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Even if Female Emperor had seldom seen Astro Sovereign over these years, they must have few contacts with each other before.

Also, Sword Sovereign was also aware of Astro Sovereign\'s condition.

So, why couldn\'t Astro Sovereign ask them to do him a favor Instead, he had just said that he had needed to go to the World under Worlds by himself

Thinking of that, Yan Zhaoge suddenly got enlightened.

He realized that Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign must be involved in this.

Since Yan Zhaoge had already told Astro Sovereign that Earthly Sovereign hadn\'t been in World beyond Worlds, then the only one that drove Astro Sovereign there must be Concealed Sovereign.

Though Yan Zhaoge was curious, he didn\'t dare to ask more.

After all, he was already satisfied with the result now.

Even though Astro Sovereign now had some scruples when he fought because he still had Gui Shui Demon sealed in his body, Astro Sovereign still possessed horrific powers.

Not to mention that Astro Sovereign also had an immortal weapon of Tranquil Level.

That broken sabre might look a bit unimpressive.

But that was the most famous sabre in the World beyond Worlds, the Broken Cold Wave!

The sabre was named Cold Wave before and the blade was three feet long.

Afterwards, Astro Sovereign had broken one foot off from the sabre.

Then the name of the sabre had been renamed to Broken Cold Wave.

The most strange thing was that this precious sabre from the Immortal World had even got its power strengthened after it had been broken.

This legend went around in the Worlds beyond Worlds for a long time.

If Astro Sovereign came back to the World beyond Worlds, Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign would be more prudential about continuing adding pressure to the Broad Creed Mountain.

What\'s more, Astro Sovereign also mentioned to Yan Zhaoge that he didn\'t intend to rest in the Sky Jade Peak of the Kunlun Mountain.

Instead, Astro Sovereign prepared to find a place in Eastern Vast Heaven Territory to have a rest.

Though Astro Sovereign also had his own intentions, he would still take a stand of supporting the Broad Creed Mountain and the Yan Family by doing that.

In this way, Yan Zhaoge would feel more a.s.sured when he went to the Roving Jade Heavens.

Of course, that was merely a comparatively speaking in consideration of the situation in the World beyond Worlds right now.

Actually, Yan Zhaoge also felt complicated coming to Roving Jade Heavens this time.

When he had met Chu Lili for the first time, he had never realized that things would become like this.

As for those disciples of the Prime Clear Lineage like Gao Xuebo, the things that had happened must also give them headaches.

They had already guessed that Chu Lili had come to the Roving Jade Heaven to take refuge.

However, little did they know that the disaster that Chu Lili had brought to them might be a big demon like Gui Shui Demon.

As Yan Zhaoge finally met Gao Xuebo, they could only look at each other and give out wry smiles.

Then Yan Zhaoge told Gao Xuebo what had happened while leaving out the sensitive part of the story.

After hearing that, Gao Xuebo said in a serious look, “What a wonderful plan Female Emperor had! In that way, she could save Astro Sovereign from that cage while killing her enemy by exploiting us.

That\'s killing two birds with one stone!”

“How\'s senior Chu doing right now” Yan Zhaoge asked that in a low voice.

“She has already left the Roving Jade Heavens.” On these words, there were helpless and reluctant expression showing on Gao Xuebo\'s face, “My great grand master, my father and my mother are still in secluded cultivation.

Other people here couldn\'t detect the things happened in You Region on time.”

“When we finally found the devilish qi filling in the Dynasty Vessel Valley, it was already too late.

Also, the message which was brought by Trueness and Tranquility Emperor was sent to us behind time.

Yan Zhaoge frowned and said, “Devilish qi was filling in that place… Senior Chu has already become a demon”

“Not yet, as I see it.” After pondering for a while, Gao Xuebo replied that.

Then he added, “I believe that she managed to control herself after struggling for a while.

The situation would be completely different now if Gui Shui Demon, one of the Twelve Devilish G.o.ds, has come back to life.”

“I see.” Yan Zhaoge nodded while also sighing secretly.

He wondered what would happen to Jie Mingkong and Chu Lili next

“I only hope that senior Chu wouldn\'t be targeted by those big demons.” Yan Zhaoge expressed his worry while rubbing his temples slightly, “Otherwise, she might still become a demon.”

“And we don\'t even know where to find her.”

The person who went missing also included Jie Mingkong.

Although Yan Zhaoge was not so certain, he had a six sense that Female Emperor didn\'t come back to the World beyond Worlds.

Right now, she might still couldn\'t face Astro Sovereign.

“Are Trueness Emperor and Tranquility Emperor doing well now” When Yan Zhaoge thought of Female Emperor, he couldn\'t leave out the two emperors who had been wounded by her.

Hearing that, Gao Xuebo shook his head instantly, saying, “Tranquility Emperor\'s condition is better.

After all, he had the Dragon Tiger Gold Armour to protect him.”

“But Trueness Emperor, on the other hand, was hurt really badly.

Though he has already taken off his human body by opening the door to immortality, being cut off an arm by Female Emperor was still a vital strike for him.”

“His Daoist cultivation was based on Steady qi.

Thus he won\'t be seriously harmed by ordinary cultivators.

However, as long as he was.

.h.i.t on the critical part, it would be hard for him to recover.”

There were five kinds of immortal qi, Steady qi, Transforming qi, Bright qi, Fury qi and Clear qi, which were all different from each other.

All the true immortal experts who had opened the door of immortality would refine themselves with one kind of immortal qi.

After they transformed their true essence into immortal qi, they would possess a flawless body.

As for which kind of immortal qi would they cultivate, it varied with each individual.

Normally, the immortal qi would match with the person\'s own cultivation conception.

Some cultivators chose the immortal qi which had the same nature as their cultivation, some chose the one that could supplement their cultivation, only few of the cultivators would walk on the completely different path by choosing the immortal qi which had the opposite nature as their cultivation in order to looking for some kind of balance.

Therefore, all the true immortals or emperors would show different movements in martial arts when they fought each other.

Normally, the person who cultivated the Clear qi wouldn\'t stand out in every respect.

However, they could lay a solid foundation to cultivate the second immortal qi.

When all the other conditions were suitable, it was more likely for the people who cultivated the Clear qi to break through the Pure Profound Tribulation.

The people who cultivated the Transforming qi were more flexible and nearly had no shortcomings in their cultivation, which also made them easily go to the next step.

As for Bright qi cultivator, they tended to be lively while also good at defense and recovering.

In the meantime, their bodies absorbed the immortal qi in the fastest way.

Also, since they also stored the most abundant immortal qi, they were skilled in fighting the protracted war.

Steady qi cultivator gave the powerful attack and possessed the solid defense.

Though it seemed to be the most stable way for cultivation, Steady qi cultivators still had their defects of having a hard time cultivating the second immortal qi.

Also, Fury qi cultivators normally couldn\'t make any further progress.

Moreover, they were also likely to lose control of themselves and fall into the demon track.

However, when they were still in the level of true immortals after they had opened the door of immortality, Fury qi cultivators could launch the most vital attack to their enemies.

All the differences which were mentioned above only applied to one person.

As a matter of fact, there were too many factors other than immortal qi that could influence a cultivator\'s power.

“I thought Female Emperor cultivated Steady qi.

However, when she opened her eyes, I finally realized that she was actually a Fury qi cultivator.” Yan Zhaoge kept shaking his head while saying that.

“I\'ve also heard of the things which happened to you guys in the World beyond Worlds.” Gao Xuebo said, “Since Astro Sovereign has already returned, I believe he would protect your family considering that he had been a sworn friend to Exalted Gold Luminary.

Then I should be more relaxed now.”

Yan Zhaoge understood that Gao Xuebo was implying him that he could come to the Roving Jade Heavens anytime he needed.

“Thanks a lot, senior apprentice-uncle Gao.”

Unless there was no other way, Yan Zhaoge didn\'t plan to come to the Roving Jade Heavens.

But he still had to appreciate the kindness of Gao Xuebo.

“My pleasure, Zhaoge.” Gao Xuebo shook his head, “Speaking of this, I should thank you on behalf of the Roving Jade Heavens.

If it were not for you who had helped Astro Sovereign, we would have a huge disaster here.”

“Besides, there is also one thing you should care about.”

After Gao Xuebo saying that, he looked at Yan Zhaoge for a while, then he added, “The years of drastic conflicts between the Immortal Court and blessed land now were gradually quiet down.

So they have more energies to focus on us, the Three Purities.

You have to prevent the Immortal Court from getting involved directly.

By then, even the World beyond Worlds might not be able to protect you.”


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