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In the Nine Underworlds which were filled with chaos and murderous aura, all the devilish qi was cleared away.

Now the s.p.a.ce was shrouded by the wind and snow.

With herself as the center, Jie Mingkong controlled the wind and snow as blades to slaughter everything that came into her sight.

Meanwhile, the ice rain was falling from the sky just like the heavy blade storm.

The sharp blades which were transformed by the ice rain stoke the sword light continually.

Under the ma.s.sive attacks from the blades, the sword light kept shaking and couldn\'t move forward anymore.

Finally, the sword light had spent the last piece of its strength while it was so close to the light ball.

The dense blades also fell onto Trueness Emperor himself.

After taking a deep breath, Trueness Emperor moved his body quickly with black sword qi sending from him.

The black qi was woven into a dense net, which blocked all the wind and snow.

Almost in an blink of an eye, Trueness Emperor was covered by the white snows like a huge silkworm coc.o.o.n.

Although the sparkling ice and snow were blocked by the black net, there were still lots of sharp ice cone piercing through the mesh.

The black sword and the white blade were fighting against each other, with fierce intents to kill.

Trueness Emperor wielded his sword masterly.

Among the black sword qi, a red light of the sword appeared brilliantly in the s.p.a.ce.

After that, the sanguinary sword light broke the siege of the wind and the snow like a coc.o.o.n getting out from the sh.e.l.l.

However, at this moment, he was confronting a pair eyes which flashed ice blue light.

With an indifferent look on her face, Jie Mingkong, having raised one of her hands high and used her palm as a sabre, chopped down as if she was just making a careless move.

The cold light flashed along with the scattered blood.

Trueness Emperor groaned heavily.

His right hand which had transformed into the sword light was cut off from the elbow directly by Jie Mingkong!

After chopping off his hand, Jie Mingkon continued her attack and raised her sabre again.

At the critical moment, Tranquility Emperor who had just dispelled the ice and snow around him came forward in a haste and blocked the blade from Jie Mingkong for Trueness Emperor.

The dragon tiger golden amour, as an immoral weapon, was meant to increase Tranquility Emperor\'s strength and made him more powerful.

Since it was an armour, it was surely more helpful in defense than attack.

Even so, after being chopped by Jie Mingkong, those dragons and tigers on the armour all whined together while the golden light was darkened right away.

With the sweeping of the ice and snow, Tranquility Emperor and the Dragon Tiger Gold Armour were about to be frozen together.

“Jie Mingkong, good for you!” Tranquility Emperor shouted, showing more vigor in the crisis.

With calm expression in his eyes, he pushed forward both his hands.

Then he laced his ten fingers together and raised his hands as if he was holding something up.

As the light flickered, those phenomenons all transformed into real dragons and tigers which were intertwining with each other and spiraling upward.

The rays of light on the armour which had been darkened before a.s.sembled again.

Tranquility Emperor gave up all the defense decidedly and gathered all the strengths in his hands.

At last, as the dragons and the tigers intertwined together and the light s.h.i. ned in all directions, there was a Ruyi Jade appearing in Tranquility Emperor\'s hands!

In the ancient times, the apotheosis era, the direct disciple of the founder of the Prime Clear lineage, also known as Golden Spirit Mother, had swept the world before one with that Dragon Tiger Ruyi Jade.

Tranquility Emperor was from the direct lineage of Gold Spirit Mother, which was very rare in this generation.

At that time when the Great Profound Dynasty on the Royal Reed Sea of the World beyond Worlds had tried to imitate the Five Fire and Seven Beasts.

However, that was more like a inferior copy.

Now Tranquility Emperor had gathered the martial spirit and the immortal qi to refine the Ruyi Jade, which was no doubt the unique treasure of the Prime Clear lineage.

As he closed his hands together and smashed down, he did show the certain domineering power of the Dragon Tiger Ruyi Jade falling from the sky.

In the meantime, with the look on his face turning serious, Trueness Emperor ignored having lost his right arm and used the forefinger and the middle finger of his left hand to employ a sword tactic.

Then he attacked Jie MIngkong from another direction with his sword.

Being attacked by both parties, Jie Mingkong stood still in the center and showed no intention to dodge.

Having crossed her hands in front of her chest, she opened her arms toward both sides and smashed down her palms.

The blade on her left hand moved swiftly like the unpredictable snow, which made Trueness Emperor unable to attack precisely with his sword.

As he felt fretful about the situation, suddenly the blade appeared in the wind and the snow again.

Trueness Emperor dodged in the flickering cold light to avoid being attacked at the vital part.

Even so, he still got a few severe injuries on his body, bleeding badly.

At the same time, the blade on her right hand chopped on the Ruyi Jade which had all the immortal qi of Tranquility Emperor on it.

The attack from her right hand was not as flexible as the one from her left hand.

Instead, it was domineering and ruthless!

As the blade stroke on its target, the world suddenly became like a broken mirror without any sound.

And the Ruyi Jade was broken into pieces!

The blade didn\'t stop forwarding and cut right onto Tranquility Emperor\'s body.

Because the defensive power of the Dragon Tiger Gold Armour had been weakened, Tranquility Emperor got a scary wound immediately!

Blood was filled in the s.p.a.ce while the two emperors of the Roving Jade Heavens were knocked into the air.

The battle was surely tragic.

However, the women in white still stood put with pride, never moving her legs.

The huge light ball kept operating silently.

The bright seals inside was not influenced by the fierce battle and all turned to the vague rays of light which shoot toward the s.p.a.ce outside the Nine Underworlds steadily.

“When Jie Mingkong opens her eyes and Chen Qianhua becomes immoral, retreat the moment you see that.

Don\'t hesitate!” Seeing that white figure with his face turning pale, Tranquility Emperor suddenly remembered the comments from Cloud Conquest Emperor toward the experts of the World beyond Worlds except the three sovereigns many years ago.

It was true that sometimes only the personal experience could talk.

Actually, Tranquility Emperor had already known about the power of Female Emperor before today.

Though all the cultivators had the unyielding spirits, he still acknowledged defeat in front of Jie Mingkong.

He knew he couldn\'t fight her alone without any weapons.

So he brought a helper and a weapon.

And he had thought that was enough to get the treasure which was stolen by Jie Mingkong back.

Nonetheless, only until he had faced Jie Mingkong did he realize the power gap between them.

She had just beaten the two emperors of Roving Jade Heavens with her bare hands while Tranquility Emperor had wore the immoral weapon, the Dragon Tiger Gold Armour.

If facing Female Emperor alone without any immoral weapons, either Tranquility Emperor or Trueness Emperor wouldn\'t be able to be alive in a short minute.

What made the two emperors felt even more terrified was that it seemed that Jie Mingkong hadn\'t even fought with all strength.

That woman stood quietly in the s.p.a.ce with her eyes looking to the white seal in the s.p.a.ce outside of the Nine Underworlds instead of the two emperors.

But Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor could still feel clearly the cold murderous intention from her, even though she didn\'t look over.

Suddenly, the white seal in the s.p.a.ce shook.

And lots of blood streaks emerged on the white light while spreading toward all the directions.

“Huh” Female Emperor turned around to look at the light ball with grim expression in her eyes.

Then she saw the seal which was rotating in the light ball was also shaking and about to be broken apart.

“That can\'t be from the Roving Jade Heavens, it\'s…” Female Emperor turned around all of a sudden and looked at the Land of tranquil stream on the endless glacier, shouting, “Master!”


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