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With this, it’s the end of the ORD Special!

Lol, everyone totally got trolled by that teaser, huh!

Mission success! It’s totally worth it splitting up doubles into two sometimes!

And with that, here’s to the main topic.

It’s kinda serious today, hmm.

With the end of army, I’ll be dedicating myself to HSSB instead!

Last month, counting the ORD Special, 53 chapters of HSSB were released in total.


Aw, you thought it would go all the way back down to the regular 9/week or something close, didya.

Nope, not gonna happen.

This Mehxistence is going to KILL off sponsored chapters.

And go around to guaranteeing 50 chapters per month.

Consistently over that period.

Why Well, on one hand, I want to have the freedom to choose to release how many chapters per day(hopefully daily).

Sometimes in doubles, sometimes a single, sometimes two chapters split up into twice in the course of a single day.

Because, I want to do justice to the chapters.

Aw…And for that, stuff like being constrained to x number of chapters on y day will be rather constraining, and the total number of chapters would also be greatly constrained by the lack of donations, would it not

HSSB will not be West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade-ing.

Plummeting to the earth, I mean.

This Mehxistence will not stem the tide!

Of course, support will be greatly appreciated, because I’m totally like, a NEET now

Yup, it’s actually, Patreon. Wow.

I’m not gonna go promise increased chapters goals or anything like that.

Hey, I’ll be entering university in like, 5 months

If I did stuff like that, I’d be climbing up a mountain in order to let myself jump up a cliff.


The goal is not for crazy amounts of chapters to be released.

The goal is for comfortable amounts of chapters to be released, something that, ideally, could be followed daily and read as a sort of daily routine thingy.

A part of life.

Just like how Mehdao=life.

What is the meaning of Meh Maybe I didn’t explain that before, but…this might answer it:

The Mehxistential Creed: It may be that we are meh existences within a meh world, but we’re happy, meh!

Join the Mehxistentials, and corroborate the Mehdao!

Currently, there’s still not much helpers for mehself.

TNT went poof (I know, he failed in living up to his name, he should have gone BOOM), and I’ll probably be doing the glossary and character list myself.

A month already and it’s back to that point.

So, editor applicants are welcome, to help increase my speed.

And thanks to hazlexnut, of course! There’ll always be a Monday Chapter from him!!!

Now, I can’t just go releasing more chapters anyhow, because I have other really important stuff that I need to do.

I’ll also be trying to get some chapters ready ahead for august because it’ll be my most unstable month due to uni starting.

However, if anyone can think of any improved, enhanced patreon reward that I could do or just set up for the Mehxistentials, feel free!

No more shall be said because my eyes are gonna hurt.

Um, just that I intend to be here to stay for the long term.

As a translator, yeah.

That’s all, I can’t see anymore.


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