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The most thing Female Emperor wanted was Astro Sovereign to have freedom.

However, when she finally accomplished what she wanted, she only felt ashamed in front of her master.

Though the situation right now was quite different from what she had planned at first, however, Jie Mingkong still couldn\'t look right into Chen Xuanzong\'s eyes.

If the expressions in Chen Xuanzong\'s eyes were resent or rage, she might even feel better.

Seeing Jie Mingkong leaving slowly, Astro Sovereign stayed in silence for a long while.

Only until that white figure completely disappeared did he sigh slightly.

“Your majesty, we made it.

Luckily it was not too late.

We can still make some remedies.” Yan Zhaoge murmured that.

Actually, what Jie Mingkong had planned was letting Chu Lili become demon and be killed by all the experts in Roving Jade Heavens.

The problem with Gui Shui Demon would be solved forever.

But there was no turning back for everyone then.

“I never blamed Mingkong.” Astro Sovereign shook his head, saying, “I owed her too much before.”

“All the things happened today was because of my decision before.

I should be responsible for all of this.

It is not Mingkong or Lili\'s fault.”

“It\'s just, I still couldn\'t believe Mingkong would do this.

Maybe what happened that year influenced her too much.”

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge couldn\'t help but open his eyes widely.

However, he chose to remain quiet.

Even though he was quite curious, he still worried that the more he asked, the dangerous he would be…

“You don\'t need to be too nervous.” Astro Sovereign looked at Yan Zhaoge smilingly.

Then he shook his head and said frankly, “Some conventional rules do make their own senses.

For example, the male master seldom has female disciples.

And the female master seldom has male disciples.”

Then there was a light flas.h.i. ng in Yan Zhaoge\'s eyes.

Though he knew nothing about the stories among Astro Sovereign and his two disciples, he still had some guesses about their relations.h.i. ps according to the weird att.i.tude they had with each other.

Now curiosity almost killed Yan Zhaoge.

“Mingkong only becomes like this because of me.”

Hearing Astro Sovereign\'s words, Yan Zhaoge was a bit enlightened.

Although Astro Sovereign was willing to be locked in this place alone for thousands of years for Chu Lili, Yan Zhaoge still felt that it was more like a sense of responsibility or a calling that Astro Sovereign had for Chu Lili.

Meanwhile, the real one which Chen Xuanzong had fallen in love with was Jie Mingkong!

Astro Sovereign looked at Yan Zhaoge and signed, without continuing.

Usually Astro Sovereign didn\'t like to talk too much.

However, what had happened today really shocked him.

And Since Yan Zhaoge was the descendant of Astro Sovereign\'s friend and also had done him a huge favor.

So Astro Sovereign dropped his defense to this young man.

There was also a deeper reason that made Astro Sovereign want to talk to Yan Zhaoge.

In former years, the profound love between Yan Xingtang and his wife Di Qinglian who were also Yan Zhaoge\'s grandparents had touched Chen Xuanzong a lot.

So, as a person who never considered having a partner in his life, Chen Xuanzong also wondered if he could also fall in love with someone like them.

However, that thought didn\'t go too far.

He hadn\'t met any woman who could tug at his heartstrings.

Until one day, at some point, he had suddenly found that the girl in white had already grown up…

And it had happened before Chu Lili arrived.

However, Chen Xuanzong never showed his feelings and Jie Mingkong also knew nothing about that.

Because he didn\'t know falling in love with his disciple was right or wrong.

It was obviously against the principles.

But what about his own feelings

For the first time, Chen Xuanzong who had already opened the immortal door and focused only on the cultivation felt confused.

Therefore, Chen Xuanzong wasn\'t angry at Jie Mingkong who had gone her own way.

He could still remember what had happened at that moment, on that day, in that year.

It had been Jie Mingkong\'s birthday.

That day, Jie Mingkong finally received a birthday gift for the first time from her master like Chu Lili who had already got used to that.

The surprised, nervous, bashful, doubtful and faltering expression on her face was still vivid in Chen Xuanzong\'s mind.

However, as he was about to tell Jie Mingkong his answer to her love, they were interrupted.

He hadn\'t had a chance to speak up the words in his mind.

Actually, he never had that chance anymore.

On that day, Gui Shui Demon was reborn and Chu Lili almost became the new Ice Demon.

Chen Xuanzong\'s repeated rejection to her love hadn\'t discouraged her.

However, she finally knew who had murdered her father, Chu Heng.

As a result, the thing Chen Xuanzong had worried about for a long time finally happened.

If he kept the promise he had with the other two sovereigns, there was only one thing he could do now.

That was killing the Ice Demon again.

And Chen Xuanzong was the only one who could do that.

It was easy for Chen Xuanzong to destroy the Gui Shui Demon who had just incarnated in Chu Lili\'s body.

But at last, he chose to give up.

He didn\'t want Chu Lili to be responsible for what he had done.

Then Chen Xuanzong intercepted and captured Chu Lili\'s demon rune and became the new incarnation for Gui Shui Demon.

As a matter of fact, his body was the best suitable incarnation for Gui shui Demon.

He didn\'t if it had always been Gui Shui Demon\'s true purpose to let him become the incarnation.

But he still chose to take the burden and also managed to stop Gui Shui Demon from coming back.

And the cost was that he had to be frozen in the Land of Tranquil Stream between the human world and the Nine Underworlds.

At that time, Jie Mingkong had tried to save Chu Lili at first but was badly injured after.

While she was in a great physical pain, she found that she would lose her master forever.

Then, she was overwhelmed by grief.

She didn\'t even have a chance to experience the joy and happiness which she had just received.

The next moment, all her sweet dreams were destroyed.

There were only endless desperation and sorrow for her.

Maybe the World beyond Worlds did not only lose one of the three sovereigns, Astro Sovereign.

That lively girl Jie Mingkong was also gone forever.

There was only Profound Cold Emperor, who was also known as Female Emperor, Jie Mingkong.

“You don\'t have to stay here anymore.” Astro Sovereign came back to sense while shaking his head lightly, “I can\'t go to the Roving Jade Heavens now.

Zhaoge, can you do me a favor and go there for me”

The situation of Chu Lili was still uncertain.

After today, she couldn\'t live in the Roving Jade Heavens anymore.

Even if the people there agreed to let her stay, they might only want to take advantage of her.

However, according to Chu Lili\'s condition right now, she might also be coveted by any big demons if she left the Roving Jade Heaven.

Though Astro Sovereign had already killed all the demons who had come to this Land of Tranquil Stream, it was still possible that the thing had happened here had already leaked.

“It\'s my pleasure, your majesty.

I would go to the Roving Jade Heavens now.” Yan Zhaoge bowed to Astro Sovereign and said that, “But you and Female Emperor…”

“Mingkong…” Astro Sovereign sighed and shook his head.

Even if he didn\'t blame Female Emperor, that didn\'t mean that he agreed to what she had done.

Clearly, Female Emperor was aware of that.

It would be better for them not to see each other.

After all, they had nothing to say to each other now.

Time couldn\'t heal all of this.

Only after they had figured out what had happened on that day would let everything come to an end, even if the result might not satisfy everyone.

Yan Zhaoge nodded and stopped asking.

“As for me, I\'ll return to the World beyond Worlds.” Astro Sovereign said that slightly, “On that day, everything happened so fast.

I could only stop the Gui Shui Demon\'s rebirth so there are still lots of things I couldn\'t understand.

Too many doubts have stayed in my mind for thousands of years.”

Jie Mingkong didn\'t know the answer.

Yue Zhenbei was never there.

And Chen Xuanzong was the only one who had the qualification to question that person, about that thing.


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