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Black Buddha disappeared and Yan Zhaoge returned to his own figure at one side of the blood pool.

He suppressed his restless thoughts while looking at the red light sabre which was rising up from the blood pool.

As Astro Sovereign waved his hand, the light sabre flew from the blood to his hand.

After that, he chopped the air with that sabre again.

The sabre with the red light looked so illusory as if it was not a real one.

The blood red light went through the ice layer and pa.s.sed those demons outside without hurting anything, or anyone.

Finally it reached the endless outer s.p.a.ce through the Land of Tranquil Stream.

The ice blue demon light kept flickering on the white seal and tangling with those blood streaks.

Then the blood red light sabre crossed the s.p.a.ce and chopped to that white seal.

Female Emperor who stayed in the Nine Underworlds watched that with glaring light bursting out from her eyes.

After that, she turned her hand and smashed the huge light ball directly.

As the light ball broke into pieces, the white seal in the outer s.p.a.ce suddenly got enlarged.

Meanwhile the ice blue light glittered even more rapidly and lots of the blood streaks which entangled on the seal snapped all of a sudden.

Female Emperor, totally ignoring the two emperors of the Roving Jade Heavens, cracked the s.p.a.ce and flew to the white seal with ice blue light cover her body, as if she was the sabre which was about to separate the heaven from the earth.

With a cold growl coming out from her chest, she also launched a severe attack with her sabre!

Silence fell in wherever her sabre arrived.

At this moment, the whole universe seemed to become a cold and silent world.

Clearly, Female Emperor had put all her strength on this attack.

In the meantime, Trueness Emperor and Tranquility Emperor saw this and both got scared, thinking, \'If she attacked us like this just now…\'

However, although Female Emperor was already overly powerful, she still couldn\'t stop that ghost-like blood red light sabre.

After the ice blue light sabre flashed across the s.p.a.ce, it pierced right into the blood red light.

But no matter how strong Female Emperor\'s sabre was, the blood red light sabre was only like the illusory rainbow, which couldn\'t be hit or stopped.

In fact, even the real rainbow would be frozen by Female Emperor\'s sabre and disappear right away.

However, the sabre from Astro Sovereign seemed to be in another world.

And Female Emperor could do nothing about it.

So she could only watch that blood red light sabre striking right onto the white seal desperately.

Those blood streaks were irritated by the blood red light sabre and became thicker and thicker until they turned into deep cracks.

Then, those dense cracks worked together and crushed the white seal at last.

“Xuanzong!” Female Emperor shouted.

It was the first time Jie Mingkong ever lost control in front of others.

She turned around to look at the icebound Land of Tranquil stream, with sorrow in her eyes.

As the white seal broke into pieces, Astro Sovereign who was in the ice ocean under the glacier suddenly gave out a stuffy hum.

The sky-height ice pillar which froze him began to shake violently at this moment.

Countless pieces of ice fell from the top to the ocean.

Meanwhile, the demon scar on Astro Sovereign\'s forehead twisted insanely, with ma.s.s of devilish qi coming out.

That raging but lonely devilish qi almost made Yan Zhaoge who sat aside unable to control himself.

At last, the enormous ice pillar was overwhelmed with the devilish qi and completely smashed into pieces.

Then, Astro Sovereign showed up, still sitting with his legs crossed and his eyes closed tightly.

That demon scar was wiggling on his forehead, s.h.i. fting its size constantly.

In the meantime, Female Emperor gradually stabilized herself from her anxiety.

She looked at Astro Sovereign with her eyebrows knitted, then she looked at the white seal which broke up in the s.p.a.ce and turned into flowing light slowly.

There was still some ice blue light mingling in the white light.

But the blue light flashed and disappeared right away.

Seeing what had happened, Female Emperor first got surprised, then she was suddenly enlightened.

“It split…” She shook her head, unwilling to believe this.

After that, she composed herself at once.

She decided to lay aside other things and only focus on the matters right now.

Female Emperor rushed to the Land of Tranquil Stream which was still covered with ice and snow.

Right now, the endless frozen s.p.a.ce and the boundless glacier were also melting ceaselessly.

Although those big demons who besieged the glacier were all scared of Astro Sovereign\'s astonis.h.i. ng attack just now, they went back to their craziness again.

However, they would never be more crazier than Female Emperor.

Above the broken glacier, Female Emperor who had no scruples now fought all those demons alone.

The b.l.o.o.d.y battle was so cruel that even the light in the s.p.a.ce became dimmed.

Meanwhile, Trueness Emperor and Tranquility Emperor looked at what was happening in front of them in doubt and fright.

“Just now, that white seal aimed at Chu Lili who is in Roving Jade Heavens.

Now it was broken.

Does it mean that she has survived this crisis” The two emperors gazed at each other, then they said with one voice, “Or, something has also happened in Roving Jade Heavens”

They wrinkled their eyebrows.

Now that they were both injured and unable to fight at this place.

They left at once and returned to Roving Jade Heavens in a haste.

If nothing strange happened in Roving Jade Heavens, they should rush back as soon as possible in order to deal with the emergency situation, in case the people in the Green Duckweed Mountain were unprepared.

In the meantime, under the glacier, Astro Sovereign finally opened his eyes again and stood up.

The demon scar on his forehead already got steady while that vicious and cold ice blue light gradually disappeared.

As the blue light faded away, there was a horrific thought sending out from that demon scar.

The thought made a deafening sound which was like thousands of demons roaring.

Also, the roar was full of unwillingness, resent and cold murderous intention.

It surged in the s.p.a.ce as if it would turn the whole universe upside down.

When the blue light finally vanished, the roar also died down.

However, the demon scar on Astro Sovereign\'s forehead still exist.

It was like a normal scar which was invincible under his flying white hair.

When he stood up, the glacier which froze the whole Land of Tranquil Stream finally came to an end and began to fell apart in a fast speed.

All those demons outside the glacier also growled together, showing their unwillingness and rage.

But they still gave up struggling and all scattered away.

Unfortunately, Astro Sovereign had no intention to let them go.

In the Land of Tranquil Stream, ice and snow were all over the sky and blocked all the way out.

Suddenly all the ice and snow transformed into scary blades.

And all the demons were exterminated by that death spiral.

With his white hair flying, Astro Sovereign seemed to have already emerged in this world of ice and snow.

As he walked in the snow, all the big demons met their deaths one by one and turned into ice pieces.

At the moment, Female Emperor already stopped fighting and stood quietly in the dark Land of Tranquil Stream.

She closed her eyes again.

When Astro Sovereign walked to her, she still remained silence.

After a while, she said slowly, “Master, now…”

“Lili and I now both bear half of the seal.

But we don\'t share the risk equally.

Each of us could become the incarnation of Gui Shui Demon.” Astro Sovereign explained that while looking at Female Emperor, “However, for the moment, we are totally fine, especially me.

Now I can finally walk with freedom.

But one careless movement might still let me lose control and fall into the demon track.”

“Now I have to pay attention when I fight anyone.

If the fight is too tough or lasts too long, Gui Shui Demon will exploit the opportunity to come back.”

“Lili possesses a lower cultivation and a more active thought.

So she was in a even more dangerous condition than me.”

Chen Xuanzong uttered those words calmly, having no intention to blame Jie Mingkong.

Instead, he only looked at her with a thoughtful look.

Jie Mingkong only looked at him obsessively.

After a long while, she lowered her head and bowed to Chen Xuanzong without saying anything.

Then she turned around and left, disappearing right away.


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