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“Come with me, Xuanzong! When we come back from the Nine Underworlds, we can start everything from World beyond Worlds!”

“No, never.”

Rays of lights flickered in the s.p.a.ce.

In no time, the boundless ground was frozen and the dark universe changed to everlasting frozen earth.

At last, one side of the rays was extinguished forever.

Chen Xuanzong used his palm as a sabre, chopping toward his front.

Under the palm of Chen Xuanzong, there were countless crystal ice dusts flying in the s.p.a.ce.

That was an ice sculpture in front of him, the upper part of which was smashed by him while the lower part also vanished.

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With no expression on his face, Chen Xuanzong watched what was happening in front of him silently.

It had only been a short time since Gui Shui Demon had been reborn and transformed into Ice Demon.

Gui Shui Demon had managed to find a person who was in the stage of Martial Saint realm as his incarnation and pushed open the immortal door right after he had been reborn.

But his rapidly enhanced power was still insufficient due to the limit of time.

However, Chen Xuanzong had no feelings of joy at this moment.

Because he had just killed his best friend.

After Yan Xingtang, the Exalted Gold Luminary, had died, that man was his only friend.

Showing no happiness nor sorrow, Chen Xuanzong just stood still in the center of the universe like a statue.

After a long while, with a dim light flas.h.i. ng in his eyes, he turned his head to look at a place far away from him.

Then he headed off in that direction.

There was an ice mountain floating in a s.p.a.ce where the fight he had just had could not reach.

A magnificent palace which was built by ice and snow was seated on the ice mountain.

It was a huge palace which contained the pavilions, terraces and open halls.

Having entered in that s.p.a.ce, Chen Xuanzong began to walk through the palace.

Suddenly, some tiny strange beasts flew out.

A little girl was running after the beasts, chasing and playing with them.

When she saw Chen Xuanzong, she got in a trance for a moment.

After that, she remembered that her parents had told her to be polite, so she bowed to him, pretending to be mature, and said, “Uncle Chen, h.e.l.lo.”

“...At ease.” Chen Xuanzong moved his lips and tried to say something.

But finally, the only thing that came out of his mouth were those two words.

With her head tilted, the little girl looked at Chen Xuanzong with curiosity.

Suddenly, something popped into Chen Xuanzongs mind.

With a serious look on his face, he grabbed one of her hands and rolled up her sleeves.

There was a rune flas.h.i. ng faintly on the arm of the little girl.

There was nothing special about the rune.

However, its flas.h.i. ng rate was like the human breath, which was long and even.

Just like a man in his sleep.

“Thats crazy, you are crazy.

How can you do this to your daughter...” Chen Xuanzong murmured that, feeling blood rus.h.i. ng toward his brain.

The little girl didnt know why he was like that, then she asked, “Uncle Chen, where is my daddy”

“...” After being in silence for a moment, Chen Xuanzong said in a slight voice, “You father has gone to a place that is very far from here.

He cant come here to see you in a short period.”

“Daddy has told me that he would take me with him.” The little girl muttered that.

She remembered that her father had mentioned that he would go to a place.

However, she didnt know that the place her father had talked about and the place in Chen Xuanzongs words were obviously not the same thing.

The little girl wouldnt understand that while Chen Xuanzong could not explain to her.

“Uncle Chen, can you bring me to my dad” The little girl looked at the white-haired young man in front of her hopefully.

Chen Xuanzong only stared at the rune on the little girls arm and remained silent.

At last, he still didnt send the little girl to see her father.

Instead, he brought her to the Jade Sky Peak in the World beyond Worlds.

Half a year later, Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign who came back from the outer s.p.a.ce learned what had happened.

They were both speechless about that.

In the Sweeping Snow Pavilion of the Cold Wave Locale on the Jade Sky Peak, Jiang Shen, the Earthly Sovereign, stood by the window while looking at the little girl who was squatting in a daze

by the pond.

After a good while, he said, “You not only keep her in the World beyond Worlds, you also want to teach her martial art”

Chen Xuanzong, the Astro Sovereign, said slowly, “Actually, I only want her to be a normal person and live her life in secure.

But that is clearly just my dream.”

“She needs to reach a high level of cultivation to let the demon imprinted on her be pulled out.”

Jiang Shen said that while turning his head to look at Chen Xuanzong, who just looked back at Jiang, calm and composed.

If judged by appearance, Jiang Shen was more like an instructor in private school who was around fifty or sixty years old.

He didnt look aged and always had a serious look on his face and gentle expression in his eyes.

In fact, he had always devoted to reviving Daoism and educating people.

He had managed to cultivate lots of young talents of Daoism by instructing them earnestly and answering nearly all their questions.

Because he was the oldest one in the new Nine Luminaries of Kunlun and had survived the Great Calamity, even some of the people in the new Nine Luminaries of Kunlun had been instructed by him before, not to mention tons of the Daoist of the new generation after the Great Calamity.

“Thats too dangerous.” Jiang Shen said slowly, “Its Gui Shui Demon you are talking about.”

Chen Xuanzong shook his head and said, “Ill take all the responsibilities.

If things go too far...

Ill solve the problem by myself like this time.”

In the shadow, a man who seemed invisible said, “You can have a try.

Just consider it as gathering experiences for fighting the big demon.”

There were three people in the Sweeping Snow Pavilion right now.

However, the third person always managed to conceal his existence.

However, Jiang Shen and Chen Xuanzong still needed to take his words into consideration since he had already spoken.

Therefore, that innocent little girl was able to stay in the World beyond Worlds from then on.

However, there was another dispute about the suitable person for her instructor.

Finally, she still stayed in the Jade Sky Peak.

“The cause before, the effect today...”

Astro Sovereign returned to reality from his memories.

The view in front of his eyes changed from the Sweeping Snow Pavilion into the snowy world.

Seeing the view of Yan Zhaoges back disappearing from the ice ocean, Astro Sovereign who was in the ice pillar shook his head while saying, “Xingtang, you are so lucky to have such a talented descendant.”

“Its just I dont know where his talent would lead him to...”

“If you and your wife havent died so soon, would everything in this world be different”

A heavy long sigh came out from the ice pillar.

Yan Zhaoge came out from the bottom of the ice mountain and returned to the boundless glacier.

Then he saw a gorgeous woman standing in the ice and snow with her hands crossed behind her back while still keeping her eyes closed.

“Your majesty.” Yan Zhaoge approached her from behind.

Female Emperor turned around, still closing her eyes, and said, “You have met my master”

“Yes, as you have said, Astro Sovereign was not able to leave this place.” Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Female Emperor nodded and said, “In that case, you should leave now.

Although you possess a high level of cultivation, the cold air here will still erode your spirit.”

“Dont go back to the World beyond Worlds directly.

Other people might find the location of this place from the traces you leave.” Female Emperor continued, “If you take a detour at the Nine Underworlds, those demons wont notice here.

I believe that you are capable of walking on the outer area of the Nine Underworlds.

Just be careful.”


I should go now.” Yan Zhaoge said that with his hands cupped.

Then he left right away without lingering there.

Female Emperor stood on the glacier quietly.

She didnt freeze herself at this moment.

However, she looked like an ice sculpture more than ever.

Yan Zhaoge turned his head and took a look at Female Emperor.

Then lots of thoughts flashed in his mind.


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