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HSSB1158: We cannot coexist

Yan Zhaoge executed a Slaying Azure Dragon that was ferocious to the extreme, the sword-glow of the Origin Opening Sword erupting and transforming into a sharp line of blood that hacked towards the black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

The black-clothed Brocade Emperor fled into extradimensional space without even looking back.

Still, a muffled groan resounded as dark red blood visibly sprayed out amidst the darkness of the universe.

That splattering blood shockingly flickered with a faint golden radiance.

Where these droplets of blood exploded amidst space, they actually transformed into numerous bloodred Taiji diagrams that did not dissipate for a long time.

The exalted True Immortal had just suffered a grievous wound!

Still, the black-clothed Brocade Emperor put up no resistance and did not linger too as he simply advanced forth, instantly disappearing amidst the pitch darkness of dimensional space.

Having caused blood to spurt from a True Immortal, Yan Zhaoge remained composed as he looked calmly to the side.

There, seeing that the Origin Opening Sword had ultimately still fallen into his hands, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng sighed helplessly.

Just like the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, Wang Zhengcheng ceased any further resistance as he swept along the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram and fled towards the distant World beyond Worlds.

Now that things were already like this, there were no methods available to him.

There was really no further meaning in remaining here.

After repelling the black-clothed Brocade Emperor with his sword, Yan Zhaoge did not pursue him as he immediately pursued the Earth Exalt, Wang Zhengcheng!

One fleeing, one pursuing, they broke through the sealing of the dimensional boundaries, returning to the World beyond Worlds.

The region of Fog Tea Mountain of the eastern Vast Heaven Territory reappeared before them.

While the scenery there was no different from before, their moods had changed completely.

Wang Zhengcheng dared not linger in the least as he shot through the border between the central Jun Heaven Territory and the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, rushing back towards Kunlun Mountain as quickly as he could.

The martial arts of Qilin Cliff were renowned for their vigour and heaviness and had no advantage in terms of speed.

Still, as Wang Zhengcheng expanded the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram and sank to the bottom of the earth, tunnelling through the ground with the help of the soil, his speed was rapid, surpassing that of ordinary martial practitioners by far.

Sadly for him, though, while he was fast, Yan Zhaoge was faster!

Having continuously fought a few peak level battles and utilised An Instants Thunder, Yan Zhaoge was vaguely also feeling slightly drained at this moment.

Still, with the help of the Origin Opening Sword, he was still swift as he instantly traversed tens of thousands of kilometres, successfully catching up with Wang Zhengcheng!

Gazing at the great earth before him, Yan Zhaoge emitted an intense roar.

A majestic sword light cleaved downwards, descending onto the great earth as it hacked out a large crevice within it that extended into the horizon on both sides, seemingly having no end.

The sword-light resembled a barrier as it landed before Wang Zhengcheng who was in the midst of tunnelling through the underground, obstructing his path.

Yan Zhaoge raised his palm and brought it downwards, the great earth concaving mightily as rivers and mountains and fertile soil alike were all shattered.

Helpless, Wang Zhengcheng could only stop and emerge from the soil, returning to the surface.

Looking at the dense mountain peaks of Kunlun Mountain that were already within his field of vision yet seemed an endless distance away, Wang Zhengcheng was rendered at a loss for words.

“Earth Exalt, Old Mister Wang, Wang Zhengcheng,” One hand behind his back and holding the sword with his other, Yan Zhaoge stood before Wang Zhengcheng, “Do you think that just because you were not going to get your hands dirty, you trying to kill someone is simply unrelated to you”

“It is not enough to our family of three that Daoist Oneheaven has been exterminated.

This matter is still not over yet.

I believe that the same is true for you, too.”

Yan Zhaoge looked coldly at Wang Zhengcheng, “If my mother has survived this tribulation today and you too do not die, I believe that you would not let the matter rest as simply as that, right”

“Thats right,” Wang Zhengcheng was silent for a long time before he eventually said candidly, “As this matter does not just concern this old man alone, I simply have no way of ignoring it.”

“I admire your candour and your persistence.

Still, it is precisely because of this that we just cannot coexist,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Unless the Concealed Sovereign emerges from seclusion or the Earthly Sovereign returns, you are dead for sure today.”

The decisive killing intent was not concealed at all within his otherwise calm tone.

Wang Zhengcheng had a calm look on his face, “It was never this old mans wish to make enemies out of you and your father.

Yet, fate makes fools of us.

Despite knowing the toughness of this path, this old man never had the option of retreating.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he appraised him once more before sighing emotionally, “Really, so young!”

“So young, so overwhelmingly talented.

As long as you do not die early, you were destined to be a leading figure of Daoism.

You and your father should be blessings to Daoism.

Yet, this was wrecked at the hands of Dim Radiant Yin and Bright Connection Hu.

A pity, a pity!”

Wang Zhengcheng slowly shook his head, “Although you unfortunately learnt of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and had your prospects wrecked, it is not that you have no chance at all.

Your father has also stably demonstrated an extraordinary flair.

Given enough time, you two are immeasurable.”

“You have worried much over this, Earth Exalt,” Yan Zhaoge said in an indifferent tone, “For the World beyond Worlds to be thriving like this all these years, the credit definitely lies with the Sovereigns.

As for you, Earth Exalt, you have also worked hard in watching over the place.”

“It is just regarding the Immortal Court.

Other things aside, in this matter regarding my mother, neither I nor my father might possibly be able to tolerate it, coming to a compromise.”

Wang Zhengchengs gaze was deep and distant, “Tolerating it, coming to a compromise…in this world, there are some things that we must be unwavering about, but also some things that we can only tolerate.”

“This old man does not dare claim any credit for how our World beyond Worlds is thriving now.

That stability stems from the countless efforts of Master and co, the sacrifices of countless generations of seniors before us.”

“This includes your grandfather, the Exalted Gold Luminary!”

Wang Zhengchengs emotions finally overran somewhat as he said quite painedly, “The sacrifice of countless forefathers, your grandfather included, culminated in the current World beyond Worlds and the flourishing of Daoism, giving us hope for our future!”

“Yet, all this may now be lost because of Dim Radiant Yin and Bright Connection Hu!”

“The wrong has already been done.

If we do not think of how to remedy it, we will only be able to regret it when things are really too late!” Wang Zhengcheng said in a heavy tone.

Yan Zhaoge had a calm expression on his face, “I actually thought that because you had experienced those dark, dangerous times before, those of the older generation should better understand that we can never let down our guard.

Instead, it should be us of the younger generation, having grown up in relatively more peaceful times, who are more prone to mistakenly failing to recognise that forgetting to battle spells unavoidable death.”

“No, you lot are more prone to making mistakes, out of arrogance, ambition, blind optimism,” Wang Zhengcheng sighed, “While you have been to the Immortal Court before, you probably do not know how many bigwigs they have, what a terrifyingly substantial foundation of power they possess.”

“You do not even know what kind of cultivation base the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord has.

What kind of existence do you think that is who is able to contend with the Future Buddha”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Wang Zhengcheng said in a heavy tone, “We of the Three Clear lineages orthodox Daoism will definitely never bow our head down to a false dao! Still, if we want to rid falseness and install rightness, we cannot do it just with passion alone.

We need time and also accumulation, fortuitous encounters.”

Looking at Wang Zhengcheng, Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, just that his smile was rather cold.

“You very nearly forgot something, Earth Exalt.

You sent Daoist Oneheaven to find trouble for my mother,” The smile on Yan Zhaoges face faded, “Others aside, if Daoist Oneheaven were to succeed, my mother would be dead for sure.”

“If you intend to quell the fury of the Immortal Court, the main thing would be the fragment of the legendary Heavenly Essence Stone and not my mothers life.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed coldly at Wang Zhengcheng, “Only if you intend to keep the Heavenly Essence Stone and still account for things to the Immortal Court somewhat would you need my mother to pay with her life.

No, to be exact, you would need the lineages of the Dim Radiant Emperor and the Bright Connection Emperor to be discontinued for good.”


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