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The water droplets on the leaves reflected the green color of the tree, showing a blear view.

Everyone there was expecting to see what would happen to the ancient towering tree.

After a short while, Feng Moyang was the first one who changed the expression on his face.

Then, the people in the crowd who possessed the higher cultivation base also got their eyes brightened.

Meanwhile, the people who were in the lower cultivation base still felt nothing.

However, they didn\'t dare to doubt anything and could only look at their fellow apprentices.

Finally, after a long while, the people there all changed the look on their faces.

“Is it my hallucination” Everyone looked at each other in surprise, saying, “This tree seems a bit verdant than before.”

“Maybe it\'s because our own mental suggestions.

We adore Senior Apprentice-Uncle too much, so we have trusted what he did no matter what.”

They said that because the change of the tree was not that obvious right now.

However, it did have changed!

“That\'s it!” Feng Moyang applauded and praised while looking at the jade pot in Yan Zhaoge\'s hand, saying, “Well, it seems that we need to pour water into the pot and wait for a long time.

Then we can use the water inside to water the tree.”

Hearing what he had said, the people there were all enlightened.

“Senior Apprentice-Uncle Yan really has a method!” Someone exclaimed that.

“Stop making a fuss.

Don\'t you know that Senior Apprentice-Brother Yan has always been good at solving all kinds of problems I\'ve never seen him get stuck by anything!” An older cultivator of the Broad Creed Mountain said that.

A pretty girl in the crowd turned a blind eye to everyone around her and only stared at Yan Zhaoge fixedly with pa.s.sionate expression in her eyes.

n.o.body knew what she was thinking right now.

Nonetheless, she was not the only female disciple who showed affection on her face.

The girls around her age all put on the same look.

It was just most of the girls only dared to steal a glance at Yan Zhaoge instead of staring blankly forward to him.

Yan Zhaoge already got used to being watched others.

So right now he still remained calm and felt good about himself.

As he received the salute composedly, he played with the jade pot and said, “I have considered what\'s the function of this jade pot before.

It turns out that this tree is the answer.”

“The Ginseng Fruit Tree was the top-one treasure of the Five Manor Locale.

So we have to cultivate the tree with some secret methods.”

With Yan Zhaoge\'s head raised, he looked at the towering tree and said with a smile, “Ginseng fruit surely is a good thing.

Although this tree is not completely pure and was grafted here.

I still look forward to seeing its fruit.”

“It\'s said that it will take three thousand years for the ginseng tree to bloom, then another three thousand years to bear fruits, at last three thousand years for the fruit to be ripe.

I don\'t even know if I will live long enough to see that.” s.h.i. Jun said that with expectant faces.

Feng Moyang said, “The fruits from the grafted tree don\'t have too many spirit qis.

So maybe it\'ll be quicker for this tree to bloom and bear fruit.”

“Look at this tree, it had already bloomed.

Let\'s just wait to see it bear fruit.” Yan Zhaoge stroked his chin and said that.

As the three of them chatted with each other, A Hu came over from far away and said with a stern look, “Young Master, we just received a message.”

“What happened” Yan Zhaoge asked.

“Words came that Chen Qianhua, the Upper Exalt, has overcome the Immortal Mortal Tribulation.” A Hu said that with a heavy voice.

Yan Zhaoge raised his eyebrows and said, “Really He has pushed open the door to immortality after overcoming the Immortal Mortal Tribulation in safety”

“It hasn\'t been confirmed.” A Hu shook his head and answered, “However, the message was from the Ingenious Flying Peak instead of the Qilin Cliff.

I heard that Encompa.s.sing Emperor was the one who pa.s.sed the message.”

Yan Zhaoge was not very surprised.

He only talked to himself while rubbing his temples, “Has he got the Heaven Opening Scripture yet”

Seeing that A Hu and the others looking at him with curiosity, Yan Zhaoge explained, “Forget about the character of Chen Qianhua.

I still admire his brilliant talents in the martial arts.”

“I\'ve seen him fighting others and also fought him by myself.

So I\'m not surprised that he is capable of pus.h.i. ng the door to the immortality, even in a short period of time.”

“The time of becoming a True Immortal varies from one to another.

Perhaps someone could overcome the tribulation as easily as walking on firm earth while the other might be stuck for a thousand years.”

Yan Zhaoge continued murmuring, “I\'m just curious how he did it.

Has he collected all the Earlier Heaven Three Scriptures and the Later Heaven Six Scriptures before he pushed the door to the immortality Or he went straightly to overcome the tribulation even if he still hasn\'t had the Heaven Opening Scripture”

Since Chen Qianhua had cultivated the Origin Heavenly Scripture well and all his cultivation was based on that scripture, it was convenient for him in certain ways.

Also, Chen Qianhua had acc.u.mulated a wealth of all kinds of excellent martial arts.

Except for the Heaven Opening Scripture and the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, Chen Qianhua already got all the other Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

Due to the particularity of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, it could be ignored for the moment.

However, the Heaven Opening Scripture had never actually been lost.

However, Chen Qianhua never managed to obtain the Heaven Opening Scripture because of certain reasons.

It was always good to see a talented and powerful expert of the new generation make a figure.

However, Chen Qianhua did have an annoying character.

So other people couldn\'t help but have fears for Chen Qianhua and had to lay restraints to the him in public or in private.

Of course, it was not like they would stifle Chen Qianhua for real.

It was just those powerful experts in the World beyond Worlds like Earthly Sovereign were still taking a wait-and-see att.i.tude to him.

However, the situation had changed until now.

Because, a few men of talents had come forth in the World beyond Worlds and now became the best rein or even shackle to Chen Qianhua.

Vice versa, Chen Qianhua was also a threat to them.

Well, the men of talents above were none other than Yan Zhaoge, his father as well as Nie Jingshen who had supported them firmly.

Under the circ.u.mstances like that, the people who had suppressed Chen Qianhua even began to give aid to him.

So it was not strange at all that Chen Qianhua would get the Heaven Opening Scripture.

w.a.n.g Zhengcheng had been dead.

Earthly Sovereign hadn\'t returned.

However, the one in the Restful Immortal Valley was still there.

After Yan Zhaoge had gone to the Restful Immortal Valley and seen Concealed Sovereign by himself, he had no doubt that Concealed Sovereign who seemed to have remained low-key must have many other arrangements.

Therefore, it was no wonder for Concealed Sovereign to let Chen Qianhua get the Heaven Opening Scripture in due course.

“This man is a strong expert at the beginning.

Once he has pushed the door to the immortality, we can\'t consider him as a normal True Immortal.” Though Feng Moyang hadn\'t arrived at the World beyond Worlds for a long time, he still had heard of Chen Qianhua\'s name and also knew that this Upper Exalt\'s poor relations.h.i. p with the Broad Creed Mountain.

“If he has collected nine Heaven Scriptures, his might would be doubled.” Feng Moyang said that.

He was from the direct lineage of the Broad creed Mountain and was studying the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture now.

A Hu looked at Yan Zhaoge while asking, “Young Master, is it possible that he has deducted the Peerless Heavenly Scripture according to the other nine Heaven Scriptures”

“He might have got some ideas.

But it\'s unlikely to deduct the whole scripture.” Yan Zhaoge said calmly.

Even if Chen Qianhua did have deducted the whole scripture, there was no place for him anymore.


“If Chen Qianhua really has pushed the door to the immortality, he really is strong opponent at the present.” Yan Zhaoge said that while stroking his chin, “After all, he still has an immortal weapon.”

What was more important was that Chen Qianhua would also make great strides in plotting and fortune-telling besides becoming extremely powerful than before.


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