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Like the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory which situated on the Royal Reed Sea, now the Broad Creed Mountain was also on the sea as if it was an island.

When looking from a distant place, Yan Zhaoge could see rays of light enveloping the Broad Creed Mountain and white smokes rising from all around.

Having gone across the sea, Yan Zhaoge arrived at the gate.

The first thing he did was looking above.

There were also rays of indistinct flowing light covering the sky above the Broad Creed Mountain and spreading to the surrounding area.

That was the protecting ritual of the Broad Creed Mountain.

Now it hadn\'t been stimulated to its full power, so normal people wouldn\'t notice its capability.

However, when enemies came to attack, the ritual would play its role and let anyone who tried to break in get serious injured.

If someone thought he could sneak into the mountain while the ritual hadn\'t exerted its full strength, he would definitely be taught a good lesson.

Of course, if the enemy was too powerful, the situation would be different.

However nowadays only the people who were truly powerful would be able to defeat the protecting ritual of the Broad Creed Mountain.

And there were actually a few people in the World beyond Worlds who were capable of doing that.

But since Yan Di was staying in the Broad Creed Mountain now, he would definitely cope with the emergency.

“Huh, something has changed.” Yan Zhaoge pondered while he was looking above, “It must from my mother\'s work.”

The first time the Broad Creed Mountain tried to establish itself in the World beyond Worlds, the gate of the mountain had been rebuilt.

And Yan Zhaoge had already made some improvements of the protecting ritual.

Under the condition at that time, Yan Zhaoge had already made the ritual reach its perfection.

Even those experts who had already pushed the door to the immortality open wouldn\'t have done better than Yan Zhaoge due to the restriction of the local condition.

This time the Broad Creed Mountain had arrived at the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory and rebuilt the mountain gate.

Thus the ritual which had been improved by Yan Zhaoge had also been moved here.

As sensitive as he was, Yan Zhaoge had already found out quickly that the ritual had been improved again on the basis of the location.

After all, the geographic condition of the Broad Creed Mountain now was much better than Spirit Inheritance Region of the Royal Reed Sea.

However, to make further improvements on the modified ritual needed really high attainments.

At present, the only person of all the experts in the Martial Saint realm in the World beyond Worlds including the exalts whose ritual forming ability was at the same level with Yan Zhaoge who was able to do that was only Xue Chuqing, besides Upper Exalt whose power was too unpredictable.

It could be concluded by looking at Xiao Ai\'s extraordinary achievements in this aspect.

Yan Zhaoge had already reached a higher cultivation realm when compared to his mother.

However, the ritual Xue Chuqing had formed could still rival the ones Yan Zhaoge had formed.

When the Broad Creed Mountain had moved and the protecting ritual had to be rebuilt, Xue Chuqing had put a lot of efforts in it.

“Young Master, you are back.” Ah Hu who had already learned that Yan Zhaoge was back came out to greet his young Master.

Yan Zhaoge laughed and said, “I haven\'t seen Xiao Ai in the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

Did she run back secretly”

Ah Hu smirked and said, “Madam finally returned.

So Xiao Ai came back more often than before.

Madam did have scolded her about that.

However, Master said that it was all right for Xiao Ai to visit Madam as long as the affairs in the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion were not affected.”

“Little girl…” Yan Zhaoge couldn\'t help laughing and shaking his head.

As he arrived at his parents\' place, he saw Xiao Ai trying to sneaking out covertly.

“Xiao Ai.” Yan Zhaoge shouted.

“… I\'m here!” Having stood at attention at once, Xiao Ai turned around stiffly with a beaming smile on her face, “Young Master, it\'s been a long time I haven\'t seen you.

You are even more charming than before.”

“! Definitely !”

Yan Zhaoge and Xue Chuqing both looked at Xiao Ai with annoyed but also amused look on their faces.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ai looked up and down with her eyes darting all around, being afraid to look into Yan Zhaoge\'s eyes.

“I\'m not blaming you.” Yan Zhaoge who found her funny and annoying said, “Why do you seem so guilty”

Hearing his words, Xiao Ai laughed shyly.

Then Yan Zhaoge measured her with his eyes, saying, “But I have to say, you are getting lazier and lazier lately.

Now what, you are learning from Panpan now”

Panpan, who was in the arms of Xue Chuqing suddenly turned over while blinking her eyes innocently.

After the chatting and laughing, Yan Zhaoge put on a serious look and said, “I have already seen Astro Sovereign.

We had an in-depth discussion about the situation of the World beyond Worlds now.”

“I\'m planning to hit the road again.” Yan Zhaoge nodded and said, “According to Astro Sovereign\'s instruction, I should look for Exalted Fire Luminary… and Exalted Wood Luminary.”

After saying that, he looked to Xue Chuqing.

The latter remained a steady look on her face and nodded, “Great Grand Master secluded herself after being badly injured.

Grand Master also knows about that.

However, no one has ever heard from Great Grand Master ever since then.”

“It would be a huge pleasure for us if she\'s still alive.

But if… that is just human nature.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “We don\'t need to be too pessimistic.

After all, everything is not certain yet.

At least we should find Exalted Fire Luminary first.

If Astro Sovereign was telling the truth, then Exalted Fire Luminary must have been looking for Exalted Wood Luminary over these years.

So he should have more clues than us.”

“Since you got the hints from Astro Sovereign, we will do things as he told.” Xue Chuqing nodded while saying, “I\'ll leave my Area Lat.i.tude Formation aside for the moment.”

“Has Astro Sovereign seen Jun\'er and sister-in-law Yuzhen” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Yan Di took a deep breath and answered, “According to what Astro Sovereign has said, two big demons with high cultivation were reborn again after they had been destroyed.

And they wanted to incarnate in Jun\'er and his mother\'s body in order to return to this world.”

“At the moment, we couldn\'t completely kill those big demons\' thoughts.

Because we are not quite ready to slay them.”

Having paused for a second, Yan Di said slowly, “The great revival always comes after the great disaster.

When it is the most dangerous, it also offers us the biggest opportunity.”

“Sure enough…” Yan Zhaoge murmured that with his head raised gently.

Xue Chuqing let out a slight sign.

She had never met s.h.i. Jun and his mother before.

However, she had made contacts with s.h.i. Tie and s.h.i. Songtao.

At that time, s.h.i. Songtao, who had still been a teenager, had attended her wedding with Yan Di as a greeter boy.

“I\'ll check on Jun\'er and his mother later.” As Yan Zhaoge came back to his sense, he changed to another subject and talked about what he had seen in the Restful Immortal Valley.

Yan Di and Xue Chuqing looked at each other in speechless astonishment when they heard this story for the first time.

“Though I have thought that Concealed Sovereign was a complicated person.

But your story still shocked me.” Xue Chuqing came back to earth and said that with a wry smile.

Yan Di frowned and said, “Now I really doubt that he was behind a lot of things.”

“Yeah.” Yan Zhaoge shrugged his shoulders.

Xue Chuqing thought for a while and reminded Yan Zhaoge, “Maybe it was a strategy sowing discord.

But now we really need to reconsider Brocade Emperor\'s stand.”

“No matter he was in black or in white.”

Actually, Brocade Emperor in white seemed more impulsive than the one in black.

But if Concealed Sovereign had meant for what he had been saying, then he must have a method to let Brocade Emperor in white who was on the feeling side become a profound immortal.

There was no doubt that Concealed Sovereign would benefit a lot from that.

Because if Brocade Emperor in white owed Concealed Sovereign a favor, the worst thing that would happen was that Brocade Emperor would keep his hands off and help neither side.

“The most important thing for us is to try our best to enhance ourselves.” Yan Di said calmly.

Yan Zhaoge nodded and said, “So, I have bad news, and also good news.”


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