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Xue Chuqing\'s eyes fell on her hand which was held by Yan Di, then at Yan Zhaoge.

After that, she couldn\'t help but smile with her eyes curved.

\'All right, all right.

Sorry we haven\'t been so considerate.” She grinned and said.

However, Yan Zhaoge could see clearly that she just held Yan Di\'s hand even tighter.

“I cannot live with this anymore!” Feeling extremely mistreated, Yan Zhaoge lodged a protest by leaving the room instantly to avoid seeing his parents\' intimate moment.

As he left, Xue Chuqing turned her head to look at Yan Di, saying, “Have I gone too far”

Yan Di said with a smile, “Don\'t estimate him.

He only did that on purpose.”

“I… I don\'t know how to get along with him.

Also, I always feel sorry to Zhaoge.” Xue Chuqing murmured that, “I haven\'t been with him since his childhood.”

Yan Di held her hand while pinching it lightly, “It\'ll get better.

As a new father at that time, I also knew nothing about taking care of a baby.”

Xue Chuqing nodded and gathered herself together, saying, “Zhaoge must be so exhausted rus.h.i. ng around for the Broad Creed Mountain every day.

So you don\'t need to keep me company and stay in the mountain all the time.”

“By blocking the door of the Restful Immortal Valley, Astro Sovereign not only locked Concealed Sovereign inside, he also intimidated all of our enemies in the World beyond Worlds.”

It seemed too easy for Astro Sovereign to block the dao arena and cave manor of Concealed Sovereign while the latter hadn\'t said anything about it.

A thing like that would certainly extended Astro Sovereign and the Broad Creed Mountain\'s influences.

Before Concealed Sovereign came out again or Earthly Sovereign came back to the World beyond Worlds, the people who wanted to threaten the Broad Creed Mountain would have to think twice.

Moreover, Astro Sovereign also had the initiative to leave the Restful Immortal Valley anytime he wanted since he was the one at the outside.

As a Profound Immortal who was also a sovereign, Astro Sovereign wouldn\'t be bothered by the vast in territory of the World beyond Worlds.

It would be too exaggerated to say that he could be anywhere in a second, but it also wouldn\'t take him lots of time.

That was why Xue Chuqing had said that Astro Sovereign now could intimidate all of their enemies in the World beyond Worlds.

Now that Heaven Emperor and Upper Exalt were not in the World beyond Worlds, even if they were, they still couldn\'t act randomly under the gaze of Astro Sovereign.

Of course, when Astro Sovereign had to deal with them, Concealed Sovereign would be able to be free.

But that didn\'t decrease the deterrence which had been brought by Astro Sovereign.

Female Emperor never showed herself again.

Now only few people in the World beyond Worlds knew about her whereabouts and what had happened in the Land of Tranquil Stream.

Most of the people still a.s.sumed that Female Emperor would support Astro Sovereign.

That was also an invisible deterrence.

And Yan Zhaoge and the Broad Creed Mountain had no intention to correct this wrong a.s.sumption of the public.

In brief, Earthly Sovereign hadn\'t returned, Concealed Sovereign couldn\'t come out, Astro Sovereign was an ally.

So, Yan Zhaoge and the Broad Creed Mountain could do many things without restrictions.

Not only could Yan Zhaoge go out freely, Yan Di and Nie Jingshen were also unrestrained now.

They could seclude themselves or leave the mountain any time they wanted.

Ever since the Broad Creed Mountain had moved to the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory, the Royal Reed Sea in the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory seemed weakly defended.

Before Astro Sovereign came back, Nie Jingshen, also known as the Southern Exalt, stayed in the junction between the Royal Reed Sea and the area of the Circ.u.mference Mountain of the Southern Blazing Heaven Territory in order to prevent the Heaven Emperor from coming back to get the Later Earth Text.

However, according to the situation now, it didn\'t matter even if Yan Di and Nie Jingshen both left the place.

Because Earthly Sovereign came back to the World beyond Worlds, Heaven Emperor wouldn\'t act rashly.

“That\'s right.

I do feel more relaxed now.

There are so many things I can prepare now.” Yan Di said that with a serene look.

“I can\'t live with that, I can\'t live with that…” Yan Zhaoge muttered that while looking very low.

A Hu who got curious about that asked, “Young Master, what happened to you”

“Hmm” Yan Zhaoge stopped and looked at A Hu up and down for a while, after that he suddenly burst into a laughter, saying, “That\'s right, here is a man whose life is more miserable than mine.”

“Hah” A Hu was in a daze.

Then Yan Zhaoge said smilingly, “A Hu,well done.

Just keep doing it.

I\'m counting on you.”

His words made A Hu even more confused, “Young Master, I am happy to do anything you say to me… But which one are you talking about right now”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and refused to answer.

After that, he put her hands behind his back and left leisurely.

“It\'s true that one can always cheer up when seeing someone who\'s more tragic than him.” Yan Zhaoge clicked his tongue while talking to himself, “Although I am alone right now, it\'s not like I\'m a real bachelor.

It won\'t last long.

Yeah, that\'s it!”

Then he repeated those words in his mind again.

However, he still felt a bit frustrated and thought, \'My naughty girl.

Wait until I catch you back! I\'ll show you no mercy!\'

As he wondered that, he walked along the mountain all the way.

The Broad Creed Mountain today had been built through s.h.i. fting mountain and moving the sea by Yan Di.

He had intentionally made the structure here exactly the same as the former Broad Creed Mountain in the Eight Extremities World as well as the one of the Virtuous Spirit Region in the Royal Reed Sea.

So Yan Zhaoge who was familiar with all the paths here walked all the way to s.h.i. Jun\'s residence without any difficulties。

s.h.i. Jun and his mother had already returned to the Broad Creed Mountain from the Jade Capital Crag of the Kunlun Mountain。

“Senior Apprentice-uncle Yan” Seeing Yan Zhaoge arriving there, s.h.i. Jun who was about to leave was dumbfounded for a second.

After then, he got totally overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge stared at s.h.i. Jun carefully.

According to Yan Zhaoge and his parents\' conversation, he was already aware that Astro Sovereign had already checked the situation of s.h.i. Jun and his mother.

What\'s more, Astro Sovereign had also mentioned the condition of the big demons who had intended to incarnate in their bodies.

The result was quite terrifying.

“The big demon who threatened Jun\'er might be on the same level of the Heaven Lord before he was destroyed.”

“As for the big demon who threatened Yuzhen, even Astro Sovereign was not certain about his power…”

It was already a significant hint that even Astro Sovereign was not able to detect this demon\'s power.

That could help Yan Zhaoge narrow the range of his target.

“I don\'t often come back and will leave after a short while.

So I feel like going for a stroll and visit everyone.” Yan Zhaoge smiled at s.h.i. Jun and asked that with the expression on his face remaining unchanged, “I see you leaving here, where are you going”

“Speaking of this, it has something to do with you, actually.” s.h.i. Jun replied, “The precious tree which was brought back by you after you have conquered Heaven Emperor\'s Illusory Coming Peak is now planted on the Gen Peak.”

“However, it hasn\'t grown well after it had been transferred here.

Though it hasn\'t withered yet, it still looks drooping, which gives us a serious headache.”

As saying this, s.h.i. Jun carried a porcelain pot and said, “I remembered that I have brought back some spring water from Spring Baptism.

So I have planned to use that to water the tree.”

“The Ginseng Fruit Tree which has been grafted…” Yan Zhaoge stroked his chin.

s.h.i. Jun nodded and said, “That\'s right.

Although it is not the real Ginseng Fruit Tree, the spirit qis flowing around it are still abundant.

The fruit which is born by the tree must be extraordinary.

I just feel it would be a shame if it dies.”

“Don\'t worry, don\'t worry.” After Yan Zhaoge pondered for a while, he suddenly gave out a beaming smile while saying, “I also have an idea.

We might have a try.”

s.h.i. Jun\'s eyes were lighted immediately after hearing that.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled and said, “Come on, follow me.

Don\'t forget about the spring water.

Let\'s go give a shot.


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