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Being strangled by Yan Zhaoge, that Feiyi tried to struggle with his four wings and six feet flopping.

In fact, the Feiyi had confidence that he and his opponent right now were well-matched.

In his view, although he had been caught for the moment because the Kunpeng had acted so fast, there was still a chance for him to get away.

However, having struggled for a while, the Feiyi finally found that it was impossible for him to free himself from Yan Zhaoge who had a brute strength.

As Yan Zhaoge squeezed the Feiyi even harder, the latter one almost rolled his eyes straightly.

Then Yan Zhaoge shifted his body quickly and disappeared in the air with the Feiyi in his hand.

After that, they both showed up on the ground.

In no time, Yan Zhaoge found a cave on the searing field to get in.

Then He loosened his hand to let the Feiyi take a breath.

As expected, the Feiyi wanted to struggle again and call for help.

He believed that there was definitely someone of the Feiyis race who was more powerful than Yan Zhaoge in this fire world.

However, in a second, the Feiyi found alarmedly that the mountain he was staying had been enveloped by Yan Zhagoes power.

So right now, this Feiyi really was driven to desperation.

“Be cooperate.

Then you can save yourself from a lot of troubles.” Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “Just answer my question.”

The Feiyi kept rolling his eyes and answered, “They left not too long ago...

It has been around ten days.”

“Huh, it seems that the people who have come here are quite powerful.” Having muttered that, Yan Zhaoge then looked up at the Feiyi and grinned, saying, “Otherwise, you wont need to lie to me.

Are you planning to let them fight against me”


no...” The Feiyi was shocked.

Before he could say anything, Yan Zhaoge suddenly put forth his strength on his hand and twisted off that Fieyis neck.

Those people should still be in the Fire World, or he should call, the Small Grand Splendor Immortal World.

However, what that Feiyi hadnt thought about was that Yan Zhaoge was actually going to look for those people.

“The appearance of those demons of other races proved two things.” On these words, Yan Zhaoge walked out of the cave and headed to the place far away.

Lately, the experts of the demon race also paid attention to this place again.

It meant that there must be a trace of Suo Mingzhang (Exalted Fire Luminary) again.

That was why those big demons had come here again.

They wanted to find more clues about Exalted Fire Luminary.

On the other hand, it also proved that Suo Mingzhang must have once returned to his hometown, the Fire Dragon World.

And as a powerful expert, he must have a way to let those Feiyis who lived here ignore his existence.

“But, I have heard that Suo Mingzhang had a bad temper...” Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt a bit curious.

Unlike Ye Yang who had already transformed into Mars Halberd, Suo Mingzhang didnt hate the dragons here that much.

But Yan Zhaoge doubted if Suo Mingzhang would have any good feelings about this dragon race.

Nevertheless, the fact that Suo Mingzhang hadnt made any moves when he had found that his hometown had been occupied by another demon race seemed quite unusual.

After all, this man had a reputation for his hot temper.

Of course, there was one thing which could be sure.

Although the Six Feet Feiyi had occupied the Fire Dragon World, they surely hadnt dared to seize hold of the former residence of Suo Mingzhang and Ye Yang, unless they wanted to end up like the former owner of the Fire Dragon World.

It was not hard for Yan Zhaoge to find his destination.

After he had interrogated another few Feiyis, he quickly got what he wanted to know.

After he had walked on the scorching field for a short while, he saw a valley in a distance.

The spirit qi environment here was even harmful and of no benefits for the demon race.

Thus Yan Zhaoge could imagine what kind of environment Suo Mingzhang had lived in when he had been a child.

Before Yan Zhaoge could get any closer, he already felt a strong, hot and bare devilish qi coming through, which enveloped the area around him.

“A demon king, instead of a demon immortal” Having sensed the devilish qi, Yan Zhaoge now had a clear idea now.

The demons of the Nine Underworlds and the cultivators of the Buddhism had defined realms in very different ways when compared to the daoism.

However, the demon race, on the other hand, was very similar to the daoism on the definition of realms.

Actually, the demon race and the daoism even had a lot in common in the ways of the cultivation.

Back in the old days, lots of demons had learned from the experts of the daoism and cultivated the same martial arts like the humans.

The only thing the demons had needed to do at that time was adjusting themselves according to their own conditions with the help of the elders in their sects.

It was not until later that the situation like this had become rare to be seen.

Even so, there were still lots of cultivation methods being passed on to the next generations of the demon race.

In the meantime, the demons had also added their own originality in the cultivation.

There were also some demons who had gone to the Nine Underworlds and the Buddhism to walk on another path.

Those were the ones who had already belonged to the Nine Underworlds and the Buddhism.

As for the independent demons, they defined the realms mostly according to the daoisms common rules.

The demons were rare to been seen in dao universe, especially the ones who had already gained intelligence.

However, if a demon hadnt gained intelligence, then it would be more appropriate to call it a demon beast.

Most of the time, it could only learn from its own blood and cultivate the martial arts by himself.

Thus the demon beasts often couldnt reach to a high level.

As a matter of fact, the big demons who had gained intelligence were rare and precious.

They were able to learn martial arts from human, like some lazy fatty in Yan Zhaoges home.

The intelligence of Panpan hadnt reached the limit, but was already high enough.

Therefore, when Yan Zhaoge cultivated martial arts in the ordinary times, he would also give some guidance to Panpan.

Sometimes Yan Zhaoge even taught this demon the top martial arts which were suitable for it like Cyclic Heavenly Scripture or Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture.

As a result, although Panpan looked a bit dumb, it possessed a strong power indeed.

That was why at the time when it had been in the Buddhism World, it had defeated the Jade Treasure Elephant violently.

Generally speaking, the demon immortal meant for the big demons who had pushed the door to the immortality.

And the demon king was equaled to the Martial Saint of the human world.

“Perfect, I dont have many ways to deal with a demon immortal.

At least I wont be able to ask any questions.” Yan Zhaoge swaggered toward the valley while saying, “But if he is a demon king, I wont worry too much about it.

Even if he is in the tenth level of the demon king.”

When he got closer, he saw a human figure standing on the mountain.

That figure was in a grey daoism robe.

There were a pair of long and cold eyes on the persons meagre face.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge also saw two bumps on the forehead of this daoist in gray.

Then Yan Zhaoge was suddenly enlightened, “Thats a gray flood dragon.

As long as he overcomes the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, he will be transformed into the later heaven dragon race.”

“You are a Kunpeng.

Which race do you belong to” As a big demon who was in the tenth level of the demon king, he had a sensitive perception and had sensed the approaching of the North Ocean Clone long ago.

At first, the big demon had no intention to pay attention to the Kunpeng.

However, little did he know that the Kunpeng would get closer and arrive right in front of him.

The daoist in the gray robe turned around while looking at the North Ocean Clone up and down with a sullen expression in his eyes, saying, “Why would a Kunpeng be here”

“The same reason like you.” Yan Zhaoge answered that casually while looking down to the valley.

This place didnt seem anything strange when being seen from the outside.

Before Yan Zhaoge could think deeply, the daoist in gray robe said, “What does this have to do with the Kunpeng You...

wait!” With his eyes which were already long and thin squinted to a line, the daoist continued, “You, have the clue of where the owner of this place is”

“I dont.” Yan Zhaoge raised his head and grinned to the daoist, “But you do.

And thats enough.”

After he had said that, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand to grab the daoist in gray robe directly.


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