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HSSB1160: Todays battle is only the beginning

Yan Zhaoge exerted force with his fingers with Wang Zhengchengs heart mightily imploding as his other internal organs shattered as well.

The force was directed through his body as his bones, meridians and blood vessels also broke apart.

Wang Zhengchengs body seemed to shrivel completely at this moment, turning old before decaying further.

Finally, he dissipated like ash into the wind.

Even his soul dissipated alongside it.

The most senior Martial Saint expert of the World beyond Worlds since it was established, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng, had been decimated in both body and soul this very day!

Yan Zhaoge retracted his palm, his fingers clean and wholly untainted.

Wang Zhengchengs body vanished before him as if it had never existed.

The Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram and the Origin Opening Sword that were clashing in the distance shook simultaneously.

The Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram erupted with an unprecedently powerful aura as it jolted away the Origin Opening Sword before transforming into a streak of light and shooting off in the direction of Kunlun Mountains Southern High Peak.

This treasure belonged to the Earthly Sovereign at the end of the day.

After its current owner Wang Zhengcheng had died, the restrictions left in it by the Earthly Sovereign had activated as it had automatically returned to headquarters.

Yan Zhaoge ignored it as he simply retrieved the Origin Opening Sword before turning to look at the Encompassing Emperor.

This Emperor had not been weakened like the black-clothed Brocade Emperor had.

Additionally, he also had an Immortal Artifact with him.

If he had not already suppressed Wang Zhengcheng beforehand and had his life literally in his grasp, Wang Zhengcheng might have survived if the Encompassing Emperor had intervened.

Still, having watched Wang Zhengcheng get killed before his very eyes, the Encompassing Emperor did not appear enraged and furious, seeking to take action.

There was a stunned look on his face at how he had wished to save Wang Zhengcheng but it had already been too late.

The Encompassing Emperor had a complex look on his face as he gazed towards Yan Zhaoge.

It was a long time before he slowly said, “Fallen Deity, you have really been rash this time.”

“Even if the Sword Sovereign is willing to offend the Earthly and Concealed Sovereigns for you father and son, he would not be able to bear that pressure!”

The Encompassing Emperor said in a heavy tone, “While it is often rumoured that the Earthly Sovereign is the head of the Three Sovereigns because the Concealed Sovereign has always supported him, with him being oldest and most experienced too, these are not the most consequential reasons.”

“The most important reason is that he is solidly the most powerful of the Three Sovereigns, being the undisputed current number one expert of the World beyond Worlds as even the Concealed Sovereign who was also one of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries is inferior to him in terms of might!”

“While your grandfather too was one of the Nine Luminaries, there were differing relationships even amongst them.

The Concealed Sovereigns relationship with the Earthly Sovereign is far more than his relationship with your grandfather was,” The Encompassing Emperor sighed, “With a conflict arising between the two sides, the Concealed Sovereign is sure to support the Earthly Sovereign.”

“If you did not kill the Earth Exalt, the Concealed Sovereign might still have been able to remain neutral, helping neither side.

Still, since the Earth Exalt has died by your hands, if the Earthly Sovereign makes things difficult for you, the Concealed Sovereign will simply support him.”

The Encompassing Emperor looked helplessly at Yan Zhaoge, “This old man thought you would understand these underlying relationships.

While you have occasionally acted recklessly over the years, Fallen Deity, from my observation of you, you have always known what you are doing.

Today, however, it really is…”

“I do indeed know of these underlying relationships,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I even know that the Earthly and Concealed Sovereigns both have Immortal Artifacts of the Tranquil level.”

The tranquillity of Daoism and the tranquillity of Buddhism were two different concepts in this world.

The tranquillity here was a cultivation realm for Daoism.

“In that case, this old man is even more unable to understand this,” The Encompassing Emperor sighed, “Granted, the Concealed Sovereign has still yet to exit seclusion and the Earthly Sovereign is far away in extradimensional space.

Fellow Daoist Jie of Jade Sky Peak will not make things difficult for you and this old man does not intend to get too involved too as you and your father can pretty much do whatever you like in the current World beyond Worlds.”

“Still, the Earthly Sovereign will ultimately return and the Concealed Sovereign will also emerge from seclusion sooner or later.

What do you intend to do then, Fallen Deity”

“Go to the Roving Jade Heavens”

The Encompassing Emperor gazed at Yan Zhaoge with a complex look on his face.

He would naturally not wish for outstanding, newly arisen talents like Yan Zhaoge and his father to be forced into leaving the World beyond Worlds and going to the Roving Jade Heavens.

Even ignoring how Yan Zhaoge had become the descendant of the Dim Radiant Emperor upon acquiring the Dim Radiant Wheel, this was truly no fault of Yan Dis as it was just fate that had dictated it.

“The Roving Jade Heavens” Yan Zhaoge asked noncommittally.

The Encompassing Emperor said slowly, “If your Broad Creed Mountain really intends to head to the Roving Jade Heavens, they would probably welcome you there.

Still, the Sword Sovereign would not be able to go there with you.”

“Many descendants of the Prime Clear lineage died beneath the Sword Sovereigns Origin Opening Sword that year.

A treasured disciple of the Roving Jade Heavens old Grand Master also died by his sword.”

“Even if the Profound Sovereign and the Dragon Spring Emperor can ignore this, countless experts of the Prime Clear lineage, that old Grand Master included, have never been able to forget this.”

The Encompassing Emperor shook his head, “While the Profound Sovereign is powerful, the old Grand Master is ultimately her Master as the deceased was also her fellow disciple.”

“While the Roving Jade Heavens can accept your Broad Creed Mountain, they would definitely never be able to accept Jade Capital Crag.

If you intend to contact Jade Capital Crag, joining forces with the Roving Jade Heavens to counterattack the World beyond Worlds, there would be a higher possibility of the Roving Jade Heavens teaming up with Qilin Cliff to make things difficult for Jade Capital Crag.”

“Having slain the Earth Exalt, you can head to the Roving Jade Heavens.

Yet, what is the Sword Sovereign to do then” The Encompassing Emperor sighed, “Fallen Deity, you have really been reckless this time.”

After calmly hearing the Encompassing Emperor out, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Thank you for your concern, Encompassing Emperor.”

“This Yan will be going to check on my mothers situation now.

Please excuse me.”

With that, he cupped his hands towards the Encompassing Emperor before turning and heading east with the Origin Opening Sword.

The Encompassing Emperor gazed helplessly at Yan Zhaoges departing figure, “Does he think this old man is trying to scare him He has to be mindful of this!”

“After a few thousand years of peace, I wonder how this sudden great chaos will ultimately end.”

After taking his leave of the Encompassing Emperor, Yan Zhaoge rushed off to the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

Just like Wang Zhengcheng and the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, Yan Zhaoge was unclear on whether the Eastern Exalt Daoist Oneheaven had perished beneath Yan Dis sabre with the latter having arrived in time to save his wife or if he had already been too late.

Therefore, after taking care of the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng, Yan Zhaoge cast everything aside and hurried to the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

He had naturally taken the Encompassing Emperors words to heart.

While he was unclear on some specifics of this, Yan Zhaoge had already known before killing Wang Zhengcheng basically what kind of repercussions there would be.

Still, all this did not mean that Yan Zhaoge would stay his hand and show Wang Zhengcheng mercy.

Having done it, he would not regret it.

Since he knew of these negative consequences, Yan Zhaoge would naturally have to think of a way to alleviate them.

Whether or not the solutions he could think of were effective, just sitting there and waiting to die was definitely not an option.

Todays battle was only the beginning.

“I hope that I did not see wrongly back then,” Yan Zhaoge murmured to himself as within his mind surfaced the diagram acquired when he had previously looked at a map at Kunlun Mountain before consolidating and connecting all the places that his mother, Xue Chuqing, had fled to and resided in in recent years.


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