams of qi gushed out from his nostrils before circulating about his body.

This was a secret art of the Prime Clear direct lineage, the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture.

Next, streams of plain-coloured cloud qi surged from the acupoints of his entire body, wreathing it completely.

“Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body” Yan Dis gaze narrowed slightly.

Chen Qianhua laughed, “I traded for it with the black-clothed Brocade Emperor with sceptre arts.”

Amidst his words, his figure began turning illusory as he executed the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form once more.

As the supreme martial arts of Grand Plainness and Grand Beginning were combined, Chen Qianhuas defensive power instantly rose.

More importantly, with the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture having temporarily replaced the Taiji Yin Yang Palm, his reversal of later heaven with the Cyclic Heavenly Seal was completed as later heaven started flowing in reverse about the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, going through Grand Ultimate and Grand Plainness and arriving at Grand Beginning.

While it was unable to return to Grand Simplicity and Grand Commencement, the world had still returned to a state of possessing form but being immaterial.

With that, the power of Yan Dis Creation Sabre was dissipated greatly.

While sabre-light was still able to strike the foundation of the world, it was not as rampantly unstoppable as it had been earlier.

Through multiple means, Chen Qianhua seemed somewhat able to reverse the will of the heavens.

“If it was my son, Yan Zhaoge, using this, he might still have a chance,” Yan Di remained totally unmoved, “Yours, however, is but a sham.”

With that, he raised his sabre once more, before…

Hundreds upon thousands of sabre blades rained down in a thunderous combo!

Tyrannical sabre-lights were unleashed, with each sabre seemingly able to open a world before destroying it as well!

Streams of sabre-light battered all the specific details of Chen Qianhuas fist-intent, leaving him fatigued in trying to deal with them.

While Yan Zhaoge and Chen Qianhua were both highly knowledgeable and proficient in many different supreme martial arts, the greatest difference between them was manifested at this moment.

The former merged them all while the latter simply accumulated them.

The two usually appeared similar, having the additive effect of one plus one equals two.

Still, when Chen Qianhua executed several different martial arts simultaneously at crucial moments, he would be hard pressed to unleash them freely and smoothly in their details.

The various martial arts were clear and distinct at the end of the day as the boundaries between them would therefore become a primary target for his opponent, leading to one plus one being smaller than two.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge was able to exert a power than was greater than two in similar situations.

Of course, in order to make use of this, ones cultivation base first had to at least be comparable to Chen Qianhuas.

How many within the entire World beyond Worlds would be able to say that Chen Qianhuas abilities were but a sham

As for Yan Di, he was well aware of this weakness of Chen Qianhua and more capable of capitalising on it as well!

“It really is very difficult to restrict and block your sabre,” A rare defeated look appeared on Chen Qianhuas face as he seemed dissatisfied with his performance, “In that case, I can only meet attack with attack.”

With that, he abruptly spun.

Chen Qianhuas figure was indistinct at times and clear at others as he simultaneously executed the Jade Clear lineages Spatial Heavenly Scripture and Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture along with the Grand Clear lineages Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form.

After giving up on the foundation of the world and no longer concentrating only on defence, Chen Qianhua began utilising the profundities of these supreme martial arts and displayed increasing power as a result.

He grew more agile and rapid as he began to attack Yan Di from various angles instead of trying to block his sabres head-on.

Yan Dis expression did not change as his condensed sabre-light expanded, breaking through the skies.

The two gradually broke free of the World beyond Worlds as the fight entered extradimensional space.

While space grew broader, Yan Dis sabre-light also grew more majestic as it seemingly filled the entire void.

Ever since he had started cultivating in martial arts, what he feared least was battling head-on in comparing offensive prowess!

Moreover, he even had the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud now.

This treasure which had been born alongside him grew increasingly profound and powerful as his cultivation base and strength rose.

The cloud of stars seemed to bloom like a lotus as it hung over Yan Dis head.

Whether it was the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, sceptre arts, Bright Red Divine Palm or Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form etcetera, Chen Qianhuas attacks were all dissipated into formlessness as they landed on the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

As a result, Chen Qianhua even rather felt like he was battling a Leakless True Immortal like the Heaven Emperor or Encompassing Emperor who had truly opened the door to Immortality.

Yet, the more this was so, it instead stimulated his interest.

Having already tried out Yan Dis attacks, Chen Qianhua now wished to see if he could break through the defences of his Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Yan Di looked coldly at Chen Qianhua.

Whether Chen Qianhua utilised the Heavenly Heart Ruler or not, it would not affect Yan Di in going all out.

He had no interest in knowing what was going through Chen Qianhuas mind or any obligation to coordinate with him.

He was in a rush to save his wife whose very life was hanging in the balance.

If someone treated this as a game, he would have to let him know that this game was one he could not afford to play!

Yan Dis thoughts were actually very simple.

Sweep through all obstacles that dared stand in his path!

After gradually getting used to the rhythm and frequency at which Chen Qianhua shifted through space, a ring of thunder light abruptly roiled at the tip of Yan Dis sabre!


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