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The blue and black light kept flickering, like the bottomless abyss on the sky.

The piercing cold air was swallowed into the light and disappeared with no sound.

Although my place seems humble, I still have the geographical advantages.

Like what you have just said, fellow daoist Chen, you have the Broken Cold Sabre, I have the Cover Sky Fan. Concealed Sovereign\'s voice came through, I\'m planning to sit inside and go nowhere.

And it\'s also not possible for you to come in.

There\'s a huge world outside there for you two to explore.

I\'ll just stay in my little s.p.a.ce here.

Concealed Sovereign\'s reaction surprised both Yan Zhaoge and Astro Sovereign.

Yang Ce... Astro Sovereign frowned and also gave up the idea of fighting.

He took back his white jade broken sabre and stared at the Restful Immortal Valley, continuing, What on earth are you planning for

Concealed Sovereign chuckled and said, Don\'t worry.

I\'m not waiting for any reinforcements.

Even if fellow daoist Jiang comes back, I won\'t ask him to help me if we get into a fight.

I owe you this fight and I\'ll definitely pay you back some day.

You and I are bound to have a fight.

And I a.s.sure you it\'ll be a good one.

Astro Sovereign stared at the Restful Immortal Valley with his eyebrows knitted, saying nothing.

However, I can only promise you that no one would intervene in our fight. Concealed Sovereign said calmly, But I can\'t a.s.sure you the same thing with others\' fight.

Your majesty. Yan Zhaoge suddenly asked, Do you still want Earthly Sovereign to return to the World beyond Worlds now that Astro Sovereign has been back

After a short moment of silence, Concealed Sovereign smiled and replied, Of course.

Why not

Astro Sovereign looked at the Restful Immortal Valley with the look on his face gradually turning calm.

I have left the World beyond Worlds for so many years.

Now finally I had a chance to come back but everything has already changed.

So I decide to accompany you here, fellow daoist Yang.

I might have to ask for your hospitality.

After saying that, Astro Sovereign flew high and reached to the air above the Restful Immortal Valley.

Then, a water curtain spread from Astro Sovereign and fell to the ground, forming a bigger curtain which enveloped the whole Restful Immortal Valley.

In no time, the water curtain was frozen into a huge glacier which blocked all the areas around the Restful Immortal Valley.

Astro Sovereign also sat cross-legged in the cold ice in peace.

The spiritual qi that flowed in the Kunlun mountain changed completely.

Meanwhile, in the center area of the mountain, the Restful Immortal Valley which used to be spring all year round entered into severe winter.

Since you are interested in doing this, I won\'t mind, fellow daoist Chen. Conceal Sovereign\'s voice came through from the valley.

Soon afterwards, the Restful Immortal Valley fell into silence with no sound coming out anymore.

Thank you, your majesty Astro Sovereign. Yan Zhaoge arrived at the top of the glacier and bowed to Astro Sovereign.

In this way, Concealed Sovereign was forced to stay in the Restful Immortal Valley.

Yan Zhaoge really doubted that most of time, Concealed Sovereign had only used his seclusion as a cover.

After all, Concealed Sovereign\'s cultivation was high enough to make him be able to sneak out without being noticed.

Even if Earthly Sovereign, Astro Sovereign and Sword Sovereign had stayed in their own residence which were the Qilin Cliff, the Jade Sky Peak and the Jade Capital Crag, they wouldn\'t detect a thing.

However, now that Astro Sovereign had blocked the door of the Restful Immortal Valley by himself, it would be impossible for Concealed Sovereign to slip out.

Astro Sovereign had made himself very clear by doing that.

He didn\'t believe that Concealed Sovereign would really sit in the Restful Immortal Valley and go nowhere.

Thus, Astro Sovereign chose to believe himself.

\'Since you want to hide yourself, you better stay in your valley like you have said and don\'t make any other stealthy moves like before.

Or else I would love to fight you in person.\'

Astro Sovereign thought .

Concealed Sovereign\'s excuse which claimed that he had only done all of that because he had disliked Astro Sovereign was too ridiculous.

Neither Yan Zhaoge nor Astro Sovereign had taken that seriously.

Concealed Sovereign must have done lots of dirty tricks over these years.

Setting up the Grand Clear lineage was only one of his schemes which were caught in the act by Astro Sovereign.

Since Astro Sovereign had had suspicions at that time, he could also follow up the clues and track down more of Concealed Sovereign\'s plans.

That was why Concealed Sovereign had had to think of a way to let Astro Sovereign disappear.

Then, there was another question that needed to be answer.

Who had Concealed Sovereign tried to hide from by acting secretly

Maybe it was Astro Sovereign.

However, the thing which was more concerned by Yan Zhoge was that it seemed that Concealed Sovereign had also hidden something from Earthly Sovereign!

As for Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain, there were lots of things that needed to be planned and prepared before Earthly Sovereign came back.

Maybe the situation was also the same for Concealed Sovereign

Whether or not Yan Zhaoge\'s guess was right, Astro Sovereign had already blocked Concealed Sovereign here.

In this way, Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain could do things with less restrictions and make more careful plans.

From then on I\'ll stay here.

And I won\'t leave here unless anything critical happens. Being in the ice didn\'t affect Astro Sovereign\'s chatting with Yan Zhaoge, If you meet Mingkong and Lili out there, please do me a favor and help them.

Astro Sovereign had used sound transmission to tell Yan Zhaoge that, so Concealed Sovereign knew nothing about their conversation.

Don\'t worry, your majesty, I\'ll try my best. Yan Zhaoge nodded.

I\'ve already seen your junior apprentice-nephew and his mother.

You can ask your father about the details when you come back.

Astro Sovereign continued, Also, Yang Ce has lied about lots of things.

Maybe he still has other plans which you need to mind out.

I see. Yan Zhaoge nodded.

Then he said with his eyebrows knitted, It really is hard to tell if Concealed Sovereign was telling the truth.

However, there was something hidden in his words just now...

Yan Zhaoge looked at Astro Sovereign and said, It seems that Earthly Sovereign...

It didn\'t matter if Concealed Sovereign was happy to see Earthly Sovereign coming back.

For Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain, the return of Earthly Sovereign was always a bad news.

After pausing for a moment, Astro Sovereign nodded and said, I know what you mean.

And I agree with what you have thought.

It has been so many years.

Fellow daoist Jiang might already make further progress and step into a new realm, which is the Five Qi Unification realm!

Perhaps when he comes back this time, we would face the new Virtuous Earth Lord rather than Earthly Sovereign. Astro Sovereign said that slowly, Maybe we could also call him Exalted Earth Lord, or the Star Conquest Lord, or even the full name \'Central Virtuous Earth Lord\'.

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge held his forehead with his palm, saying, The Grand Virtual Immortal, the heaven\'s lord.

With a wry smile on Yan Zhaoge\'s face, he looked at Astro Sovereign and asked, Your majesty, I venture to ask this...

Although I already had four qis in my body, I still couldn\'t reach the Five Qis Unification realm at one stroke.

If I try rashly, I might be dead due to the Profound Origin Tribulation. Knowing what Yan Zhaoge wanted to ask, Astro Sovereign gave the answer frankly.

As he talked about that, he looked at the Restful Immortal Valley which was frozen by ice, saying, Though I didn\'t get into a fight with Yang Ce, I can still sense that he\'s just like me and couldn\'t reach to that level in a short period of time.

What I have mentioned to you before about finding fellow daoist Suo, you can consider about it. Astro Sovereign added.

That fellow daoist Suo that he was talking about was also one of the new Nine Luminaries of Kunlun.

The one who used to be the Exalted Fire Luminary, Suo Mingzhang.


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