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A Hu, Feng Moyang and Shijun all put on a severe look.

After Yan Zhaoge had come back to sense, he saw the look on these three mens faces and said smilingly, “Chen Qianhua really is an unpredictable person and cant not be rely on.

However, only me, my father and Senior Apprentice-Brother Nie are his targets.”

“Expect for that, he wont harm any other disciples in our sect.”

Though it might not happen in the reality, but to put it more exaggeratively, if Yan Zhaoge, his father and Nie Ningshen all left the World beyond Worlds, Chen Qianhua would be busy looking for them and have no time to fight against the rest of the people in the Broad Creed Mountain.

Even if attacking the Broad Creed Mountain might bring back those three experts back, Chen Qianhua wouldnt choose to do that.

It was not because he was above doing that.

This mans moral principle was not that high.

So it was only because he was not interested in doing that.

In his view, searching people like cats catching mouses was an interesting thing.

Never would he waste that chance.

“Actually, his brother Chen Kunhua,” Yan Zhaoge mentioned, “Although I havent met this man for many times, it always seems like that hes concealing a knife in his smile.

We should mind out this guy.”

A Hu and the other people all nodded deep in thought.

Then Yan Zhaoge waved to A Hu and said, “Help me prepare something.

Ill soon be leaving.”

“Yes, Young Master.” With a pitiful look on A Hus face, he said, “Young Master, I still couldnt come with you this time”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head and said, “Last time you could come with me.

But time was limited at that time, and it was too late for you to catch me.

But this time, I really cannot take you.”

It had nothing to do with A Hus cultivation base.

The reason why Yan Zhaoge couldnt take him was because this time Yan Zhaoge was trying to find Exalted Fire Luminary and would probably make some contacts with the Immortal Court.

Before, Yan Zhaoge merely had some simply assumptions about the reason for Earthly Sovereign and Sword Sovereigns stay in the outer space.

But his assumption was not completely impossible.

If Exalted Fire Luminary did have made a scene in the Immortal Court, then the situation would be more complicated than he had thought when Yan Zhaoge tried to find him.

Luckily, the only thing Yan Zhaoge wanted was to get in touch with Exalted Fire Luminary.

Even so, it was still very likely for him to meet the people in the Immortal Court.

Since A Hu had no special treasure to protect himself, it was better for him not to get involved in this.

Yan Zhaoge had no intention to let A Hu go through what Fu Ting had experienced.

“Yes, Young Master.

I see.” Seeing that, A Hu stopped playing dumb and answered seriously.

After Yan Zhaoge and A Hu had bid farewell to Feng Moyang and Shi Jun, they went down the Gen Peak together.

“A Hu, I will ask the disciples to collect something for me.

After they have finished, I need you to do something for me.” Yan Zhaoge said that while he was walking.

A Hu replied, “Yes, Young Master.”

Then with his fists clenched, A Hu asked, “Young Master, who are we going to fight against this time”

“You can say its Chen Qianhua, or not.” Yan Zhaoge answered.

A Hu was a bit stunned.

After he had pondered for a while, he came back to senses a bit and asked, “Young Master, are you trying to mislead the enemy”

The Origin Heavenly Scripture couldnt spy on Yan Zhaoge but could still pry into lots of things which happened to the people around him.

A Hu was Yan Zhaoges personal servant.

So it was very useful to observe him.

Nonetheless, since Yan Zhaoge and A Hu were able to detect that, then Chen Qianhua and his fellows would definitely think of that.

So Chen Qianhua also needed to beware that Yan Zhaoge wouldnt set him up.

As a result, even if Chen Qianhua could spy on the people around Yan Zhaoge, he still couldnt fully trust the information he got.

After all, Chen Qianhua and his people could only get the indirect information that related to Yan Zhaoge instead of the useful ones which was direct from Yan Zhaoge.

“Young Master, you are always with great vision...” As A Hu was going to sing his praises, he suddenly reminded of something and said with the expression on his face changed, “Young Master, I remember that you have said that Chen Qianhua has learned the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture.

Since his cultivation base is much higher than mine, isnt it too easy for him to pry into your plans”

“The Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture could only spy upon peoples temporary intention, not their memories.” With his hands waved breezily, Yan Zhaoge said, “Even if he could, he could only see your memories, not mine.

So he couldnt be sure if I have lied to you too.”

“So, you can feel at ease doing what I have told you.

But remember to stay low-key.

Like what I have said, the second son of Chen family is not easy to deal with.

Though Chen Qianhua has no interests in looking for your trouble, Chen Kunhua might still do.

And dont forget to tell other disciples of our sect to be aware of that.”

A Hu nodded in a hurry and said, “Yes, Young Master.

I remember.”

Without staying too long on the mountain, Yan Zhaoge set out again.

As a matter of fact, he would only stay a few days with her parents if it were not for a special thing which was quite meaningful to Yan Zhaoge.

That was understanding the Heaven Opening Scripture!

While Astro Sovereign had stayed in the Broad Creed Mountain, he had presented the second book of the Earlier Heaven Tree Scriptures of the Origin Heavenly Scriptures to Yan Di.

And both Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di were extremely grateful for that.

The reason was clear, that chance was very rare.

In this world, sometimes the dao tradition was even more serious than the blood lineage.

There was not a single disciple who dared to teach his families what he had learned from his master without his masters permission.

Most of the time, the affection between families, friends even couples couldnt touch the bottom line, which was the dao tradition.

Yan Di had protected Fu Ting from being harmed by Brocade Emperor in black.

However, no matter how indebted Fu Ting felt for him, she wouldnt present the martial arts from the Ingenious Flying Peak as a reward.

The reason why she had traded Grand Clear lineages martial arts with the Broad Creed Mountain was because she had entered the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud and learned the Taiyi fists.

Otherwise, no matter how appreciate she had been, she would only try to pay this debt to Yan Di in other ways.

Without the Taiyi fists, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di wouldnt ask for other sects martial arts randomly either.

Di Qinglian who was in the Roving Jade Heavens was Astro Sovereigns fellow apprentice with a same master at the beginning.

Though it was easy to arouse controversy, lots of people only turned their blind eyes to that.

However, Astro Sovereign didnt have any relation with the Broad Creed Mountain in terms of the dao tradition.

Maybe Concealed Sovereign had given the Heaven Opening Scripture to Chen Qianhua for his own reason.

But Astro Sovereign had presented this rare scripture to Yan family only to cherish the memory of his old friend.

Now that Yan Zhaoge had come back to the mountain, so Yan Di also taught him the martial arts in the Heaven Opening Scripture.

Although Heaven Opening Scripture ranked the second of the Earlier Heavenly Tree Scriptures of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

However, the martial arts in this scripture possessed the most destructive power in actual combats, which was even more powerful than the ones in the Origin Heavenly Scripture and the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture.

However, not everyone was able to cultivate the Heaven Opening Scripture.

Most of people were not able to bear the concept of separating the heaven and earth.

Even their souls would be torn apart.

The cultivation of the scripture was concerning a persons own practice from the inside.

Therefore, the original cultivation base of a person had nothing to do with that.

Even an expert who had already pushed open the door to the immortality might harm themselves.

So even the New Nine Luminaries had viewed the Heaven Opening Scripture together and had their own disciples to inherit their legacies.

However, there were only a few people who had acquired the martial arts of the Heaven Opening Scripture.

The same situation was also suitable for the most powerful sword of the Numinous Treasure Four Swords, the Immortal Exterminating Sword.

In brief, martial arts like that were rare but uniquely outstanding.

However, it was also hard to start the cultivation.

But that was not a problem for Yan Zhaoge.


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