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Though the eyes of the Black Buddha were closed tightly, there seemed to be ripples spreading from him constantly.

With the Earthly Secret Seal in his hands, he now became like a source of the earthquake.

Meanwhile, everything that the receding ripples had recorded came back to his mind as a form of vivid and detailed images.

There were still ripples stirring in the distance.

Some ones were big, some were small.

Some ones lasted for a while and some disappeared right away.

Then all those images flashed in front of Yan Zhaoges eyes.

He straightly ignored the fight between the demons.

Although all the demons had the desire of invading the outer world, they still kept fighting each other violently for supremacy in Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoge never really cared about that kind of things.

What he cared about was the people in the Nine Underworlds, or what had happened on the border of the Nine Underworlds and the Land of tranquil stream.

It was rare for actual human to enter the Nine Underworlds, so naturally Yan Zhaoge didnt detect any sign of that.

However, the border of the Nine Underworlds was a place of disturbance.

Yan Zhaoge started to pick the ripples which fluctuated drastically, feeling the changes in them.

At last, he chose a certain one.

Then the Black Buddha directed for Yan Zhaoge with his eyesight.

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After shedding his Demon Buddha form, Yan Zhaoge held his breath and rushed toward that direction.

The Nine Underworlds had such an extensive s.p.a.ce which was even larger than the World beyond worlds.

So Yan Zhaoge walked a long distance along one side of the border.

However, it turned out that what he had chosen at the first place wasnt really the one he was looking for.

Nonetheless, Yan Zhaoge was not disappointed.

Although he knew that he should hurry up, he never had had a feeling that this thing could be done in one shot.

He just kept looking and seeking.

At last he even managed to find that stretch of the Land of tranquil stream on which he had traced Feng Yunsheng.

Now he didnt even know how to react to this new discovery.

There were some obscure clues which showed that Feng Yunsheng or Jian Shunhua, the Exalted Rahu Luminary, had actually returned to this area.

However, it was still unclear whether it was Feng Yunsheng who had intended to go back or it was Jian Shunhua who had chosen to hide from Yan Zhaoge and other people at that place in consideration of sometimes the most dangerous place could also become the safest place.

Neither Yan Zhaoge nor the Encompa.s.sing Emperor had been able to find anyone when they had searched the Nine Underworlds.

Although Feng Yunsheng had returned to this place, she had already left for a long time.

Nevertheless, Yan Zhaoge still discovered some new clues according to the traces left by Feng Yunsheng.

‘So they are still in a stalemate Who exactly is that big demon that was targeted by Jian Shunhua Yan Zhaoge thought that.

‘Is that demon at the same level as the Twelve Devilish G.o.ds

Yan Zhaoge had learned about the extremely daring character of Jian Shunhua from a very direct way instead of the legends.

So he had no intention to underestimate that womans aspiration.

Or he could call that her wild ambition.

‘At least its not the Gengjin Demon who looked for another incarnation after Yin s.h.i. yang, the Sword Demon, had died. He thought.

Since there was nothing else for him to dig out here, Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath and took back his mind.

Then he continued to find Astro Sovereign.

The Earthly Secret Seal was still operating.

After getting to several wrong places, Yan Zhaoge finally detected something abnormal.

‘It seems that this one must come from the Jade Sky Peak! With his pupils shrank, he thought,But where does it from, the Astro Sovereign or the Female Emperor

He hesitated there while pondering over those things for a moment before he kept walking and moved along.

Now the devilish qi gradually faded away, which meant that he had reached the border of the Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoge continued walking ahead.

As a result, he finally managed to leave the Nine Underworlds and step on a stretch of the Land of tranquil steam.

The interference from devilish qi was not that strong after he had arrived at the Land of the tranquil steam.

So though not in the Black Buddha form, he could still detect vaguely that there were torrents of immortal qi fluctuating on this stretch of the land.

With his eyebrows knitted, Yan Zhaoge kept going forward.

He had a slight feeling that there was a huge battle in the distance right now.

After getting closer to that place, Yan Zhaoge halted his steps.

Honestly, he almost turned around and ran away from that place.

Because Yan Zhaoge was pretty sure now that it was not the Astro Sovereign that was on this land right now by sensing the billows far away from him.

It was Female Emperor Jie Mingkong, the expert from the Jade Sky Peak of the Kunlun Mountain in the World beyond Worlds.

“I could just ask the Female Emperor.

After all, itll be more efficient than blindly looking for Astro Sovereign all by myself.”

Yan Zhaoge murmured to himself, “Now I have a good cause to look for the Astro Sovereign.

Its unlikely that Ill remind her of Senior Chu who lives in the Roving Jade Heavens in seclusion.”

Although he was quite desperate to know what had happened between Chu Lili and the Female Emperor, it was still not a wise option to irritate the Female Emperor in the critical moment of finding someone.

He really didnt want to get into another mess.

While Yan Zhaoge was standing there and pondering, the two parties which were fighting each other began to approach him.

Obviously, they had also detected Yan Zhaoges existence.

When they were closer to Yan Zhaoge, he saw two figures breaking out from the darkness.

One of them wore a pure white dress with a black jade ring on the forefinger of her right hand.

That was a super gorgeous woman.

However, her eyes were closed tightly now and never opened.

It was one of the five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds, the master of the Jade Sky Peak, the Female Emperor, Jie Mingkong.

The one who was fighting her was a middle-aged man in a dragon-tiger pattern Daoist rope.

Now he was stepping on the four phenomena and s.h.i. fting s.p.a.ce, being locked in the battle with the Female Emperor.

As the Daoist crossed his hands, the earth, water, wind and fire all came there and transformed into four dragons and four tigers.

Each creature that was summoned here had a length of tens of thousands of feet.

They all flew across the s.p.a.ce and nearly broke the Land of the tranquil steam with their attacks.

Seeing that mans appearance and his movements, Yan Zhaoge was already firm about that Daoists ident.i.ty.

That was the True Immortal of the Roving Jade Heavens, the direct lineage of the Prime Clear lineage, the Earthly Tranquility Emperor.

Someone called him Tranquility Emperor, others called him Dragon Tiger Emperor because he had acquired all the knowledge from the Dragon-Tiger Four-image Book.

He was the only expert in the Immortal Realm who could open the Immortal door without using the sword art.

What he had relied on was the Open Sovereign Tribulation book and the Dragon-Tiger Four-image Book.

Dating back to the ancient times, all the martial pract.i.tioners of the Prime Clear actually belonged to the Incongurence Divine Mother lineage.

However, there were also few exceptions.

Tranquility Emperor was one of them.

He belonged to the lineage of the Golden Spirit Mother, who was also the direct disciple of the Founder of the Prime Clear lineage, the Lord of the Numinous Treasure, as the Incongurence Divine Mother.

Golden Spirit Mother perished in the battles of the Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds, so were most of her disciples, leading to the spa.r.s.e descendants of her lineage, which became even spa.r.s.er after the Great Calamity.

The Tranquility Emperor had dug out the remains of the ancestors in the previous years and had managed to make the Golden Spirit Mother lineage reappear in this world.

What he had accomplished was a much-told tale in the Roving Jade Heavens.

There were even few words about him in the World beyond Worlds.

So Yan Zhaoge was familiar with him.

However, only until this day did Yan Zhaoge see the Tranquility Emperor for the first time.

And now the Tranquility Emperor was in a fierce battle with Jie Mingkong!


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