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As a matter of fact, when Yan Zhaoge launched an attack on the daoist in gray, the latter felt more surprised than angry.

Because he couldnt make anything of it.

‘Even if he was meant to find Suo Mingzhang, but since when did the Kunpeng regard that half human half dragon so important The daoist in gray thought.

After that, he flew into a rage.

‘How dare a nobody who was in the eighth level of Demon King challenge me

‘How dare you!

Although the daoist in gray was only a flood dragon instead of a real dragon, he had already reached the tenth level of demon king and was only one step to possess the real dragons body.

No matter how talented the Kunpengs were or how powerful their powerful their lineage was, they were still restrained by the level of the demons realm.

The big gap between the ninth level and the tenth level of the demon king, or between the ninth level and the tenth level of the Martial Saint was nearly like an impassable chasm.

So to speak, even ten experts who were in the ninth level of the demon king were not able to defeat this flood dragon, not to mention a Kunpeng who was only in the eighth level of the demon king.

“You dare!” The daoist in gray shouted that, feeling himself being ignored and humiliated.

Because in his view, the reason why this little Kunpeng had dared to attack him was because this Kunpeng had a pure blood lineage to rely on while he was only from a hybrid dragon race.

With scornful laughter, the daoist in gray also stretched out his claws to attack Yan Zhaoge!

“Little Kunpeng, dont you forget that even though I am only a flood dragon now, I will still become a real dragon after I overcome the Immortal Mortal Tribulation!”

Actually, even the real dragons also valued and gave supports to a talented expert like this flood dragon.

Otherwise, they wouldnt send him to the Fire Dragon World to deal with the dragons affairs.

If this flood dragon was in conflict with the real dragon, he would definitely get the worst of it due to his hybrid blood.

However, as long as his enemy was the other race, the dragons would surely back him up no matter what!

With his face gradually turning ferocious, the daoist in gray nearly took off his human shape and revealed his flood dragon head.

However, after a short while, he was startled.

Because he saw light flickering in the Kunpengs hands.

Then another pair of hands reached out from those hands.

The daoist in gray was unfamiliar to the smell of the new hands, saying, “This is...

the blood smell from human”

Feeling that something was not right, the flood dragon wanted to retreat right away.

However, under no circumstances would those hands which were reaching out from the light let go of him.

Yan Zhaoge grabbed the claws of the daoist in gray and dragged him into the light!

The North Clone opened the wings on his back while his figure gradually changed into the real Kunpeng.

The abundant devilish qi of the big demon covered Yan Zhaoges human blood and breath in certain point.

The daoist in gray only had the chance to scream once.

After that, he was dragged into the light in the North Clones hands by Yan Zhaoge.

As the North Clone clenched his fists, the light disappeared at once.

Meanwhile, the daoist in gray felt his head spinning and the view in front of his eyes transforming into layers of light curtains.

Then he entered into an unsteady independent space where Yan Zhaoge was staring at him smilingly.

“Thats a human in the ninth level of the Martial Saint whose orifices havent seen divinity But why does he feel so scary” The daoist in gray, as anxious and doubtful as he was, still tried to struggle to free himself from Yan Zhaoges hands.

He was astonished by Yan Zhaoges strength which had been put forth to drag him into the space.

Right at this moment, the daoist in gray already forgot about his rage and shame, nor did he intend to attack Yan Zhaoge.

The only thing on his mind right now was getting away from this space.

Nonetheless, Yan Zhaoges hands seemed to have been bound on the daoists wrist.

No matter how hard the daoist had tried, he only found his hands being unable to move a bit.

“Have the Kunpeng and the human colluded with each other Whats your plan” Seeing that there was no way out, the daoist in gray then steeled himself to claw at Yan Zhaoges face.

Yan Zhaoge, with his left hand behind his back, had no intention to defend himself.

But his right hand which was grabbing the daoist in gray right now suddenly shook in the air.

As a result, with the whole body of the daoist in gray flying to the air, he only felt his head heavy and his feet light.

Then Yan Zhaoge shook his hand again, which almost made the bones of the daoist in gray fall apart.

In the meantime, the daoist in gray lost his human shape completely and showed his flood dragon figure straightly in the dark smoke billows.

His huge body shrank into a shape like a straw rope in Yan Zhaoges hand.

The last time Yan Zhaoge shook his right hand, he directly shake off the true essence of the blood and spiritual qi in the flood dragons body.

After that, with every bones of his body suffering from the dislocation, the flood dragon turned soft like a dead snake.

Only until then did Yan Zhaoge reach out his left hand slowly to grab the neck of the flood dragon from the other side while saying with a smile, “All right, now we can have a good chat.”

“Why do you come here What has the owner of this place left here”

The flood dragon was rolling his eyes right now.

When he looked at the space which was full of the flowing light in front of him, he only felt desperate deep down.

Being in a place like this, he would never be found by anyone even if he died.

At least, the other people wouldnt detect his situation right away.

And when the experts in the dragon race did find about what had happened to him, Yan Zhaoge would be long gone.

“I just followed the orders to find if the owner of this place have left anything.” The flood dragon answered helplessly, “But I havent found anything yet.

I dont even know if there really is anything left.

Its just I didnt find any other clues at any other places.

So I just ran back here to take a chance.”

“Why did you choose to come back during this period” Yan Zhaoge asked.

The flood dragon answered, “The owner of this place is secret in his trace.

It is said that he has shown up recently, but he still comes and goes like a shadow.

So I have been sent here to have a check.”

“The owner of this place has already left here over thousands of years and only returned to this place about one thousand years ago.

There must be a reason for that.

So the people of my race are always suspicious that he might have left something here.”

Then Yan Zhaoge made a detailed inquiry about the time and estimated the timing.

It was said that Exalted Fire Luminary had shown up in the dao universe not long after he had left the Fire Dragon World.

In other words, Suo Mingzhang had never returned to his hometown until a thousand years ago.

Then he had left again soon.

In this case, it seemed that he must have come back specifically for something.

So, what was that thing

No wonder why everyone was focusing on the Fire Dragon World right now.

At last, Yan Zhaoge broke up the blood and qi in this flood dragons body and used the Extreme Yang Seal to suppress his power.

After that, Yan Zhaoge just left this flood dragon to Panpan.

And whether this flood dragon would become a meal or a toy was all depended on Panpan.

At this moment, the North Clone landed on the ground of the valley.

Then he started to look around to observe the surroundings.

‘Its really hard for others to find something which was hidden by a powerful expert like Exalted Fire Luminary.

But what if some big demons who possess the top cultivation base have come here Yan Zhaoge thought,However, no one still hasnt found anything yet.

Why is that

As the North Clone walked in the valley, he saw a huge tomb in front of him.

Then he was reminded of something.

Having stepped forward, he saw two names on the tombstone.

“Exalted Fire Luminarys parents have been buried here”

There werent any special protections apart from some simple ones to prevent the exposure of the sun and the wind.

Even those were actually arranged by the Feiyi who had occupied the Fire Dragon World.

Anyhow, no one dared to land their hands on the tomb.

For example, that flood dragon was capable of see through everything on the ground and nothing would be hidden from him.

So there was no need to destroy the tomb.

After all, it was not worth starting a blood feud with Exalted Fire Luminary.

Yan Zhaoge also thought that according to what he had heard about Exalted Fire Luminarys temper, it was unlikely for this man to hide something in his parents tomb.

Then Yan Zhaoge turned around and saw a thatched cottage.


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