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Of course the bad news was that Earthly Sovereign could enter the realm where Five Qis Towards Its Origin and become the Heavenly Lord at any time.

Before, Yan Zhaoge had only had an a.s.sumption about it because Earthly Sovereign had been a sovereign for too many years.

But now, Yan Zhaoge was more certain that his a.s.sumption was true according to Concealed Sovereign\'s implication and Astro Sovereign\'s deduction.

Although Yan Zhaoge couldn\'t be one hundred percent sure, but the odds of Earthly Sovereign\'s turning into the Heavenly Lord was fairly great.

As a domineering man as Earthly Sovereign was, as long as he entered the Origin Immortal Realm,even Astro Sovereign and Sword Sovereign would not be well matched to him even if they joined hands together.

The good news was that Earthly Sovereign was still not able to return to the World beyond Worlds for the moment.

Since Sword Sovereign hadn\'t pointed out his exact returning date in his letter, then it meant that he wouldn\'t come back in a long time.

This gave an opportunity to Yan Zhaoge and the Broad Creed Mountain.

When Yan Zhaoge had killed w.a.n.g Zhengcheng, he had had a much worse a.s.sumption of today\'s situation.

But now it turned out that it was not as bad as he thought.

“Speaking of Senior Apprentice-uncle Yue and Earthly Sovereign being detained in the outer s.p.a.ce, I actually had a guess.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his chin while saying, “I feel that it might be related to Exalted Fire Luminary whom I am looking for.”

After Xiao\'ai and A Hu had been sent away, there were only the three of them in the room.

So Yan Zhaoge didn\'t need to have any scruples when talking about the Immortal Court.

Yan Di had had the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud to cover himself before, and right now he had already entered the Exalt Martial Saint realm.

Xue Chuqing also had half of the River Diagram to protect herself from any harm.

As for Yan Zhaoge, it didn\'t matter if his parents believed that he was safe and sound or not.

After all, he had already gone to the Immoral Court.

So right now, it was none of his concern whether he had been influenced.

It was like the one who stopped worrying about his debts if there were too many of them.

“Exalted Fire Luminary…” After Yan Di and Xue Chuqing pondered for a while, they suddenly said with one voice with light flas.h.i. ng in their eyes, “You mean, Mars Halberd”

Like what Astro Sovereign had said, there were lots of people looking for Exalted Wood Luminary.

And among those people, Exalted Fire Luminary was the most persistent one.

Of all these years, he had never gave up looking.

In the meantime, Exalted Fire Luminary himself was also a searching target for many people including the ones who followed Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor like Exalted Solar Luminary, or the ones in the World beyond Worlds and the Immortal Court.

As a result, the people who were looking for Exalted Fire Luminary were also looking for Mars Halberd, the Leakless Immortal Weapon which had been refined by Exalted Fire Luminary in former years.

This weapon was too unique and special, even when compared to other immortal weapons.

Because it had its own thoughts and memories like an independent life.

Then Yan Di and Xue Chuqing both remembered something which had been told by Yan Zhaoge long time ago.

It had happened when Yan Zhaoge had gone to the Nine Underworlds for the first time to look for Feng Yunsheng with Brocade Emperor, Encompa.s.sing Emperor and Meng Wan.

At that time, due to Yan Zhaoge and Chen Qianhua, Brocade Emperor had gone completely mad and been divided into two persons, which were the Brocade Emperor in black and the Brocade Emperor in white.

Before that happened, Brocade Emperor had already asked Mars Halberd to battle with him again in the Nine Underworlds.

However, Brocade Emperor had also noticed the people in the Immortal Court secretly to come.

At last, the two emperors of the Immortal Court had arrived the Nine Underworlds and tried to catch Mars Halberd.

However, Mars Halberd had fled from the Nine Underworlds for the sake of the complicated local environment and the mess all those big demons had made.

After that, Mars Halberd just went missing.

Yan Zhaoge was not sure if he had already been arrested by the people in the Immortal Court.

Nonetheless, this thing might draw Exalted Fire Luminary\'s attention.

When Mars Halberd had slaughtered all the dragons, Exalted Fire Luminary might not be totally with this idea, but he hadn\'t stop Mars Halberd either.

Then, Mars Halberd had been sealed in the Ancient Cold Abyss, but his life hadn\'t been threatened at that time.

So Exalted Fire Luminary hadn\'t concerned too much about that.

However, being attacked by the Immortal Court was a whole other thing.

As long as Exalted Fire Luminary got the message, he wouldn\'t sit there watching.

And it was said that he was a person with a really bad temper.

Call it a revenge or a rescue, it was very impossible for him to make trouble for the Immortal Court.

And that could also explain why Earthly Sovereign would attach great importance to the affair happened in the Immortal Court and couldn\'t come back to the World beyond Worlds for the moment.

After all, the Three Clear lineage and the person who also belonged to the New Nine Luminary were also involved in this.

Maybe Sword Sovereign had also chosen to stay there because he wanted to keep track of the event in time to make plans and calm Earthly Sovereign down at the same time.

“Although it might also because of some other important figures of the Daoism, your a.s.sumption still sounds reasonable.” Xue Chuqing agreed with Yan Zhaoge while nodding, “I did have heard that Exalted Fire Luminary has a rather… mad character.”

Therefore, Exalted Fire Luminary was an unstable factor for all fronts.

Otherwise all those people wouldn\'t pay attention to his whereabouts all the time.

“This is just a possible explanation.

We still don\'t know what has happened there.” Yan Zhaoge said that, “I\'ll still stay with the original plan before I have more information.”

Yan Di and Xue Chuqing both nodded and said, “Of course.”

After the three of them had talked about the serious matter, they changed to some easier topics and started to chat cheerfully.

At the end, Yan Zhaoge suddenly glanced at Xue Chuqing with a furtive expression in his eyes, “Mom, I have asked my dad a question at that time.”

“I asked him who is the stronger one between you and him in the same realm.

Do you want to know his answer”

Xue Chuqing looked at Yan Di smilingly.

At the same time, Yan Di who showed no awkwardness at all also return a smile to her.

“A man like him will never brag about me in front of you,” With her lips curled, Xue Chuqing said, “He must have said that he was the stronger one.

But that is also the truth.”

Having paused for a moment, Xue Chuqing added, “But,when we were in the Eight Extremities World, the martial arts that he has cultivated was a bit inferior than mine.

Also his sabre-intent hadn\'t reached to a high level then.”

Yan Di still remained calm.

What Xue Chuqing had said was the fact.

At that time, the martial arts which had been taught in the Broad Creed Mountain was not as superior as the unique ones Xue Chuqing had learned from the World beyond Worlds.

By saying the phrase \'a bit inferior\', Xue Chuqing had already showed some mercy in her words.

It was true that at that time Yan Di hadn\'t fully developed the sabre-intent of the Creation Sabre.

Only until his cultivation had become higher did the Creation Sabre show its powerful strength.

“But right now, he is far more stronger than me in the same realm.” Xue Chuqing sighed exaggeratively, “Not to mention that he has already become an Exalt, and I am still staying in the seventh stage of the Martial Saint and the primary stage of the Immortal Bridge.”

“You have wandered from place to place over these years and could only cultivate yourself in the place where the environment is worse than one of the lower world.

It\'s all because you have wasted so many times there, or you would alreay reach a higher level.” Yan Di caught her hand slightly and said, “Don\'t you ever run away from me.”

Xue Chuqing turned around and the couple looked at each other with a smile.

“Ahem! Ahem! Ahem ahem! Ahem ahem ahem!!!”

Yan Di and Xue Chuqing turned around and saw Yan Zhaoge looking at them in indignation.

“That\'s enough, both of you!” Yan Zhaoge shouted with a bitter look, “Now that you two have reunited with each other, shouldn\'t you give some consideration about the guy who hasn\'t even had a wife!”


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