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HSSB116: From where he fell, to stand up once again


Looking at Lu Wen who had fallen into a deep silence, Yan Zhaoge shrugged.

His body’s original owner, young and spirited, had been jostled by Lu Wen to the point of forsaking the Big Dipper Sword.

In order to prove himself, he had even refused to cultivate in Broad Creed Mountain’s other supreme sword art of the Eight Extreme Arts, instead attempting to create his own sword art, which he did have some accomplishments in.

Actually, his body’s original owner’s talent in the dao of the sword was not weak, similarly having gained an extremely high attainment in the Big Dipper Sword.

It was just that there indeed existed some people to whom a particular martial art just naturally came to very easily.

Such as Chao Yuanlong with the Piercing Sun Needle Art and Lu Wen with the Big Dipper Sword.

Though, whether or not he would be able to match Shi Tie’s accomplishments in the future was still an unknown.

If Shi Tie did not cultivate in the Vajra body, having cultivated in any single other of the Eight Extreme Arts, including the Big Dipper Sword, he would still make for an outstanding Iron Lion King.

If Lu Wen did not cultivate in the Big Dipper Sword, that was a different story altogether.

However, having been able to preside over all the Martial Scholars of Broad Creed Mountain in the art of the Big Dipper Sword at the age of twenty-five or twenty-six could definitely not be attributed to luck, but rather real ability.

Compared to his body’s original owner, Yan Zhaoge possessed a different understanding of the Big Dipper Sword.

As he saw it, this sword art did had parts that he could learn from, at the same time also possessing potential that had yet to be unearthed.

Other than that, to Yan Zhaoge, forsaking the Big Dipper Sword was really not a glorious thing at all.

With such an old scar left upon him, the cool him really felt somewhat unhappy with it…

Yan Zhaoge had diligently researched into all the martial arts cultivated in by his body’s original owner.

Of these, the one that he had spent the most time and effort on was not his trademark self-created Coiling Dragon Sleeve, nor the Tu**a Palm.

It just so happened to be this Big Dipper Sword that, in other people’s eyes, he had already forsook.

Combined with the foundation his body’s original owner had left behind, Yan Zhaoge who had a stronger comprehension ability very quickly gained a deep understanding of this Big Dipper Sword.

If he wanted to dissolve this present image of his in the eyes of others, he didn’t actually have to use Lu Wen for it, though having him as an opponent would deliver the greatest effect.

However, since Lu Wen had taken the initiative to deliver himself to his doorstep, Yan Zhaoge had naturally accepted it with grace.

From the fourth floor of the Martial Repository, that old man looked at Yan Zhaoge, his gaze deep and distant, without any visible traces of emotion whatsoever, “What a strong comprehension ability…”

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands towards Lu Wen, smiling, “Thanks for going easy.”

Saying thus, he walked past Lu Wen, heading downstairs.

The Zhao Ming who had regained his senses, looking at Zhao Ming, did not hold in his gaze any scorn or contempt, instead even containing a little admiration within.

Lu Wen was already strong enough.

Having been able to stand prominently out in the Sacred Ground Broad Creed Mountain full of geniuses from many lands, become a leading figure of the younger generation, Lu Wen was undoubtedly a genius amongst geniuses.

But a pity-he had met with the even stronger Yan Zhaoge.

Of the entire Broad Creed Mountain, martial practitioners of a similar age and martial practitioners at the same cultivation level-who would dare to proclaim that they had absolute confidence in besting Lu Wen!

Moreover, even in the domain in which Lu Wen was most proficient.

Before today, of martial practitioners below the Martial Grandmaster realm, Lu Wen was the number one in Broad Creed Mountain in the art of the Big Dipper Sword.

But after today, while Lu Wen’s Big Dipper Sword would still stand haughtily above all of Broad Creed Mountain’s Martial Scholars, above him had actually appeared someone even stronger.

That youth who had once been pressured by him to the point of forsaking the Big Dipper Sword in the past, now defeated him with that very Big Dipper Sword!

Zhao Ming looked at Lu Wen, letting out a sigh before he moved to follow Yan Zhaoge downstairs, “Someone who is able to best geniuses is a genius among geniuses.”

“Someone who is able to best geniuses amongst geniuses-how then could such a person be termed”

As Yan Zhaoge glanced back, seeing the face of the Zhao Ming following behind him which appeared deep in thought, he could not help but smile, “A martial art like the Big Dipper Sword is not something that can be successfully picked up so quickly; slowly work on it upon your return.”

Returning to his senses, Zhao Ming nodded, “I naturally understand this principle.

Still, going into secluded cultivation will definitely not be possible.

Soon, I will be heading to the North Heaven Region’s Scarlet Rainbow Sect.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “The son-in-law paying a visit”

The Scarlet Rainbow Sect was a large power well-established in the North Heaven Region, a power similar to the Eastern Tang Kingdom, occupying a piece of territory whilst recognising Broad Creed Mountain as its master.

The Eastern Tang Kingdom and the Scarlet Rainbow Sect, while one was in the East Heaven Region and the other in the North Heaven Region, had frequent contact with each other.

A large amount of spirit flowers and spirit grass was cultivated within the lands where the Scarlet Rainbow Sect held rein, and a large portion of the ingredients that were required for the Eastern Tang Kingdom’s concoction of pills and medicines came from there.

As a clan, the Scarlet Rainbow Sect naturally yearned for the geniuses within its lands.

However, as a power of the Heaven Domain, they would definitely be affected by Broad Creed Mountain.

The most elite young geniuses would naturally wish to enter Broad Creed Mountain even more; this was something that the Scarlet Rainbow Sect had long since come to terms with.

In order to strengthen their relationship with Broad Creed Mountain, the Scarlet Rainbow Sect would also internally send some talented geniuses of its own to enter Broad Creed Mountain.

The daughter of the current Scarlet Rainbow Chief had also entered Broad Creed Mountain.

Due to them having associated with each other for a long period of time, both also having some will to get married, Zhao Ming and her had gradually come to walk together.

At Yan Zhaoge’s teasing, Zhao Ming remained calm, “I still haven’t met the Scarlet Rainbow Chief; thus, I’ve got to make a trip this time.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I wish you the best of luck; hey, if the timing coincides, we may even end up travelling together.”

While Zhao Ming was curious about why Yan Zhaoge would be heading to the North Heaven Region, he did not ask about it, instead just nodding straightforwardly, “That would be perfect; on the way there, I would also be able to ask for your help in the Big Dipper Sword.”

As he said thus, Zhao Ming couldn’t help but let out a sigh within his heart.

Just over half a year ago, due to their age difference, his cultivation base had still been higher than that of Yan Zhaoge, but now, the other had already come from behind to surpass him.

He truly couldn’t compare to him; no, more like shouldn’t.

After Yan Zhaoge parted ways with Zhao Ming, he returned to his own lodgings.

After having roughly packed everything that he would need, Yan Zhaoge called Feng Yunsheng to prepare to head out on their journey to the Mountain Domain.

This time, it was not just a matter of the Mountain Domain’s Cloud Portent Mountain; there was still the problem of Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique that had to be resolved.

While Ah Hu, following this period of feeling about with his mind, finally successfully broke through that final bottleneck, stepping into the tenth and final level of the Martial Scholar realm, the Heavenly Connection stage!

The him who appeared foolish actually had an exceptional comprehension ability in the area of the martial dao.

With just a small reminder from Yan Zhaoge, having only been a single step away, he had found that required spark of insight, thus succeeding in his breakthrough.

“Great that I was still able to make it in time; great, great,” Ah Hu drew back the corners of his mouth while laughing foolishly.

Yan Zhaoge patted him on the shoulder, “Come, follow me to the clan’s Assignment Hall.”

In the Assignment Hall, Yan Zhaoge once again saw his second apprentice-uncle, the First Seat of the Assignment Hall, Fang Zhun.

Fang Zhun first said, “With regard to the legacy of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, because the matter concerns the abnormalities in Hell, our clan must first investigate into it.

However, everything that has no relation to Hell will still belong to you.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Even if you consider it as the clan and I working together to uncover a legacy; that’s still fine.”

“What should be yours, the clan definitely won’t try to keep from you,” Fang Zhun said, “The exact details, we’ll leave for when eldest apprentice-brother returns.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, knowing that due to the importance of this matter, Shi Tie had once again personally headed out, taking the small metal plate and travelling all the way to the North Sea.

Fang Zhun continued, “As for that ring of Ye Jing’s, though our investigations, we can already confirm that it is related to the Flame Devil Emperor of before the Great Calamity.

However, only a tiny remnant aura of his still remains.

It should purely be an ancient artifact, having little to do with the current Flame Devil World of today.”

Yan Zhaoge’s face was calm, “This is indeed some good news.”

“That’s right, it is indeed some good news,” Fang Zhun’s gaze shifted between Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “Right, in just around half a year’s time, it will be the Heavenly Connection Meet again.

If you are participating, Zhaoge, you should begin making good your preparations.”

The Heavenly Connection Meet was not a Meet of Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars, but rather a Meet where the elite martial practitioners of the Eight Extreme World’s younger generation associated with one another.

It was held once every three years, with the greatest focus being on one’s potential, rather than current level of cultivation.

That was the meaning of Heavenly Connection.

The Four Young Masters of this era was a title that had begun circulating following the last Meet.

Apart from that, there had also been some other young Heaven’s favoured sons whose names had spread far and wide as a result.

There were also clans or people who had chosen to remain in hiding, developing in secret.

However, in the intense clashes between the genius-level figures, some shocking sparks would often be released, allowing the participants to benefit greatly from the process, receiving a reward outside of their expectations.

Martial cultivation had all along never purely been about sitting in dry meditation and working ceaselessly for long periods, closing the door to build a carriage.

Therefore, whether to participate or remain in obscurity was something that depended on the people in question themselves.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I understand.”

Fang Zhun continued, “As for your journey to the Mountain Domain this time, the clan will dispatch an expert to travel alongside you.”

Although Yan Zhaoge possessed great ability, travelling to the Mountain Domain this time would actually be an official dealing with Infinite Boundless Mountain, thereby requiring a bigwig of sufficient status to lead the party.

This should be the meaning harboured within.

Yan Zhaoge had long been prepared for this, “Second apprentice-uncle, may I enquire who the Elder leading us will be”

Fang Zhun said, “It will be junior apprentice-sister Fu.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge’s eyelids immediately began twitching uncontrollably, “…Senior apprentice-aunt Fu”


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