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In comparison with Roving Jade Heavens or the people who followed the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, the World beyond Worlds still had a smoother relations.h.i. p with the Immortal Court.

However, they were never aligned.

The spying or prying attempts had never been stopped between them.

What had happened to Fu Yunchi was an obvious example.

However, all of the dirty tricks were conducted on the sly.

So no one knew about these things except for the persons concerned.

Fu Jinxiu\'s split personality is quite unexpected for me though... On these words, Concealed Sovereign glanced at Yan Zhaoge with a smile.

However, Yan Zhaoge still remained a composed look with no changes of the expression on his face.

Although it had happened when Concealed Sovereign had secluded himself, it didn\'t mean that Concealed Sovereign had cut himself off from all the matters from the outside.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge was not surprised to hear that Concealed Sovereign knew about what had happened to Fu Jinxiu.

Let alone that most of this thing had been in the expectation of Concealed Sovereign.After all, he was the one who had plotted this.

However, even if his soul was split into two, there is nothing to worry about. Concealed Sovereign grinned and said, After this time, he could impede a future disaster.

And the possibility of his two sides making any progress is not our concern too.

Concealed Sovereign looked at Yan Zhaoge and said, I don\'t need to say too much about the unfeeling side.

As for the feeling side, I\'ve already had plan for it.

After all, when I let Fu Jinxiu give birth to his second daughter, I didn\'t know where to find the Taiyi Fist of Grand Simplicity and the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

So I didn\'t see any promising future for the unfeeling side.

Then I have only prepared the path for his feeling side after I eliminated the hidden danger.

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge squinted his eyes and said, You truly are a very thoughtful person, your majesty.

Like what fellow daoist Chen has said, although there are some differences between the Grand Clear lineage and the Jade Clear lineage, we still belong to the Three Clear lineage together.

I still consider the people from the Grand lineage different from the people of the Prime lineage who are not in the same camp with us.

I also don\'t want to lose excellent talents like Fu Jinxiu. Concealed Sovereign said that smilingly.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled ironically.

Concealed Sovereign stated that he didn\'t want to lose the people who were in the same camp with him.

So the other way around of his statement was that he would show no mercy to the people who were not in the same camp with him.

Now Yan Zhaoge didn\'t even need to guess who had contribute to Chu Lili\'s refuge in the Roving Jade Heavens.

Having looked Yan Zhaoge up and down for a while, Concealed Sovereign said, To be honest, I felt more pity for you than Fu Jinxiu.

I\'m flattered by your preference. Yan Zhaoge started at Concealed Sovereign\'s face and responded indifferently.

Concealed Sovereign then asked in curiosity, Fellow daoist Chen has got out of the ice but the finally result didn\'t go as I have expected.

So are you involved in this

Then Yan Zhaoge replied, I\'m not capable of doing it by myself.

But since I was there, I had to do the best I could.

Fellow daoist Chen must be happy to see that little fellow Chu didn\'t have to undertake the demon rune by herself.

However, the other disciple of him, my little fellow Jie, must be very disappointed. Concealed Sovereign laughed and said to Yan Zhaoge, In consideration of the Broad Creed Mountain\'s situation in the World beyond Worlds, I think the best choice for you is to do nothing, right

Doing nothing was a completely different thing from stopping it or lending a hand.

Even if Yan Zhaoge had done nothing, he wouldn\'t offend Astro Sovereign.

No one should demand another person to be all mighty and create a miracle.

A decent person like Astro Sovereign would never demand that much from Yan Zhaoge or even vent his anger to Yan Zhaoge because of the latter\'s uselessness.

And If Yan Zhaoge hadn\'t done anything, Female Emperor\'s plan would succeed.

The Roving Jade Heavens might be shaken by that.

And the worst result would be Profound Sovereign and Vine Sovereign coming out from their seclusion in advance.

If the two sovereign were there when Chu Lili became a demon, she would definitely be killed right away.

Also, they couldn\'t blame Yan Zhaoge for being unable to stop all of this.

After all, how could they ask a cultivator in the Martial Saint realm to do something even Astro Sovereign hadn\'t managed to do

If Yan Zhaoge hadn\'t got involved at that time, no one would even know about his capability.

Even though he had already had some discussions about the demon rune with Astro Sovereign, Yan Zhaoge was still the only one who knew how much he could do in the real battle.

And to put it bluntly, Yan Zhaoge had only taken a risk at that time and not been sure of the result.

So as long as he did nothing, he wouldn\'t need to be responsible for anything.

The more he did, the more mistakes he might make.

The less he did, the less mistakes he might make.

And the only way to make zero mistakes would be do nothing.

Even if Chu Lili became a demon, Astro Sovereign who got out of the ice wouldn\'t blame Yan Zhaoge.

And considering the relations.h.i. p between Exalted Gold Luminary and Astro Sovereign, the latter would still help Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain.

As for the irreparable rift between Female Emperor and Astro Sovereign had nothing to do with Yan Zhaoge.

Also, the Roving Jade Heavens wouldn\'t blame Yan Zhaoge either.

Everything would be perfect.

And the problem of Astro Sovereign being unable to help would also be solved easily.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge didn\'t need to do a thing.

It was like the good luck just stoke him.

However, that result was not what Yan Zhaoge wanted to see.

At least he wouldn\'t choose to do that unless there was no other way.

I admit that I am a man who go after benefits. Yan Zhaoge looked at Concealed Sovereign with his hands threw up, However, I can\'t do things only because they seem beneficial to me.

Concealed Sovereign smiled and said, That\'s right.

No wonder why people always say that man\'s mind is unpredictable.

Astro Sovereign stared at Concealed Sovereign while shaking his head, Fellow daoist Yang, you can\'t just follow my words and think you can fool us by beating around the bush.

There were so many strange places about you at that time.

Spying on the Grand Clear lineage of the Ingenious Flying Peak was just one of them, which was also the most obvious one.

That\'s why I have detected that.

If what you have just told is true and Fu Jinxiu did have a problem in himself, you didn\'t have to use such an extreme way to stop me from saying anything even though what you have done was up to discussion.

Astro Sovereign\'s eyes gradually turned sharp, I don\'t believe you would put my two disciples and me into danger only because of the reason you have said.

It wasn\'t that dangerous like you said.

I always have confidence in your ability, fellow daoist Chen. Concealed Sovereign said with a smile, As for now, although things had happened beyond my expectation, you three are still not in danger, aren\'t you

Astro Sovereign glared at Concealed Sovereign coldly while the latter said in calmness, Those are all the causes and effects of this.

I\'m not beating around the bush.

If you have to question closely... As Concealed Sovereign said that, he suddenly laughed, I have disliked you for a long time and I only wanted you to disappear.

Haven\'t you heard the saying which goes \'Out of sight, out of mind\' Well, is this reason good enough for you

Astro Sovereign also remained calm.

He nodded and said, Since that\'s the only thing you can say.

There is no need for me to say more.

After that, Astro Sovereign took out a two-feet broken sabre.

You have the Cover Sky Fan, I have the Broken Cold Sabre.

Let\'s fight. Astro Sovereign raised his sabre composedly with the breach of the white jade broken sabre pointed to Concealed Sovereign.

When Astro Sovereign took out the sabre, the whole Restful Immortal Valley was enveloped in the extreme coldness again.

However, Concealed Sovereign had no intention to fight against him.

I understand that you have grudges after you got out of the ice.

But the changeable situation in the World beyond Worlds doesn\'t allow us to have a fight.

After saying that, Concealed Sovereign looked at Astro Sovereign smilingly while stepping back.

There were blue and black light streams showing in the Restful Immortal Valley again and covering the sky like a canopy.


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