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HSSB1154: Creation Sabre, Extinguishing Heaven!

Yan Di brandished his sabre, the thunder light rippling outwards like water as the surrounding space seemed to freeze and solidify completely where it passed.

Even with Chen Qianhuas abilities, his movements were instantly obstructed as his speed fell.

“Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder” Chen Qianhua immediately realised.

Back in the Nine Underworlds, Yan Zhaoge had previously collected a portion of the thunderclouds of Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder and brought it back to the World beyond Worlds.

Through this, Yan Di had successfully cultivated the thunder arts of Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder.

“Still, did Yan Zhaoge not tell you” Chen Qianhua was unconcerned, “I too obtained some of that Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder.”

With that, thunder light surged about his body as well, forming an existence that resembled a bubble.

As soon as this bubble appeared, Chen Qianhuas movements regained their normalcy.

Yan Di seemed unconcerned about this, though.

He simply gazed coldly at Chen Qianhua, his gaze chilly beyond compare.

Meanwhile, his sabre-intent grew further, surging to the heavens!

“Oh” Chen Qianhuas gaze flickered slightly as he was unable to see through Yan Dis hidden intentions due to the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Meanwhile, a sense of foreboding also arose in the heart of the Earth Exalt, Wang Zhengcheng.

After Chen Qianhua had arrived and started doing battle with Yan Di, he had moved to the side.

To him, it was not that he definitely had to defeat Yan Di in this battle.

He only had to delay him sufficiently here.

If not for the fact that Yan Di was suppressing Chen Qianhua here and preventing him from setting his heart at ease, Wang Zhengcheng would actually be more willing to intercept Yan Zhaoge who was suppressing the black-clothed Brocade Emperor or even go directly to look for Xue Chuqing.

His heart palpitated and his hairs stood on end now along with Yan Dis movements.

The light of thunder folded space as it congregated at the tip of Yan Dis sabre, actually forming an even more sharp and domineering sabre.

Next, Yan Di drew the Heavenly Dragon Sabre out from that sabre of thunderbolts and sheathed it.

Yan Di had acted as if he was unsheathing a sabre from its scabbard.

Still, this scene actually evoked a strange feeling in the two Exalts.

It was as if the Heavenly Dragon Sabre was the scabbard.

The formless blade that was condensed amidst space was the actual sabre!

The surface of the Heavenly Dragon Sabre that Yan Di had kept was actually riddled with cracks at this moment.

“Upper Chens attack did not land on his blade…” Wang Zhengchengs heart jolted slightly, “These marks were all caused by his own sabre-intent”

“Wait, could it be that…” Wang Zhengcheng was shocked.

Chen Qianhuas eyes radiated light as he stared at Yan Di, “Is this your true sabre”

Yan Di did not answer him as he extended a hand and grabbed that formless sabre formed of thunderbolts.

Endless radiance instantly erupted from the blade of that formless, intangible sabre, illuminating the darkness of the surrounding space.

Then, Yan Di raised his sabre of light.

He hacked out with it!

A blade that resembled a heavenly tribulation descended towards Chen Qianhua.

Chen Qianhua felt as though he would not be able to evade this sabre however he moved.

Still, he did not intend to evade in the first place as he instead rose to the challenge, golden flames surging on his palms as he struck towards Yan Di.

As the Earlier Heaven Departed Fire Divine Palm fell on the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, the cloud finally rippled as it was even diminished somewhat.

Still, it was ultimately unable to penetrate through the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Meanwhile, that sabre of light had also already arrived above Chen Qianhuas head!

The sabre resembled the unstoppable force of the world as it progressed.

Additionally, it was also different from Yan Dis usual sabre-intent!

The unstoppable transition of all creation from life to destruction was itself already an irreversible process.

Even as Yan Di projected this process with his sabre, he was also pushing it forward, accelerating it ceaselessly!

Causing it to become faster, fiercer, more tyrannical, more unstoppable!

Creation Sabre, Extinguishing Heaven!

Chen Qianhua inhaled deeply and simultaneously executed the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body and the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form to buy some time.

He projected the profundities of the Spatial Heavenly Scripture with his left hand and the profundities of the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture with his right.

Surrounded by the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder as he was, his last ditch effort allowed him to shift through space, barely avoiding his vitals from being struck.

Even so, Yan Dis sabre-light still chopped heavily onto his body.

Fresh blood instantly splattered through the air.

Chen Qianhua was sent flying as a sabre wound ran diagonally across his entire body from his right shoulder to his left waist, leaving him a bloodied mess!

“Such sabre-intent and sabre arts…” Wang Zhengcheng looked on in shock at this scene.

“Cough, cough…cough…really, those of the same family…” Chen Qianhua ended up laughing for some reason as he even looked a little happy, “In battling opponents of a similar level, it was only that time with Yan Zhaoge that I was wounded even worse than today.

Cough, cough…”

Bolstered by just the foundation of the world alone, Chen Qianhua discovered that his wounds were recovering slower than expected.

The remnant sabre-intent from Yan Dis Creation Sabre restricted his foundation of the world to some extent.

Only when simultaneously executing numerous earlier heaven supreme martial arts and combining earlier heaven with later heaven was the foundation of the world able to exert its effects, enabling Chen Qianhuas wounds to recover at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“I still wasnt able to break through your Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud…” Chen Qianhua was instead feeling rather regretful about another thing at this moment, “At a time like this, I find it rather a pity that I do not cultivate in the Heaven Opening Scripture.”

Wang Zhengcheng dared not hesitate as he hurriedly moved forward to stand between the two.

As Chen Qianhua had the foundation of the world, if he was not killed in a single move, he would potentially still be able to recover.

Still, thinking of Yan Dis earlier sabre, Wang Zhengcheng was feeling a complete lack of confidence now.

The sabre of light in Yan Dis hands faded, returning to formlessness.

Yan Di glanced coldly at Chen Qianhua and Wang Zhengcheng before heading south as he did not linger.

His mind was still on Xue Chuqing whose life was hanging in the balance.

Every second counted.

Aside from Wang Zhengcheng, Chen Qianhua, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Heaven Emperor, the other side would definitely have someone who had been sent to deal with Xu Chuqing.

Watching Yan Dis departing figure, Wang Zhengcheng inhaled deeply, preparing to follow.

While Yan Dis sabre had left him incomparably shocked, Wang Zhengcheng would definitely do his best for the sake of his mission even if he was put at risk of dying as a result.

“You can pursue him.

He probably cannot unleash consecutive sabres of that kind,” Chen Qianhua chuckled, “Still, I cannot say for sure just how long that would be.”

Wang Zhengcheng looked at Chen Qianhua, “Upper Exalt, you…”

“Ive already had enough fun today.

The Yan father and son really are extraordinary,” Before the other party could finish speaking, Chen Qianhua laughed and soared off into the distance.

Wang Zhengcheng sighed towards the heavens.

Now, he suddenly sensed something.

He turned to look in another direction.

There, all-encompassing light suddenly surged amidst space.

Amidst the splendid light, two figures clashed as they approached this battlefield.

These were none other than Yan Zhaoge and the black-clothed Brocade Emperor!

While Yan Zhaoge was unable to shake off the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, the latter was unable to truly obstruct him too as he was only able to delay him.

The two of them fought as they travelled.

Fog Tea Mountain was not far away from the central Jun Heaven Territory in the first place as their battle had already brought them here now.

On seeing this, Wang Zhengchengs heart sunk even further.


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