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Yan Zhaoge didnt explain for himself with plausible words when he stated the whole story to Astro Sovereign.

Instead, his description was objective and calm.

And Astro Sovereign didnt let Yan Zhaoge wait for too long.

“I always have disagreements with the people in the Qilin Cliff about their views toward Yin Tianxia and Hu Yuexin or your family.” Astro Sovereign said that calmly, nodding but then shaking his head.

“Unfortunately, I still cannot do anything about your matters.

I could not help them at that time, I cannot help you right now.”

Since Yan Zhaoge had already been reminded by Female Emperor that Astro Sovereign might not be able to help, so he was not too disappointed right now.

“Your majesty, is it because you...cannot leave here” He looked at Astro Sovereign and asked that lightly.

“Yes.” Astro Sovereign said that with a dispa.s.sionate look.

However, there was a crack appearing on his forehead.

It seemed like a wound with indistinct blue light inside.

The moment this wound showed up, Yan Zhaoge had a feeling that he was back in the Nine Underworlds again!

The frozen and snow-covered world, with everything in it unchanged, now presented a scary distorted sense.

The sky and the earth now transformed into white abysses which seemed about to swallow everything.

“Your Majesty...” Yan Zhaoge knitted his eye brows.

The man who was frozen in the ice pillar smiled while the dim blue light on his forehead faded away.

Then the wound got healed and his skin went smooth again with no sign of injury there.

“Ill take responsibility for the choice I have made in former years, no matter how things have developed.” Astro Sovereign said imperturbably.

“But I could do nothing about the deadlock here right now.”

Yan Zhaoge took a deep breath, saying, “Your majesty, it seems that the demon you want to stifle is not an ordinary one.”

Astro Sovereign nodded while saying, “Thats right.

Its the Gui Shui Demon.

He has been looking for a chance to be born again ever since he was destroyed.

Now theres only one step left for his rebirth.

If it were not for this situation, I wouldnt be stalemated with him right now.”

“So its true that...” Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Gui Shui Demon was one of the Twelve Devilish G.o.ds, the big demon of the Six Extinct Demon, one of the most powerful demons in the world.

If he was born again and went back to his heyday, even most of the Daoist lords were no match for him.

Since ancient times, big demons such as the Ice Demon, the Water Demon, the Frost Demon and the Blood Demon appeared in the world one after another.

Most of them domineered for a period and gained intimidating reputations.

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The demons who had reached the level of the Six Extinct Demon were all leaders in the demon worlds who possessed formidable power.

Even if they were destroyed, they could still be reborn if they managed to find a suitable incarnation.

However, before they were reborn or a short while after they had been reborn, they were not able to approach their peaks and needed time to recover.

At that time when Yin s.h.i. yang, the Sword Demon, had just turned demon, he had once again challenged Yan Xingtang, the Sword G.o.d.

Although Yin s.h.i. yang had enhanced his power, he still couldnt be compared to the Geng Jin Demon in his heyday.

As a result, the Geng Jin Demon had been destroyed again right after being reborn.

Fate was such an uncertain thing.

Whats more, the duration of power enhancement of the big demon related to the cultivation of their incarnation.

The higher cultivation the incarnation had, the shorter time the big demon would need to recover.

However, the duration would never be longer than if following any other path of cultivation.

Even the cultivation of the Pure Land Buddha Light or the Celestial Court Treasure Light were not as fast as that procedure.

Certainly that was also because those big demons had already possessed a powerful cultivation before they were destroyed and there were only a limit amount of them existing in the world.

Nevertheless, if the big demon managed to find a suitable incarnation, he would go back to his peak in no time.

Right now the Gui Shui Demon had not been entirely reborn, so Astro Sovereign could still suppress that demon spirit.

However, Astro Sovereign also had to lock himself up here.

“This place is near the Nine Underworlds, which makes the demon spirits easy to breed.

Your majesty, you have chosen here to suppress the demon spirit instead of the World beyond Worlds...” Yan Zhaoge muttered, “Is it because its easier to set up a certain kind of balance at a place between the Nine Underworlds and the human world where the brightness and the darkness meet each other”

Astro Sovereign looked at Yan Zhaoge approvingly, saying, “Its so rare to see a young man who has such a sharp mind.”

Then he shook his head, “Now, the Gui Shui Demon was already on the track of his rebirth.

Normally, its already impossible to prevent him from being reborn.”

“I have tried my best to stop him and succeeded luckily.

Its true that it would be easy for me to stay in the World beyond Worlds.

However, if that big demon makes up his mind and gives up his rebirth, in despair, it could incur great catastrophe to the World beyond Worlds by stirring the Nine Underworlds.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge nodded.

Even if the Gui Shui Demon was not reborn, he could still rip a crack on the Nine Underworlds if he decided to sacrifice his chance of rebirth.

And that crack was huge enough to let the World beyond Worlds be swallowed by the Nine Underworlds.

“Being in the s.p.a.ce where the human world and the Nine Underworlds connect, I temporarily dont have to worry about World beyond Worlds being threatened.

Thus the big demon wont try to sacrifice himself right now.”

That was because the Gui Shui Demon knew that sacrificing himself now couldnt pose a direct threat to Astro Sovereign and his companions.

The loss outweighed the gain.

Then, both parties ended in a stalemate.

And this situation had already lasted for thousands of years.

Chen Xuanzong, the Astro Sovereign, one of the original three sovereigns in the World beyond Worlds, disappeared in World beyond Worlds and no one had seen him ever since.

He stayed in the wasteland to suppress the big demon, spending thousands of years as one day.

Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Though he had already prepared for the worst, he still felt a bit despondent.

Astro Sovereign could not help him as expected.

It was not that Astro Sovereign didnt want to help.

Being stuck in a place like this, he was unable to care for other businesses.

“Gui Shui Demon is one of the Twelve Devilish G.o.ds, the head of the demons.

I think that his rebirth must be the primary concern of the demons in the Nine Underworlds.” Yan Zhaoge said that seriously, “Wont you be out numbered here, your majesty”

Astro Sovereign shook his head, saying, “It doesnt matter.

In the current state, Gui Shui Demon is not able to contact with other demons in the Nine Underworlds unless he sacrifices himself.”

Gui Shui Demon was also in an awkward condition right now.

He had already been in the procedure of his rebirth but was stopped in the halfway and couldnt make any movements now.

“Your majesty, may I ask...” Yan Zhaoge said lightly, “...Are you the perfect incarnation for the Gui Shui Demon”

Astro Sovereign in the ice pillar remained a steady expression and seemed not to be offended at all, saying, “Yes, my body is suitable to be the incarnation of the big demon indeed.”

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge almost blurted out the words to ask Astro Sovereign if Chu Lili could be the incarnation of the Gui Shui Demon.

However, he still swallowed his words which was about to come out.

Although he was pretty curious about what had happened at that time, he knew it would be rude to ask what Astro Sovereign refused to talk.

After all, Yan Zhaoge had already got many information from Astro Sovereign today.

Even if their families were close because of the relations.h.i. p between their ancestors, there was still something Yan Zhaoge could not ask.

With his eyes blinked, Yan Zhaoge said, “If it were not for Female Emperor who had led me here, I wouldnt be able to meet you, your majesty.

But it seemed that Female Emperor had some important issues to deal with and didnt intend to come here with me just now...”

“Though I cannot help you, still...” After a short moment of silence, Astro Sovereign changed the subject straightly, ignoring what Yan Zhaoge had just said, “If you dont plan to leave World beyond Worlds, then there might be someone else who can help you.”


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