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HSSB1163: Exalted Solar Luminary

Rather surprised, Xue Chuqing gazed at Yan Zhaoge for a time, “You are really not simple, Zhaoge, to be able to tell even this.”

Her gaze was rather playful as she said, “This is not just about the level of ones cultivation base.

This also concerns many secrets which are unknown to most.”

“In my adventures over the years, I have had quite a few fortuitous encounters.

Dont underestimate me!” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips.

He sneakily appraised Xue Chuqing, “I was even wondering earlier if it could be some grand formation that is able to blow up the entire World beyond Worlds.”

“What” Xue Chuqing did not know whether to laugh or to cry, “If I really dared to do that, even before the Earthly and Concealed Sovereigns make a move, the Sword Sovereign would already have taken care of us.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “What exactly is this formation for”

Xue Chuqing replied, “Its foundation is the Area Latitude Formation, with some adjustments having been made atop that.”

The Area Latitude Formation was a famed bewildering formation of pre-Great Calamity times that formlessly bewitched people.

It ruled the heavens and the earth in its vast entirety.

Simply put, if Xue Chuqing completed the formation and stayed within, with the help of the River Diagram, those who would be able to locate her in this world would really be very limited indeed.

This Area Latitude Formation encompassed the entire World beyond Worlds and many lower worlds.

The Area Latitude Formations miraculous aspects lay with how it could only be dispelled rather than broken through after it had been formed.

The only exception was if the foundation of the formation was uprooted completely.

That would mean having to destroy the World beyond Worlds and numerous lower worlds.

Of course, it was naturally not an easy thing to establish such a massive Area Latitude Formation.

One also had to guard against someone realising its existence before it was successfully established, next working to wreck it.

Therefore, Xue Chuqing had still been covertly setting this up even up till today.

Yan Zhaoge sighed inwardly in admiration.

She could be so meticulous and cautious, actually plotting such a major thing even as she was being pursued by others.

Still, he was more concerned about the latter part of her sentence, “Some adjustments You mean a unique way of contacting someone like you were talking about earlier”

If it was just the standalone Area Latitude Formation, Yan Zhaoge would have identified it previously.

Other experts with high attainments in formations might be able to detect this beforehand too.

With numerous false trails thrown into the mix along with an additional variation, Yan Zhaoge had been unable to quickly distinguish this.

“Thats right.

It is combined atop the basis of the Area Latitude Formation,” Xue Chuqing said, “Only with such a massive foundation can the formation be supported, transmitting a message while there is no way of ascertaining the other partys situation.”

Yan Zhaoge realised, “It is equivalent to circulating the Area Latitude Formation in reverse, using it to look for that person before transmitting a message.”

“An Area Latitude Formation that can encompass the entire World beyond Worlds would naturally be incomparably effective.”

Xue Chuqing nodded, “Thats right.

It is just that I have a strange feeling in following this technique for setting up the formation.

It is like there are some other profundities within, just that I presently cannot tell what it is.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge just had to be concerned about this.

Amongst the Kunlun Nine Luminaries of the past, the Exalted Wood Luminary had been renowned for her vast repertoire of knowledge.

As a direct lineage descendant of hers, Xue Chuqing had perfectly inherited this feature.

Amongst the World beyond Worlds Martial Saints, considering not their cultivation bases but only the extent of their knowledge, Yan Zhaoge could not think of anyone who could be mentioned in the same breath as his mother besides himself and Chen Qianhua.

If even she had her doubts, something must surely be up here.

“Just keep this in mind for now,” Yan Di now said, “There are generally gains where there are losses in this world as it is seldom that there is a perfect plan.

We can only weigh both sides and make our decision.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Who is it that you are preparing to contact”

“The Exalted Fire Luminary.”

On hearing this name, the first image that flashed through the minds of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di was of a massive halberd that was wreathed in blazing fire.

“If it is the Exalted Fire Luminary, I believe that…he was the most solitary person of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries” Yan Zhaoge asked rather uncertainly, “Even if we do manage to contact him, would he be willing to help

While the Exalted Rahu Luminary Jian Shunhua was more on the solitary side, it referred more to how she was decisive and single-minded, not taking other peoples considerations into account.

Still, the greatest loner had to be the Exalted Fire Luminary.

From the information Yan Zhaoge currently grasped, while this bigwig had been one of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries, he had seldom participated in the affairs of the World beyond Worlds as legends regarding him were the rarest amongst the nine.

Even without deliberately playing them down and diminishing them, there was already very little information regarding the Exalted Fire Luminarys exploits.

Still, no one would dare to say that he was just there to fill up the numbers.

On those rare occasions where the Exalted Fire Luminary made a move, they would always be huge, heaven-shocking, earth-shaking affairs.

It was just that he was an exceptionally solitary person as he was never said to have been especially close to anyone.

“This is something which few people know of,” Xue Chuqing said, “I once heard Master mentioning that some enmities and entanglements seem to have existed between Great Grand Master and the Exalted Fire Luminary.”

“It is just that Master did not know any specifics too, only having heard it coincidentally mentioned by Grand Master in the past.”

Yan Zhaoge took note of Xue Chuqings words, “Enmities…entanglements”

“Thats right,” Xue Chuqing nodded, “Therefore, even if we do manage to contact the Exalted Fire Luminary, it is difficult to say how he might react.”

“Still, since someone gave me pointers on how to contact him, that means that there surely is hope.”

Xue Chuqing paused momentarily, “It is just that…”

“It is just that the person who gave you pointers in looking for the Exalted Fire Luminary may also be scheming something,” Yan Zhaoge continued, “It should not be targeting you.

Things could not have gotten any worse for you who were being pursued.

Thus, this person probably truly hopes that you will be able to contact the Exalted Fire Luminary.

This would be their actual motive as well.”

Xue Chuqing said, “Thats right.

This is another reason for my reservations right now.”

“Speaking of which, who was it who got you to look for the Exalted Fire Luminary” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, “Looking for him will be useless.

Since he got you to look for the Exalted Fire Luminary, he himself would definitely be unwilling to show up to provide assistance.”

Before giving an answer, Xue Chuqing looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge was rather perplexed at first but soon vaguely thought of something.

Indeed, Xue Chuqing now said, “When I was hiding around with aliases before, I heard some rumours regarding the two of you and Broad Creed Mountain.”

“One of them was that you obtained the Extreme Yang Seal, Zhaoge.”

Yan Zhaoge realised with a start, “The Exalted Solar Luminary, Gao Han!”

Yan Zhaoge was extremely familiar with this name.

Even though he had never seen him in person before, he was actually relatively more familiar with Gao Han amongst the Kunlun Nine Luminaries.

The Extreme Yang Seal was still in Yan Zhaoges possession right now.

“How did you obtain the Extreme Yang Seal, Zhaoge” Xue Chuqing asked.

Yan Zhaoge explained the process, to which Xue Chuqing sighed, “It was still a guess previously, but since the Exalted Solar Luminary already left that crevice to the Nine Underworlds in the Eight Extremities World long ago, that person who gave me a tip was most probably him then.”


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