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Yan Zhaoge brought s.h.i. Jun to the Gen Peak which was also one of the Eight Peaks of the Broad Creed Mountain.

The highest peak of the Eight Peaks of the Broad Creed Mountain was the main peak which called Heaven Peak.

However, right now the Heaven Peak didn\'t seem like the most outstanding one.

Because there was an ancient towering tree.

The leaves on the branches were flickering dim green light righ now.

The trunk was perfectly straight and extremely tall, which seemed quite magnificent。

Actually, its real figure should be larger than what they were seeing right now.

People who saw it in other place would really a.s.sume that it could reach the sky.

After Yan Di had suppressed the s.p.a.ce around the Gen Mountain, this tree now looked less towering.

Even so, this huge tree still gave people a pretty deep impression.

However, at the present this ancient towering tree didn\'t seem very luxuriant.

Though it hadn\'t withered now, it had already shriveled up.

It was not hard to foresee that it would eventually be dead if things continued like this.

“It\'s not hard for Heaven Emperor to grow this tree since he acknowledged the secret method from the Five Manor Locale before the Great Calamity.

Others have to give lots of care to the tree if they want to cultivate it well.”

On these words, Yan Zhaoge measured the tree with his eyes.

Now it was certain that Yan Di\'s operation of compressing the s.p.a.ce was not the reason for the unusual growth of the tree.

Also, the change of the environment was not the main cause.

The Broad Creed Mountain had deliberately caught a disciple of Heaven Emperor who had fled from the Illusory Coming Peak when Yan Zhaoge conquered his sect.

However, that disciple also knew nothing about how to cultivate that tree.

Before, the disciple had only done what Heaven Emperor had told him to do.

At that time, Heaven Emperor would give the disciples some spring water to irrigate the tree.

However, none of the disciples knew where to find that certain kind of spring water.

“The Chief has told Senior Apprentice-uncle Feng to come from the Eight Extremeties World to investigate the cultivation of the tree specifically.” s.h.i. Jun stared at the towering tree and showed an annoyed look, “However, he hasn\'t made any progress yet.”

“Ha, I knew my father would call Junior Apprentice-brother Feng over.” Yan Zhaoge burst into a laughter.

As he glanced at the top of the Gen Peak, he saw a familiar figure under the tree.

That was Yan Zhaoge\'s old friend, Feng Moyang.

Although Feng Moyang was young, he already had many attainments in the alchemy, which made him rank only second to Yan Zhaoge in this area among the people of the young generation in the Broad Creed Mountain.

Regardless of the cultivation realm, Feng Moyang was already among the greatest alchemy masters of the whole sect with his unique techniques.

Apart from that, he had also put many efforts in the vegetation cultivation in order to gather herbs.

He had already had lots of gifts in this area at the first place, and afterwards he was only getting better an better.

Feng Moyang wasn\'t in a high cultivation realm or possessed a famous reputation in the World beyond Worlds, but he already became a well-known expert in the Broad Creed Mountain.

At the moment, he was looking at the Ginseng Fruit Tree which had been grafted attentively.

Yan Zhaoge came over to pat Feng Moyang\'s shoulder.

The latter was shocked and turned around with no focus in his eyes.

The next second, Feng Moyang came to his sense and said surprisingly, “You are back”

“Just for a short visit.

I\'ll soon be leaving.” Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, “I heard there was something wrong with this tree, so I wanted to check on it.

Don\'t wanna waste such a treasure which was brought back by me.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge\'s words, Feng Moyang said helplessly, “Good for you.

So you still remember that you are the one who brought it back.”

Then he turned around and looked at the towering tree in front of him, saying, “People in our sect has already gone to the Kunlun Mountain several times to collect the water around the Illusory Coming Peak.

But none of the water worked.

I really don\'t know where has Heaven Emperor got his spring water.”

“If we expand our searching area, there will be too many sources of water for us to collect.

Even if we have the strength to try the water one by one, we still don\'t have enough time.”

There were also a few disciples of the Broad Creed Mountain gathering around but not daring to get too close.

The disciples whispered, “Is that… is that fallen deity Senior Apprentice-brother Yan”

“Yeah, perhaps.

I have seen his images before.”

“What do you mean by perhaps.

He definitely is.

Who else could have that kind of manner!”

“Well, he seems quite ordinary to me…”

“That\'s because you know nothing! It\'s called returning to his original nature.

Ordinary people would already be dizzy when being reflected by the light on the leaves.

If we don\'t circulate our arts, none of us could get close to the tree.

Can you make yourself look like an ordinary person when you circulate your profound arts”

“That\'s true.

Come to think about it, Senior Apprentice-brother Yan is really powerful…”

“Of course! He is a fallen deity who is in the nine stage of the Martial Saint.

Even the True Immortal in the legend is not able to defeat Senior Apprentice-brother Yan!”

“So what is Senior Apprentice-uncle Yan doing here Also for the tree”

“I guess he couldn\'t do anything either.”

“How\'s that even possible He will think of a way for sure!”

“Hey, Senior Apprentice-brother, don\'t get anxious.

I also admire Senior Apprentice-uncle Yan a lot.

However, cultivating a tree has nothing to do with the level of one\'s cultivation.

Possessing a high cultivation doesn\'t mean that he knows what kind of spring water will save this tree.”

“You stupid boy, you want me to beat you Fine, I\'ll teach you a lesson for our master today!”

Those people discussed with emotion but still didn\'t have the guts to get closer.

Although Yan Zhaoge was also a disciple of the third generation, right now no one considered him as a disciple from the young generation of the Broad Creed Mountain, let alone those juniors.

For those junior cultivators, especially the new disciples of the Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge was actually like a totem or a deity who wasn\'t in the same world with them.

So now they were staring admiringly at Feng Moyang and s.h.i. Jun who could chat with Yan Zhaoge breezily.

Nonetheless, they didn\'t dare to step forward no matter how much they wanted to.

“I actually have a method.

We can have a try.” Yan Zhaoge told Feng Moyang.

Then the latter looked over out of curiosity while Yan Zhaoge taking out a jade pot.

“What is this” Feng Moyang and s.h.i. Jun both looked at this subject curiously and asked.

Yan Zhaoge casted the jade pot to the mid air and then caught it back into his hand, “ When Heaven Emperor attacked us on the first open mountain ceremony on the Royal Reed Sea, I injured him badly with the sword light of Senior Apprentice-uncle Yue who is from the Jade Capital Stone.

At that time, he dropped this on the ground.”

“Really” With light flickering in Feng Moyang\'s eyes, Feng Moyang said, “You think…”

“Just try it.

Then we\'ll know.

I don\'t think we will need the water from the Kunlun mountain specifically.” Yan Zhaoge said to s.h.i. Jun, “Jun\'er, give me the spring water you have brought here.”

s.h.i. Jun who also got excited pa.s.sed his porcelain pot to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge took it over and poured the water from the porcelain pot into the jade pot.

s.h.i. Jun\'s porcelain pot had been specially made to have the same effect as the Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Although it looked small, it contained a great capacity of water as if there were lakes and oceans inside.

Nevertheless, the jade pot in Yan Zhaoge\'s hand had the same function.

No matter how much water Yan Zhaoge had poured in, nothing had spilled over yet.

Yan Zhaoge didn\'t empty the porcelain pot on purpose.

After he had poured part of the water into the jade pot, he stopped right away.

Then he put on the pot lid and shook the pot.

At last, he waited for the porcelain pot to work.

Everyone there was holding their breaths and concentrating on the pot.

After a short while, Yan Zhaoge threw the jade pot to the sky.

Being controlled by Yan Zhaoge, the jade pot flew up straightly until it reached the top of the tree.

Then the timely rain poured on the tree.

The spring water was like continuous torrent falling on the leaves, then on the muds where the tree had taken roots.


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