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What had happened on that day from thousands of years ago was engraved in the deep of Jie Mingkong\'s soul forever.

Every time she recalled that moment, she felt her spirit being burnt.

After that, her world returned to be cold and deadly quiet.

But today, she would let that fire burn to the top.

Right now, in the Nine Underworlds, her strong emotional fluctuation even attracted all the devilish qi to gather around her.

If one had too many evil thoughts and obsessions, those thoughts might turned into demoniac thoughts.

And that person would descend to the devil\'s path.

It was what they called, one thought could create a demon.

However, although there seemed to be countless devilish qi burning all over Jie Mingkong\'s body, she still felt peaceful and quiet deep down.

She had waited and prepared for today for so long.

So she couldn\'t tolerate any failures, especially the ones that might caused by herself.

Even those devilish qi of the Nine Underworld had to make way for her!

After thousands of years, all those obsessions and manias had turned to coldness in her heart.

She had to succeed today, no matter what.

As she \'saw\' a hole appearing on the snow-while barrier, from which a sword light and a golden red ray of light flew out and entered the Nine Underworlds, she still remained calm.

Then the sword light and the golden red ray of light came to the front of Female Emperor, revealing their true figure as Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor.

With serious looks on their faces, they both stared at Female Emperor and the huge light ma.s.s which flared in the Nine Underworlds around her.

Inside the light ma.s.s, lots of seals were intertwining with each other constantly.

Also, there were few rays of light shooting from the ma.s.s to the endless s.p.a.ce outside of the Nine Underworlds through the devilish qi.

The white seal was still spinning in that s.p.a.ce.

With the help of those rays of light, it span faster and faster.

“Have you stolen the Ancient Star Frozen Iron to bring us here and buy you some time”

After saying that, the two emperors attacked Jie Mingkong together without wasting too many time on words.

And they could cooperate perfectly without any communication.

Trueness Emperor attacked the light ma.s.s to destroy the ritual, which was the essential part of Jie Mingkong\'s plan.

Meanwhile, Tranquility Emperor launched an attack on Female Emperor and made her unable to spare any effort to save the ritual.

Female Emperor remained her eyes closed and took a step forward, with no expression on her face.

In the meantime, Tranquility Emperor stroke her with both of his palms.

Inside the Nine Underworlds which was filled with devilish qi right now, a crack was cut from the s.p.a.ce violently.

As the battle started to get intense, the four phenomenon of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind all spread in the s.p.a.ce.

Four dragons and four tigers rushed out all of a sudden.

Each of them lied across the s.p.a.ce with their endless body.

Right now, the s.p.a.ce was full of their dominating aura.

When Tranquility Emperor put his palms together, the dragons and the tigers all pounced on Female Emperor from each direction.

With calmness on her face, Female Emperor raised one of her hands while using her palm as a sabre to chop the dragons and tigers in front of her!

Her attack was so powerful that even the chaos in the s.p.a.ce was destroyed as if she was going to redefine the primordial world and the four phenomenons.

Suddenly, the darkness was divided by the light coming out from her palm and endless flowing water appeared afterwards.

The water was the foundation of the world.

It seemed to contain infinite vitality and warmness.

However, there were also murderous intentions and coldness hiding under the water.

Female Emperor used her palm sabre to attack again as if she was about to separate the heaven from earth.

However, Tranquility Emperor didn\'t confronted her this time.

Those menacing wind tigers and cloud dragons suddenly scattered to the sides in order to avoid the attack from Female Emperor.

After that, they gathered from the two sides again to strike the center.

Nonetheless, Female Emperor had no intention to slow down her move with her palm chopping to Tranquility Emperor.

The moment they launched the first attack to each other, they both gave up defensing and prepared for wearing each other out!

Tranquility Emperor, having no sign of flinching, still remained composed.

The eyes of the dragons and tigers on her rope got bright all of a sudden!

Two rays of golden and red light were lighted up at the moment, which completely lit up the dark Nine Underworlds.

Among the roars of dragons and tigers, the two rays of light intertwined with each other and formed a bright armour on Tranquility Emperor\'s body.

With the armour on him and the help of the dragons and tigers, Tranquility Emperor was like the general from the heaven inside the red storm and golden auspicious clouds.

At the same time, his figure enlarged all of a sudden, which made him a giant between the sky and the earth.

Before this time, they had gotten into fights more than once and never come to a close.

Nevertheless, Tranquility Emperor also knew that Female Emperor hadn\'t shown her real strength as her eyes were closed.

He admired the power of Female Emperor while also fearing of her.

Nevertheless, the reason why he still had the guts to pursue Female Emperor in order to get the Ancient Star Frozen Iron back was because he also had his own ace in the hole besides having Trueness Emperor accompanied him.

Though Female Emperor had closed herself in the door to cultivate, he also possessed the immoral weapon, the dragon and tiger golden armour!

As the immortal weapon was on his body, Tranquility Emperor put his palms together with might doubled.

Then those dragons and tigers which were attacking Female Emperor also became more ferocious as their figures turned even bigger.

The wind followed the tigers and the clouds followed the dragons.

Under the affection of the red storm, the four tigers which were transformed by earth, water, fire and wind growled fiercely without break.

Meanwhile, the four light dragons on the golden auspicious clouds also showed a frightened and impressive appearance.

At the very moment, Female Emperor ripped the red storm and golden clouds around Tranquility Emperor\'s body apart with her sharp palm sabre.

However, Tranquility Emperor, being covered with glowing light, only hummed and took in the strike.

While he kept moving his two fists back and forth, the four tigers and dragons all charged into Female Emperor\'s temples with a tremendous momentum from both sides!

Now, Female Emperor\'s figure looked even a bit twisted in the rising wind and cudding clouds.

On the other side, Trueness Emperor ignored the battle between the two true immortal emperors and stabbed at the light ma.s.s straightly with his sword.

However, at this moment, something echoed in his mind and he felt something wrong immediately.

Meanwhile, Tranquility Emperor who didn\'t have any strange feelings saw something unexpected happening in front of him.

Although Female Emperor was still under the attack of the tigers and dragons along with the winds and the clouds, she suddenly smiled.

It was like she had been expecting this moment.

At the same time, her eyes which were closed the whole time, were opened silently.

\'She was the first emperor of the World beyond Worlds, Jie Mingkong.

And now she opened her eyes!\'

Even though Tranquility Emperor had already prepared for this, he still couldn\'t help thinking of the words above.

After that, his eyes were blurred all of a sudden.

Because there was a bright ice blue light shooting from Female Emperor\'s pupils.

The light was so dazzling that even a true immoral like Tranquility Emperor didn\'t dare to look right into her eyes.

He could feel the stabbing pain from the deep of his soul.

The feeling was like the numbness and unconsciousness after being burnt.

In a flash, the s.p.a.ce was filled snow flakes.

And both the red storms and the golden auspicious clouds were frozen to clouds of ice fog under the snow.

Those dragons and tigers which had roared just now turned into ice sculptures straightly, stopping at a place which was very close to Jie Mingkong\'s head.

And she finally continued to push forward her sabre as those creatures which had stopped her using palm as a sabre before now couldn\'t move a bit.

With a piercingly cold light flas.h.i. ng, the red storms and golden clouds were ripped apart in a second.

As an experienced fighter, Tranquility Emperor took back his hands to control the dragons and tigers.

Then those creatures gathered together to defense Jie Mingkong\'s attack at a full fit.

Meanwhile, the dragon and tiger amour was glittering, which meant that it had reached its highest level for defense.

Snows covered all over Tranquility Emperor\'s body.

He couldn\'t help staggering while retreating.

After beating back Tranquility Emperor, Jie Mingkong stood in the center of the s.p.a.ce while glancing around with ice blue light s.h.i. ning with boundless radiance in her eyes.

Then she cast a look to Trueness Emperor.

Right now Truness Emperor\'s sword almost reached the light ball.

However, intense ice rain suddenly fell from the sky.

Each raindrop was like a blade.

Winds and frosts were filling the whole sky.

Then blades were filling the whole sky!

Under the attack of those knife-like winds and sword-like frost, Trueness Emperor was surrounded by the tight encirclement of death!


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