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Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone who had transformed into a Kunpengs shape spread his wings and soared high.

It still took a long time for him to reach to his destination since he was in a universe which he had never came before.

Nonetheless, he was actually about to arrive.

Yan Zhaoges destination was not far away from the vortex which joined the two universes together.

He gradually saw a red light spot showing up in the deep of the dark space.

Yan Zhaoge approached that fire-red light spot straightly.

As he got closer and closer, he saw the raging fired in front of him.

That was the boundary of that world.

However, it seemed that this world was burning from inside to outside.

He had arrived at the Fire Dragon World.

Suo Mingzhang who was also known as Exalted Fire Luminary and Ye Yang whose remaining soul had entered into the Mars Halberd, were all came from this place.

They had been born in this demon land but both left one after another.

After Ye Yangs body had been destroyed and his soul had entered into the Mars Halberd to regain a new life, he had come back here to slaughter all of the dragons in this world.

At that time, he had blocked the way out, so the dragons couldnt flee to another place.

At last, the only choice for them had been entering into the dao universe through that space vortex.

Ye Yang had chased the dragons all the way there, which had caused numerous deaths of the dragons.

Only until the daoists from the Grand Clear lineage had offered their helps to the dragons had Mars Halberd which had been transformed by Ye Yang been sealed in the Ancient Cold Abyss.

Then, the Ancient Cold Abyss had become the Dragon Grave of Daos Universe.

Those dragons who had migrated to the dao universe had tried to go back to the Fire Dragon World.

However, that place had already been taken over by other demons.

The casualties of the dragons had been too heavy.

After that, some of them had headed to another place to seek refuges with their own species while the others had chosen to settle in the dao universe.

A few years ago, Mars Halberd had regained his freedom.

Then he had massacred the dragons which lived in the dao universe again.

According to Fu Tings words, even the rest of the dragons which had lived in the dao universe had been forced to leave due to that reason.

Yan Zhaoge now deducted that those dragons should have already returned to this demon area.

‘You dragons know that Mars Halberd has only been sealed instead of destroyed.

But you still have the guts to live there.

Is it only because you become fearless or, you actually have other intentions

As Yan Zhaoge pondered that, he chuckled and opened his wings to fly down.

After he had flew across the boundary which had been formed by the raging flames, he finally entered into the Fire Dragon World.

The color of the sky in this area was not azure blue but the flaming red.

The heat in the air gave people the feeling of being in the fire.

Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone was in a lower level of the cultivation base than himself but was still at the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

However, being in the Fire Dragon World, the North Ocean Clone also felt the sense of piercing pain from his nose and mouth while he was breathing even if he possessed a quite strong body.

Then he standing in the air to adjust his breath.

Having adapted to the hot spirit qi around him, the North Ocean Clone started to depart again.

The environment made the Kunpeng which had been transformed by the North Ocean Clone feel very uncomfortable.

It was too dry there.

The heat was not the only obstacle, in fact, the dryness was more unbearable.

Then something came to Yan Zhaoges mind,I know what kind of demon has occupied this place...”

While he was buried in his thought, there was a sea of fire appearing in the sky far away.

Then a demon beast came into his view.

The beast had six feet and four wings like a weird snake with a huge body.

That was none other than a Feiyi!

In the ancient books, there were two species of the big demon Feiyi.

One of the species had one head and two bodies while the other species had six feet and four wings.

Both of the species looked like huge snakes and were able to bring the great drought and spit fire.

The former species was customarily referred to One Head Feiyi and the latter one was called Six Feet Feiyi.

Now it seemed that the demons which had seized hold of this place were very likely to be a group of Six Feet Feiyi.

That Feiyi looked at Yan Zhaoge with a watchful expression in his eyes.

However, instead of launching an attack right away, he said, “Kunpeng, what are you doing here”

Yan Zhaoge had no problem in understanding the Feiyis words.

The ancient words had been commonly used among both the human and demon species before the Great Calamity.

Of course, all kinds of demons had their own languages.

But it was obvious that this demon in front of Yan Zhaoge wasnt expecting that a Kunpeng would be able to understand the Feiyis language.

Thus, he asked Yan Zhaoge with the common language,

“I have come here to look for an old family friend.” Yan Zhaoge answered with a calm look, “One elder of my family went way back with an elder of the dragon race.

Since I have traveled here, I would really like to pay a visit to my familys friend.”

“As a matter of fact, I was wondering why would a Six Feet Feiyi show up in this place”

With suspicion filled in that Feiyis eyes, he asked, “You really dont know what have happened here”

“This is the Fire Dragon World, right” Yan Zhaoge pretended that he was above answering the Feiyis question.

Instead of getting angry, that Feiyi looked at Yan Zhaoge with sarcasm on his face and said, “Thats right.

This was the Fire Dragon World, thousands of years ago.”

“Thousands of years ago What happened here” Yan Zhaoge put on an astonished look and took back his arrogant attitude while saying in a modest way, “My race has been secluded before due to some special reasons and didnt have too many contacts with the outside world.

We have just come back to the outside world lately.”

“This time I came here specially under the orders of the elders of my race to find an elder of the dragons who lives here.”

“I really dont know what have happened here.

Please favor me your instruction and forgive my rudeness just now.”

Kunpeng had always been one of the few powerful races of the demons.

As that Feiyi saw Yan Zhaoge putting on a reverent attitude, he felt quite satisfied.

Then he decided not to make things difficult for Yan Zhaoge and answered, “Im telling you, all the dragons here have already been exterminated thousand years ago.”

“Even there were a few survivors, they all disappeared without a trace.”

“Our race has already occupied this place to rest and build up our strengths.

And now its not called the Fire Dragon World.

The name of this territory is called the Small Grand Splendor Immortal Worlds.”

Yan Zhaoge thought,The time seems to go faster than the one in the dao universe.”

As he was thinking about that, he showed a furious look on his face, “Who has done this to the dragons!”

Meanwhile, he stared at the Feiyi with hostility on his face.

“Dont look at me.

Its only because of their internal conflict.” Feiyi grinned and said, “It is said that one of the dragons had two babies with a human.

But the half dragon half human kids have been bullied violently by other dragons.

After that, the two hybrids learned martial arts from powerful masters and then came back to revenge those dragons.”

“But the Fire World is still a great place.

Itll be such a shame if it lies waste.

Then my race just took over this place.”

Yan Zhaoge pretended to be indignant and asked, “Where are those hybrids now”

The Feiyi shook his head and said, “That I dont know.

I heard that there were also other demons trying to find the two hybrids.

But none of those demons found anyone.”

“There were also other demons coming here lately” Yan Zhaoge asked that with a steady look on his face.

“Thats what I have heard...” With the Feiyis eyes bulged, he felt that there was something wrong with Yan Zhaoges question.

Suddenly, he felt something flashing in front of his eyes and Yan Zhaoge had already reached to him.

The North Ocean Cone reached out a hand to squeeze the Feiyis throat, which almost stifled him.

“Now, please tell me, are those demons who have come here to look for the hybrids still here” Yan Zhaoge asked smilingly.


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